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Research on Thailand Modern Political Development Mode

Author: LiYaJie
Tutor: XiaoLiGuo
School: Guangxi Normal University
Course: Political Theory
Keywords: Thailand Political development mode Rebirth mode Authoritarian politics Democratic political
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Thailand since1932Democrats launched a coup, a constitutional monarchy has started on democratization road of development, but the process is very difficult. For more than70years, Thailand constitution adopted many of the coup, experience, the cabinet of the organization of the frequent short life in today’s world almost no out the right person, cause many domestic scholars’ attention. Thai politics has not been out of "coup (military government)-election-literati government-crisis-coup (military government)" repeated cycle of historical plight, featured "rebirth" type political development model. This paper, the political development mode of Thailand’s formation and evolution, characteristics, the existing problems and its reasons, to our country politics development can provide the enlightenment of problem, makes a preliminary discussion.This article mainly from the following five aspects:First of all, this modern political development model of Thailand formation and evolution. Thailand modern political development patterns produce can have been traced back to the1830s. In the middle of the king chulalongkorn reform and the invasion of foreign countries to Thailand national the development of capitalism and democracy thought the spread of the modern political development model for Thailand the formation to provide the solid material base, the national psychological basis, class foundation and thought foundation. In1932by the advanced class-a veteran leadership bourgeois revolution and the overthrow of the feudal autocratic rule Thailand for thousands of years, building the modern society of constitutional monarchy, is the starting point of the democratic political began to Thailand, the modern political development model is also Thailand began to form a starting point. The modern political development mode in Thailand the evolution and experience of the four sections of democratic governance period and three sections of military power during the reign of cycle times alternate evolution.Second, sums up the modern political development model of Thailand characteristics. This paper argues that, Thailand modern political development mode, look from nature, provide already authoritarian nature have democracy. The political development itself both has some characteristics of authoritarian, also have a democratic political remarkable characteristics; Look from the process, provide already rebirth with progressive and sex, the political development in the authoritarian political and democratic political repeatedly between cycle, but the general trend is democratic factors in constant growth.Third, reveal the modern political development mode of Thailand have trouble with. From Thailand modern political development process look, the main existing problems are:the king in politics, military during, political parties "from politics", people Disrupt the regime etc.Again, analysis of modern political development models in Thailand the question primary cause. This paper argues that, Thailand social class structure of polarization, and the gap between rich and poor is bigger; Parliamentary system, the electoral system, military system, in the political system development is not mature, not perfect, the rule of law; the lack The kingship of traditional thoughts and buddhist thought is still the dominant political culture of Thailand, but western democracy thought also had development and began to have a certain political influence, binary political culture of coexistence and mutual impact factors in the existing problem is the main reason.At last, the paper concludes the modern political development model can Thailand for China’s current political development to provide enlightenment. This paper argues that, Thailand modern political development for China’s current political development can provide a full range of enlightenment. Thailand modern political development experience has taught us, in order to ensure that the political modernization smooth development, you must eliminate polarization, narrow the dual society structure difference; Perfect the constitutional system, establish the democratic countries under the rule; Strengthen citizen education and cultivation of mature political culture, etc.

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