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Research on the Sourcc of Mao Zedong Early Resistance Thoughts on Education

Author: ZhangCong
Tutor: YuWei; ZhaoZhiJun
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Principles of Education
Keywords: Mao Zedong early thoughts on education Resistance Source Family School Society
CLC: G40-09
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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Resistance is a key word in Mao Zedong’s educational thought. In the process ofgenerating Mao Zedong’s early educational thought, the resistance factor should bethe intrinsic clue. The resistance factor always accompany with Mao Zedong, so thatMao Zedong always pays attention to the reform and development on education. Theresistance from instinct has been shifted from many aspects, such as from thought topsychology, from himself to people, from spontaneous to conscious and fromindividual to group. Therefore, it is important to research the origin of the resistancefactor in the thought of Mao Zedong’s early education. It contributes to understand thethought of educational reform and education deeply. It is helpful to re-examining ourcountry’s education reform and development process in past sixty years of New Chinaas well as the “Mao Zedong” factor in the study of education.In this study, the basic clue is the process of generating Mao Zedong’s earlyresistance thoughts on education. Based on text-analysis methodology, the process ofgenerating resistance thoughts is showed. In the process of study, researcher tries tofind out the history base and research situation from literature, in order to show theimportance of this research problem. From the cultural traditions of disobedience inHuxiang Culture, unyielding temperament of Mao Zedong in the early familyeducation, ideological resistance in the school education as well as thepractice-resistance of the formation of people joint process, it is benefit to show thehistoric meaning and practical value of resistance in Mao Zedong early thoughts oneducation.This study is consisted of seven parts. Besides introduction and conclusion, mainpart of this dissertation is made by five chapters.The introduction starts from the analysis of the effect of the era of Mao Zedong’seducational thought, the historical ontology of educational thought as well as theideology of young men who born in1980’s. After clarifying the methodological basisof “in China” and text analysis in this study, some basic factors are showed in thisparts. Such as basic ideas and logical structure are be explained, possible new ideasand limitations of the research are be affirmed and three corn conceptions are bedefined.The first chapter mainly researches on the premise of the origin of Mao Zedongearly thoughts on education. This study combs the literature review to research threequestions. Such as Does Mao Zedong have the educational thought? How to define early period of Mao Zedong thoughts on education? What is the early educationalthought of Mao Zedong? By the revaluation of Mao Zedong’s early text, researchobjects are protruded by three important literatures, such as Mao Zedong’s EarlyManuscripts, On the Education of Mao Zedong and On the Education Revolution ofChairman Mao.The second chapter mainly researches on culture elements of Mao Zedong earlyresistance thoughts on education from the aspect of Huxiang culture. Through theanalysis of the cultural character of people and traditions, some people and traditioneffects Mao Zedong early resistance thoughts on education, which includes the“practice-resistance” of Wang Fuzhi, the “cultured human”of Zeng Guofan and the“burst the arrest” tragic resistance of Tan Sitong.The third chapter mainly researches on family factors of Mao Zedong earlyresistance thoughts on education from the unyielding temperament of Mao Zedong inthe early family education. This part finds out the rebellion of thought in the analysisof the education from Mao’s family and Wen’s family. It also studies generation of“Two-Party” and “United Front” in Mao Zedong’s family education as well as thegeneration of resistance awareness.The fourth chapter mainly researches on school factors of Mao Zedong earlyresistance thoughts on education from the thought resistance of school education. Thispart constantly explores on the generation of Mao Zedong early education thoughts’resistance sprit in the shift of private school, modern school and school, in the other’sthoughts of translation. Such as Kant, Dewey and others’ resistance symbol of body,language and textbook.The fifth chapter mainly researches on social factors of Mao Zedong earlyresistance thoughts on education from the practice-resistance of the formation of“Mass Joint”. After the analysis of Mao Zedong’s thoughts of “Mass Joint”, this partstudies the basic view about the resistance thoughts of “Mass Joint”. It mainlydiscusses the creation and development of Xinmin Society as well as the final choiceof Marxism by Mao Zedong.The conclusion mainly has a macro look at the basic feature, key problems andthoughts, which affect Mao Zedong early resistance thoughts on education, tries tore-think the important value, and later affect and continuous exploration.

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