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Factors of instability in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia's society

Author: AiLin
Tutor: ZhangHong
School: Beijing Foreign Studies University
Course: Arabic Language and Literature
Keywords: Social stability Saudi Arabia Social systems theory Conflict Theory
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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Social stability is the academe , the ruling party and the governments of major theoretical and practical issues of common concern, related to the daily lives of ordinary people , but also the foundation of the whole social progress and development. Since the end of 2010, a huge political upheaval sweeping the Arab world , the wave of popular protests and regime change affected a number of countries. While the turmoil has eased, but the aftermath is still in shock , heralded the era of power politics in the Arab world is coming to an end , experts and scholars have speculated that the next round of national transformation may occur in the Gulf monarchies . As a typical representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf monarchies , to take the turmoil in the region of the measures , temporary relief from a variety of domestic and neighboring countries unrest , escaped the social upheaval of the robbery , but the existence of many social structure problems begin to emerge in the long run will threaten social stability and development . On the contrary , social stability is an equilibrium of social structure, defined in terms of social structure and social stability of the concrete manifestation of the various systems constitutes a stable society, and lack of social stability around the relationship between the various subsystems of contemporary Saudi society social instability summary and analysis is the main purpose and the most distinctive innovation of this paper . Factors affecting social stability is multifaceted. First, look at the internal development of the social structure , since the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the establishment , along with the \social structure is more diversified , and its political , economic, cultural and social life has undergone a fundamental change in the old society will inevitably lead to conflict and conflict mechanism , which disputes the benefit of upgrading to affect social stability fuse. Secondly, the social structure of the external environment perspective, the development of modern Saudi society enormous economic benefits , while the implementation of the international concept of Western political and economic systems , democracy and freedom , also give Islam as the state religion , the implementation of the theocratic regime Saudi socio-political , economic, cultural subsystems have a great impact . To cope with the challenges of economic globalization and political democratization , the Saudi royal family to advance progressive political and economic reforms , increased public discourse , improve social protection efforts, and innovation in the social conservative forces in the effort to balance the forces . However, the socially vulnerable groups such as Shiite Muslims protest against the government and foreign workers are required to improve their injustice to . Especially in the context of Arab upheaval , fundamental rights are not protected members of society can easily be exploited by foreign hostile forces , thus giving rise against the government 's action. Thus, the joint action of external factors , although the level of contemporary Saudi economic development , national income and welfare is one of the most developed countries in the Arab world , and played a pivotal role in the world's energy and economic fields , but lurks lead to social instability risks arise , there is no socio-economic, political, cultural and other subsystems continue to improve the mechanism for development . Given the contemporary Arab society is in a transition period , the paper closely integrated systems theory perspective combed the inside and outside of each subsystem ( economic, political, cultural ) and the external environment problems in Saudi society , summed up may lead to social instability factors. Because no society can not cut their own history and current situation , this paper combined with the contemporary history of Saudi society, and briefly describes its social maintain the basic stability of the cause, then the previous academic achievements in highly fragmented academic point of view , arguments and Saudi society reality linked to the potential instability in Saudi society depth analysis and research. In research methods , this paper has always been the social system theory and social conflict theory and other classical theory as the basis, while focusing on the cross and complementary sociology, statistics and other multi -disciplinary theories and methods. In this paper, in addition to scientific research and the completion of the harvest during the Chinese abstract , introduction, conclusion , references and Dr. text is divided into six chapters , including chapters II to VI is the focus of this paper , Chapter II , Chapter III , Section chapters , and Chapter V focuses on the economic, political , cultural and international challenges facing contemporary Saudi social stability , combined with the lessons of history and the Saudi foreign theories and examples discussed it could trigger social instability. Introduction discusses the proposed thesis topic , review the research progress and proposed issues to be addressed , research methods and papers innovation , definition and the main content of the main contributions and shortcomings , and research issues. The first chapter , \to modern society. Based on internal and external factors of the social system , briefly revealing the causes of contemporary Saudi in the \The second chapter , \thematic analysis of the impact of economic factors Saudi social stability . Sustainable economic growth and social stability is strong support , however , Saudi Arabia in the modernization process of economic growth is too dependent on the petrochemical industry , if not before the depletion of oil resources in the successful diversification of the economy in transition , the system will not be enough to support a sustainable economy development. Meanwhile, the rich-poor divide and bring the unemployment problem will give serious negative effects of economic development , social stability has become a potential hazard. Inequities Chapter 3, \the root cause and effect . The first section discusses the royal family as the representative of the superstructure to internal contradictions , the Saudi royal family royal scramble inside the brutal history is the cause of the community was confused. Section II reveals the serious drawbacks due to the royal family and the resulting highly centralized government , which is not conducive to the process of democratization , but also easy to breed privileges and corruption is caused public discontent fuse. Section III studies the Saudi regime's domestic and foreign forces overt and covert sabotage , to become a direct threat to the stability of the impact of the current regime . Section IV discusses the two main sects against Saudi Arabia is likely to cause extreme antagonism , the history of the outbreak of the conflict has led to innocent civilians and caused social unrest lesson . Cultural factors are economic , political factors are reflected in people's spiritual world , and the latter two factors are counterproductive , so the fourth chapter \impact on traditional society , the difference of the Islamic tradition and modern lifestyles three angles were analyzed. Islam is the dominant ideology in the tradition of Saudi society , if not innovation, absorb foreign culture essence, and to help people build positive values ​​and outlook on life , national identity crisis will cause harm healthy social development . Chapter 5, \Section Western pressure on Shateshijia various facts explain the plight faced by Saudi Arabia from the perspective of international politics . Section from the point of view of the world economy, international oil , financial market volatility and the negative effects may have been to Saudi society. Section from a geopolitical point of view , discusses the threats to neighboring countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and other countries on security. Saudi Arabia by analyzing the political, economic , cultural and international aspects of instability , visible and maintain social stability of any country of the world , especially Saudi Arabia and the developing countries is extremely important. Chapter 6, \significant impact , a brief discussion of policy and countermeasures to deal with instability in Saudi society like that can be taken . This paper argues : Social stability is a systematic project, Saudi society to achieve sustainable economic development, political stability , cultural security and good international environment for development must go through a gradual process , especially in West Asia North Africa region are in a new round of conflict prone period , the test at home and abroad as a regional power Saudi difficulty facing increased. An urgent need to properly coordinate and solve problems in new and modern social contradictions and the transition period , Saudi must develop a relatively complete system of policies , in order to promptly resolve the social crisis , promote social stability and development. Conclusion The main part of this article is to summarize the purpose of the present study revealed the instability of Saudi society is to enhance the understanding of the factors related to social stability and achieve a harmonious development of society in promoting the modernization process.

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