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Research on the Contemporary Chinese Inter-Patry Deliberative Democracy

Author: LiuJunJie
Tutor: SongLianSheng
School: Jilin University
Course: Marxism in China
Keywords: the communist party of china democratic parties deliberative democracy
CLC: D627
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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What the inter-party deliberative democracy in china is the torms of democracy ofthe deliberation between the communist party and democratic parties.As chinesecharacteristic socialism political form of deliberative democracy,Chinese inter-partydeliberative democracy is to china’s multi-party cooperation system as System ofvectors,is to democratic centralism as the basic operating principles,is to theconstitution of people’s republic of china as the fundamental law ofguarantee,comprehensive practice in china has a history of over sixty years.This articlesystematicly study chinese inter-party deliberative democracy from the summary,course, structure, function, operation mechanism,existence question andcountermeasure aspects.Chapter one is introduction.Consists of four parts:significance of the topic ,research review, research ideas,innovation point and research methods.Significance ofthe topic mainly introduces the research significance of theory and practice.Literaturereview mainly involves reasearch on the theory of deliberative democracy inChina and research on the inter-party deliberative democracy in china twoaspects.Research ideas includes deliberative democracy theory and the basic thoughttwo respects. Innovation is mainly reflected in the topics and theoretical innovationand research perspectives of innovation.Research method mainly relates to thestandard and experience the combination,a combination of history and logic,structureand function of the combination of comparative analysis and system analysis, etc.Chapter two is summary of chinese inter-party deliberative democracy.Mainlyincluding the connotation, nature,status and characteristics of chinese inter-partydeliberative democracy.On the connotation, mainly including the subject, object andobjective of chinese inter-party deliberative democracy.On the nature,mainly includingthe chinese party consultative democracy,deliberative democracy and endophytismthree aspects.On the status,,mainly including the relationship between electoral democracy and deliberative democracy.What inter-party deliberative democracy is theimportant component of the chinese democratic politic and the key of deliberativedemocracy in the chinese democratic politic.On the characteristics of the inter-partydeliberative democracy is summarized as dominant, normative, harmony, public .Chapter three is the course of chinese inter-party deliberative democracy. Mainlyincluding formation,development and basic experience of chinese inter-partydeliberative democracy three parts.The first part is mainly divided into budding,preliminary formed and officially formed three stages.The second part is mainlydivided into the initial development, tortuous development and rapid developmentthree stages.The third part mainly includes adhereing to the leadership of the party,walking own road to democracy,attaching to the work of consultativecarrier ,strengthening the construction of democratic system.Chapter four is the structure of chinese inter-party deliberative democracy.Mainlyincluding entity form,spirit and value composition of chinese inter-party deliberativedemocracy three parts.On the entity form,mainly including system foundation,consultative carrier,entity code three aspects.On the spirit, mainly includingdemocratic political theory of Marxism,theory of multi-party cooperation ofMarxism,Chinese political culture three aspects.On the value structure, summarized associalism, democracy and orderly, harmonious development and the unity of patriotismfour aspects.Chapter five is the function of chinese inter-party deliberative democracy. Mainlyincluding maintaining political stability, promoting social harmony, developing citizenculture, strengthening the leadership of the communist party four parts.Maintainingpolitical stability includes promoting orderly political participation, promoting thedemocratization of politics, party system indemnification three aspects,Promotingsocial harmony includes the expression of social interests,the response social interestsconcerns , promoting social harmony through inter-party harmony.Developing citizenculture includes strengthening the political quality of the consultative body, enhancingthe political capacity of the consultative body, Strengthening the body awareness ofthe consultative body .Strengthening the leadership of the communist party includespromoting promoting the improvement of the ruling party science decision-making,enhancing the ruling capacity of the ruling party, consolidating the basis of ruling party.Chapter six is the operation mechanism of chinese inter-party deliberative democracy.Mainly including the operation principle,operation mode, operationprocedure and the right configuration of chinese inter-party deliberative democracyfour parts. On the principle includes democratic centralism principle,consultation intodecision-making process principle,construction principle three aspects.On theoperation mode includes the deliberation between the communist party and democraticparties,the deliberation between the communist party and democratic parties in theChinese people’s Political Consultative Conference ,and the relationship between thetwo negotiation way.Operation procedure includes the comb to party democraticprocedure of documents, the procedure of the deliberation between the communistparty and democratic parties and the deliberation between the communist party anddemocratic parties in the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference threeaspects.The right configuration includes party deliberative democracy political powerrelations, inter-party consultations democracy political party in power of inter-partynegotiation,the power difference between chinese and western party.Chapter seven is the existence question and countermeasure of chinese inter-partydeliberative democracy.Mainly including insufficient,improvement and furtherdevelopment in three aspects of chinese inter-party deliberative democracy.On theexistence question is generalized for consultation system is not perfect,negotiationconsciousness is not enough,the negotiation process is not democratic,On thecountermeasure includes perfecting consultation system,enhancing the activeconsultation and promoting democratic consultation three aspects.On the furtherdevelopment includes serve for the Communist Party and state work,Constructionpractical base of inter-party deliberative democracy,realization the combination toChinese democratic election three aspects.

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