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Study on the role of maintaining social stability in Saudi Arabia for economic development

Author: ZhangZuoZuo
Tutor: ZhangHong
School: Beijing Foreign Studies University
Course: Arabic Language and Literature
Keywords: Saudi Arabia Economic development Social stability
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Marx's political economics proposed that the economic base determines the superstructure. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, quickly adjust economic policy, maintain steady and rapid development. In recent years, USA selling American democracy in the Middle East, in the Democratic voice rising "Arabia spring", as an Islamic monarchy Saudi, no riots and coup like some republics, which caused the thinking and research from all walks of life to the Saudi ruling policy and policy. "Arabia spring", the Saudi economy shows a strong fighting capacity, economic development is one of the most important content in Saudi Arabia mode, the achievement of economic development not only makes the wealthy and strong country, formed at the same time to promote social stability and maintain. Peace and development are the theme of our times, how to maintain stable and rapid economic development, and maintain social harmony and stability in developing countries are most concerned about problems in the development process. Based on the social stability and economic development theory, using literature research method, comprehensive analysis, interdisciplinary research method, based on the relevant theory and sufficient data, analysis of the Saudi 2008-2012 years of the fruits of economic development, the positive role of maintaining social stability. This effect from providing funds and material basis, strengthen the government's ability to govern, enhance people's cohesion three aspects reflected. Saudi Arabia's experience is worth to draw lessons from, which is beneficial for our better promote science, new, sustainable economic development, so as to maintain the dynamic, balanced, long-term social stability. This paper is divided into four chapters except the preface and epilogue. The first chapter outlines the social stability of Saudi Arabia in the "Arabia spring" after the outbreak of the steady state, analysis of Saudi society from political, economic, cultural and international status; good economic development achievements in the second chapter from the economic growth, optimizing the economic structure, promotion of economic quality assessment has three sand in 2008-2012 years. The third chapter is the focus, engaged in before, during and after the event, the angle of the three Saudi economic development role in safeguarding social stability; the fourth chapter is the innovations of this thesis, summarizes the experience of Saudi Arabia, for some developing countries economic development and maintaining social stability, and put forward some proposals for reference. In the "Arabia spring" after the outbreak. The domestic research on the Middle East issue quantity increase, most of them for the reason of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and other countries in turmoil and future trend. The innovation of this paper lies in the spring of Arabia is not significantly influenced by the Saudi Arabia as the research object, path. In the study of theory, the theoretical framework of economics and sociology in two disciplines, enrich and deepen the theoretical research issues related to social stability, crossover study the economic development and social stability. Through the study of the economic development of the growth in the number, structure optimization and quality improving and maintaining social stability, draws the conclusion, namely the Saudi economy development from the economic foundation, enhance social resistant to change, to promote social long period of stability and promote social stability and sustainable development three aspects. At the same time, the Saudi society in the "Arabia spring" in the performance also provide some inspiration for his country's economic development and social construction.

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