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  1. Analysis of Japan's quantitative easing policy and export economic effect - the empirical 2001-2006 years,LiuLu/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/8
  2. Russia is facing the strategic significance of the Arctic and its social and economic development challenges,WangLi/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/8
  3. The Russian federal economic development program and strategy analysis of the Far East Society,HouZuo/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/8
  4. Influence of Japanese levy carbon tax on the national economy and the carbon emissions of the empirical analysis based on input output table,TangJiaMin/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/16
  5. The Research of "Section Teaching Mode" Based on the Studying of Children's Chinese Courses of Confucius Institute of Barcelona,ChenMeiLi/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/25
  6. Study of the Japanese model "marriage live" phenomenon of the society,LiXingQin/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/13
  7. A Study on the "Image Diplomacy" of the First Term of Obama Administration,YangJing/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/17
  8. A Study on the Role of Yenching University on Sino-Western Culture Communication,YangLinYan/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/11
  9. The Influence of Nicolae Milescu Spataru and His Works on the China-Russian and China-European Relation in the18th-19th Centuries,LuoAnNa(Ana Ropot)/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/2
  10. Investigation about three curtilage snow Ling countries realized in Meiji period of speech as the center,QiSiSi/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/2
  11. Japanese polysemous feeling adjectives semantic analysis model was built to analyze the semantic research -,JiangHong/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/8
  12. Analyzing Spoken Business Russian Pragmatics,ZhangPin/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/11
  13. Expression and pragmatic interpretation of Russian humor,WangJunLan/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/6
  14. The Research of Cultural Factors about Kinai Nyelvk(o|¨)nyv Mag Yaroknak,WuChuan/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/22
  15. The Optimization of National Specific Textbook,WangShengZuo/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/37
  16. Needs Analysis about Classroom Teaching for Chinese Learners in Czech Republic,YangZuoYi/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/14
  17. The Application and the Reflection of Situation Teaching to Intermediate Oral Chinese Class in Confucius Institute in Munich,ZhangJingZuo/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/30
  18. Survey of the Motivation on Chinese Learning of Malaysian Students,ZhongChun/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/29
  19. A comparative study of the speech act of Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman,ZuoMei/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/20
  20. Sternean Negotiations:a Study of Laurence Sterne's Novels in the Literary Field of Mid-Eighteenth Century England,WeiYanHui/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/2
  21. Motherhood in Contemporary American Women's Fiction,LiFang/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/64
  22. A Primar Stduy on a Dutch Traveller J.H.Van Linschoten and His Itinerario,LinXiaoXiao/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/11
  23. Innovative study on Takeno's writings and Shao Shao gulls to gull props as the center,LiYing/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/20
  24. Study on the rationality of the development of the third sector in Japan Railway and city development department as the object,WangMeng/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/6
  25. A Comparative Research on Management Incentive Mechanism from Corporate Governance Perspective between Chinese SOEs and Western Public Corporations,ZhaoXinJie/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/17
  26. Pan Arabia newspaper Chinese national image in the 2011 "Middle East News", "life" as an example,LvKeDing/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/0
  27. Study on the problem of youth unemployment in Egypt during the period of social transformation,YangShuo/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/1
  28. Tribal factors in Libya politics,WangJinYan/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/55
  29. Study on the role of maintaining social stability in Saudi Arabia for economic development,ZhangZuoZuo/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/4
  30. Factors of instability in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia's society,AiLin/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/238
  31. Desire, Identity, and Bios: Judith Butler’s Journey of "the Subject",HeLei/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/180
  32. An Investigation on the Concept ’Homo Sacer’in the Thought of Giorgio Agamben,YaoYunFan/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/0
  33. The Conflict and Symbiosis Between the Natives and Colonist:the Development of Swahili Culture in Tanzania during1498-1964,WeiZuoZuo/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/56
  34. Japanese modern bourgeois parties and Mainland Policy - Gui Yuan era as the center,XuZeHua/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/1
  35. The Saleh era (1978-2011) of Yemen tribes,DangZuoYuan/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/1
  36. A Study of Sn Lanka under the Colonial Rules,ZuoJiaMeng/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/1
  37. Research on the problem of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East,YueYang/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/1
  38. "Study" Mencius Thai Translation,PengShaoAi/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/0
  39. Arabia newspaper news commentary discourse structure of society,MengBingJun/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/0
  40. Study of word Polysemy Based on prototype category theory in Arabic,PeiDongXue/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/0
  41. A comparative analysis of the effects of Google and Yahoo Arabic search,SunShu/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/1
  42. "The Analects of Confucius" Thai version comparison research: 1990-2011,WangYang/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/0
  43. In the first grade of Arabic vocabulary learning strategies to Beijing Foreign Studies University - An Empirical Study of Arabic department in 2011 as an example,WangXiaoYu/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/1
  44. " Chinese translation of Enlightenment" target="_blank">The effects of background knowledge on translation thinking - "Relations Particuli (?) res:La France Face Au Qu (?) BEC Apr (?) s de Gaulle

    " Chinese translation of Enlightenment
    ,ZhangMengCe/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/0
  45. Aesthetic theory in the translation of science and technology,HeMin/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/2
  46. " target="_blank">Practice and thinking of administrative document translation French "Pacte national pour la in croissance, La comp é titivit é et L 'emploi" (excerpt) Chinese translation as an example

    ,YangXin/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/0
  47. 1980 years after the use of Japanese vocabulary,WangMeng/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/0
  48. Study on Japanese pronunciation guidance in the development of Japanese sound music as the center,ZuoChuanXingSi/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/2
  49. Japanese ending particles to undertake according to the correlation and significance of the study on function of form two to form research center,TanZuo/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/0
  50. Study on the changes of sentence patterns from the lattice - Japanese components connected to the continuity,ChenYanQing/Beijing Foreign Studies University,0/0

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