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Study on the theory of political development of ethnic

Author: YuChunYang
Tutor: HeJinRui
School: Central University for Nationalities
Course: The National Political Science
Keywords: nation nation political development theoretical system nation state
CLC: D032
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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As a domestic emerging research field, national politics development is not only required for the times development of nation state but also subject to the needs of the development of national politics. To promote the orderly conduct of the study of national political development and norms before, we need to construct a theoretical system of national political development. Theoretically, the system we expand and deepen can set the foundations for theoretical clearance of the research framework. From a practical point of view, the system can service for the national political development of reality by virtue of its explanatory power and applicability. This article is the efforts and attempts to construct the theoretical system.In order to import the national political development of the theoretical system construction, this article makes the theoretical logic and practical basis of national political development as the starting point. Then, it start from the theoretical origins of national political development, basic content analysis to explore the development of the national carrier as a national political development of the political system, as well as a national political development of the main development of the national community. Finally, it also discuss the coordinated development of political relations between the nation and the state, as a complement and extension of the theoretical system.The study makes historical materialism as a guide, adhere to the history and logic, fact and value combination of methodological principles. And it selects the National Political Science professional as a background, combined with the subject knowledge of the development political science, learnt from science theories and methods of the related disciplines, ethnology, sociology, history with a interdisciplinary, comprehensive research. The main research method includes documentary analysis, comparative analysis, specification analysis and case analysis. The article is composed of three parts with the introduction, body and conclusion. The Introduction mainly contain the significance of the topic, research reviews, the use of boundary of the nation concept, ideas and methods, as well as the structure and main points.The text is divided into five chapters. The first chapter is the theory of development for the national political traceability section. The theory system of national politics development system is built on the basis of the relevant theoretical research, these theories include Marxist nationality theory, the theory of political development of Western nationalism theory, the theory of multiculturalism and ethnic political theory, and so on. Combing these theories advocated the construction of the theoretical system. The second chapter is for the development of national political connotation. Clearance of its basic meaning is to promote the smooth development of the basis of this study. Discussions in this chapter start with the basic content of the national political development. We divided it into two levels of the development of the national political system and National Community Development.Finally, we research the native form, the derivative form and after the form of the three national political development models. The third chapter is for the development of the national political system. The national political system is the carrier of the national political development, and its development includes the development of the nation-state political system, the development of the national local political system, development and non-state form of national political system. In the former case, it included single nation-state development and multi-ethnic country development and its direction is to achieve multi-dimensional integration. In persons, it includes the national local legislative system construction, the ability of local government to upgrade. In the latter case, it includes the benign operation of the national village of the political system and national political associations and political participation, orderly and effectively. The fourth chapter is for a national community development component. National community is the main body of the national political development, its development is individual into two level:Individual development and the ethnic groups. In the former case, how to achieve the integration of national identity and citizenship, and to assume a political role (leader of the elite and the masses) the national individual political role to play and coordination is the main content. In the latter case, including the development of ethnic politics and Ethnic political integration, the realization of the positive interaction between the two is the proper meaning to promote the development of ethnic group; the fifth chapter is the coordination segment of the nation and the country’s political relationship. Political relations between the nation and the state need to be coordinated if we want to achieve national political development. These relationships include the national interests and national interests, national identity and national identity, nation-building and nation-building. The premise of the article advocated by the ideas of Diversity in Unity to coordinate the relationship between national interests and national interests, to coordinate the relationship between national identity and national identity with the concept of co-existence and coexistence. And the coordination of nation-building and nation-building is to fix some ideas of errors.Conclusion on the basic conclusions of this study, described the logical relationship between the main content of this article studies the subject, as well as the research framework for discussion and research prospects.View of reality, the sensitivity and importance of national political and development issues, national political development has great academic value and strong practical significance with an open research field and research level. We urgently look forward to more scholars academic inputs.

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