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Study of strengthening construction of style of study of leading cadres

Author: ChengGuoZheng
Tutor: SunKuiZhen
School: CPC Beijing Municipal Party
Course: Administration
Keywords: style of study of leading cadres construction of style of studylinking theory with practice source lasting effect mechanism
CLC: D262.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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The style of study of leading cadres is very important. It not only concerns thewhole construction of Chinese Communist Party, but relates to the opening to theoutside world and the modernization of China, as well as the future and fate ofChina’s building a well-off society in an all-round way. With the progress ofopening to the outside world and modern construction, under the new background ofdomestic and outside environment, we will no doubt meet different new questions andproblems and will face new controdictions and challenges during the deep promotionof socialized harmonious society. This will request our leaders have excellentMarxism style of study, stick to the attitude of “Linking theory with practice, seektruth from facts”, study and solve the theoretical and strategice problems in Chineserevolution, social and economic construction and opening to the outside world, whileintegrating the universal truth of Marxism and Leninism with specific practices ofChina.The essence of the style of study is linking theory with practice. The constructionof the style of study of leading cadres is the basis and premise of the construction ofthe style, and it goes through a long term. In the history of the Commnist Party, everytime when there is a crucial period, the Party will put the construction of the style ofstudy to a prominent position. From the second Civil War on, Chinese CommunistParty has conducted effective construction of style of study for leading cadres withdifferent style and content, thus guarantee the right leadership for Chineserevolution cause and guarantee the revolution and construction of China makecontinuous victory and success. The construction of socialism with Chinesecharacteristics is a brand new cause with no precendent nor follower, and it urgentlyneed all party members and all leaders carry forward the excellent Marxism style ofstudy. Only by this can we start from the actual situation, study new condition, solvenew problems, put forward new idea and push forward the continous progress of thesocialism. However, due to different reasons, some leading cadres have someundesirable trend. Some don’t emphasize on theoretical study, lack of interset andenthusiam; some only do superificial works, not seeking for actual results, and someexaggerate the experiences without striving for innovation. The issue of the style of study of leading cadres is a cruical problem relating to the rise and fall of the countryand the Party. Incorrect style of study will not only threat the guiding ideology of theParty, but obstruct the carrying out and enforcement of the Party’s and centralgovernment’s lines, principles, policies as well as laws and regulations, which willbring heavy losses for the county and the people.The causes of such problems are different. There are factors from history, fromeconomy and society, as well as from ideology and system. In order to stregnthen theconstruction of the style of study, such subjectivism as bookishness and doctrinairismmust be evaded, the leader will link the theory with the practice indeed. The leaderwill base on actual situation of China, study and solve the specific problems, esp. themost direct and realistic problems that the people mostly cared, fulfill the idea of“people-oriented, governing for the people” to the work, in aim of realizing,maintaining and developing the fundemantal benefits of the people, keeping thefish-and-water realtion with the people. The construction of the style of study ofleading cadres is a long and arduous task, which will not be fruitful only with oneconcentrated study. It must joint frequent study with appropriate concentrated study,summerize and extract the effective methods and measures and formalize them assystem, in order to construct the long and effective study mechanism. Only throughstudy and research, jointing the theory and the practice together, can we fully exertMarxism style of study, capture ceaselessly the new greater success with perseveranceand exploitation.

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