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Nature and Tao——Lv Dalin Neo-Confucianist in Perspective of Ontology Research

Author: LiuYan
Tutor: JieGuangYu
School: Anhui University
Course: Chinese Philosophy
Keywords: Lv Dalin Zhang Zai Cheng brothers Generality Tiandao
CLC: B244.99
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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In Neo-Confucianism, to criticize the Confucianism and Buddhism and Taoism, the song Confucian have supported the Tao consciousness strongly for the Confucian ethical practices for metaphysical theory based on ontology. So the "nature and Tao" will undoubtedly become the Neo-Confucianism in focus, different pathologists in a different way to analyse the Confucian "Avenue subtle reason", but with special learning background idealist--Lv Dalin is no exception. In this paper, by Lv Dalin in different periods of "nature and Tao" questions as the main content, to the inheritance and development of Zhang Zai, Cheng brothers ideological perspective, in-depth analysis of LV Dalin science thoughts.This paper is divided into three partsThe first part mainly explains academic origin of Lv Dalin "nature and Tao" thought of the times background and aesthetics. In the dual background of politics and culture, LV Dalin sought to restore the Confucian orthodoxy.He first learn from Zhang Zai, later from Cheng brothers. In the inheritance and development of Zhang Zai, Cheng brothers thought based on the author compose" the Analects of Confucius "easy sentences","Meng Zijie" solution,"book of Rites","the doctrine of the mean solution solution","Ming","on the book-" and other works.In his works we can find that he does not lose its unique science view though the collision between Lv Dalin in their thoughts and ZhangThe second part of this paper mainly discusses the ontology of LV Dalin Neo-Confucianism thought. Lv Dalin inherited the basis of its teacher Zhang Zai "nature and Tao" on the idea put forward his own theory of nature, theory of mind. Lv Dalin used the "virtual and sincerity" to express the "Tiandao" the metaphysical ontology to realize, and he thinks "the Tao of heaven, virtual and sincere". The "Tiandao" problems is to implement to human nature, so he said "Tiandao come in person, so that the" Tiandao", virtual and honesty", so "life to people, also false and honest," Heaven beyond the universal character of the person also with. For the "nature and Tao" through, Lv Dalin by" reasons, people with "to express, provides the metaphysical support and first king, Saint" ritual", provides the internal basis for the people to consciously practice".". However, to achieve harmony, so there must be a set of "nature" theory, this time, Lv Dalin inherited his teacher Zhang Zai "refining nature change temperament" theory, put forward a set of "sincerity" cultivation theory. He believes that only through "by nature","gift with nature","change temperament" for the time, can really achieve the "nature and Tao through" of the highest realm.The third part of this paper mainly elaborates Lv Dalin from Cheng brothers after new exposition of "nature and Tao" problem. First of all, Lv Dalin, Cheng Hao "Shiren" guidance "tacit knowledge deep pact, as also-", although "Shou Heng Qu said very solid", Lv Dalin is not "the first meaning", rather accepting "Shiren" advice.This is mainly because Lv Dalin in school period the "reverse my heart" thought and "Shi Ren" have in common. Under Cheng Hao’s guidance, Lv Dalin thought "benevolence","sex", namely "benevolence", which embodies the "Tiandao "Benevolence" is generally beyond the body, is implemented in life,is concrete and inherent objective practice, or the Confucian ideal personality. Secondly, in the course of the discussion about "Lv Dalin and Cheng Yi" is invisible to penetrate the understanding of "nature and Tao principle". Lv Dalin think "namely","in the road, from the", later after Cheng Yi under the guidance of his point of view is slightly different, but can be seen from it for the academic understanding and cautious spirit. According to Ch’eng Hao "Shiren" advice and Cheng Yi theory "of discussion, Lv Dalin also proposed a set of "sincerity" cultivation theory.Lv Dalin in the closing stage advocates "refining nature change temperament""sincerity" cultivation method, while in the learning stage, he seems to be advocating "reverse my heart""Ming" self-cultivation methods, seemingly contradictory, actually does not conflict. In Lv Dalin there,"sincerity" and "Ming" is aimed at different cultivation methods on different people, namely the problem and the freedom of all the pursuit of morality and one of the "benevolence" minority "root" in society most people into question. Visible, Lv Dalin as the song Ruqi broad-minded and careful thinking mode.Finally, a summary of the article.

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