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Analyzing Spoken Business Russian Pragmatics

Author: ZhangPin
Tutor: WuZuoHua
School: Beijing Foreign Studies University
Course: Translation Theory and Practice
Keywords: Communicative Context Verbal behavior Pragmatic Strategies
CLC: H35
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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With the development of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries is escalating, development, effect of oral Russian business more important, its research value is increasingly prominent. Oral business discourse has abundant pragmatic meanings, especially pay attention to pragmatic strategies in business negotiations, it is the basis of the topic of such features and such background. The structure of this paper is divided into introduction, three chapters and conclusion. Elaborated this article selected topic basis objective, clear the scope of Research Institute and object of this paper, summarizes the research meaning, research method, explains the source of materials. The first chapter introduces the research history of oral Russian business. Russia has almost no pragmatic study of oral Russian business, only in the kappa from its development in the state. The system from preventing. The preparation of teaching materials "3: hallux kappa me to e Le from state from advanced energy-saving society has has me" there are done on rhetoric, oral Russian business norms of vocabulary, grammar specification the syntactic specification, study, form and so on, but were not analyzed from pragmatic aspect. The domestic research for oral Russian business less, such as Wang Qing's "spoken business characteristics of Russian", analyzes the basic characteristics of oral Russian business, such as professional, randomness, context dependent, and the characteristics of some syntactic decided by their courtesy, such as multi use false infinitive means the tactful suggestion, multi use statements instead of command type; Zhao Meiwei's "Russian business negotiation pragmatic techniques", analyzes the Russian business negotiation context dependent, and points out some pragmatic skills; Liu Bingshan's "Russian business negotiation language arts", puts forward three kinds of Russian business negotiation skills, with the former two article, are of the view that context determines the interaction process of polite throughout; Lin Jinfeng "polite principle in business correspondence vocabulary strategy", is the study of Russian business written language, but printed card business communication both verbal and written form, with courtesy as the center; Nanjing Huaiying, Li Yingying's "Russian cross of pragmatic failure and Countermeasures of" cultural business communication is the pragmatic problems of domestic Russian academic research in business communication, the author puts forward several kinds of pragmatic failure type is proposed to avoid pragmatic failure Countermeasures; there are domestic only a research of business Russian pragmatic features of master's thesis -- Ding "of business Russian pragmatic research", the author from the politeness principle, cooperative principle and relevance theory based on commerce, Russian were pragmatic study. But the lack of systematic study of speech acts, the lack of a pragmatic analysis of the specific strategy, and this is the purpose of the thesis and the fresh idea. The second chapter is divided into two sections, the first section introduces the definition of oral Russian business, the research category is in business occasions all formal conversation belongs to oral business russian. The second section introduces the classification of oral Russian business. The third chapter analyzes the Spoken Business Russian communicative context, word statement (state to state the hallux hallux energy-saving society. In the communication layer (E) m m a kappa from society. In our state in kappa, PI alpha in hallux in customers), speech acts, pragmatic principles and strategies. Communicative context analysis includes the decision role purpose and context of business English business communication, communicative discourse of statement content determining function; influence of both sides of communication professional knowledge on the topic and sentence meaning. Speech acts in the section with reference (from a society from the state, energy-saving for comments. For this type of speech act. The oral Russian business to do the analysis, found the speech acts used in oral business in Russian are the following: 1 state speech act (P E P E 3 has on society in the state, society, the evening took in P), multi-purpose meeting time in the notice, notice has been set the time when the speech act of promising rescheduled; 2 (M M C C made from me in the state in society, many p A. hallux) used in the commitment to each other the quality of the goods, and the fulfillment of cooperation treaty; 3 imperative Speech Act (now part of P E in the state in society, kappa hallux, multi-purpose requirements. P) on the lower and the higher levels, cooperation between the two sides requirements, such as talking about the conditions for cooperation, but at this time of the imperative. Language behavior has a lot of expression of euphemism elements. Such as false formulary; 4 question Speech Act (P for me in the state, from evening in P took), speech act is a type of verbal questions in Russian business ubiquitous speech act, which supports the whole business communication; the 5 declaration Speech Act (Part E kappa PI. In our studies. The state, in an evening.), is used in the big occasions, such as the appointment of staff, declared the meeting, the opening of the activities or the end, announced the opening of the session or at the end of the 6 position; Speech Act (middle C C C E P PI kappa in society in the state for hallux. P), in the speech act of refusal speech act almost no position, when the need to express rejected communication more used to transfer a topic, or and tactful way to inform each other. In addition business contacts also multimeter affirmative, positive statement of speech acts. For example, in the introduction of the company's products to each other, with positive, positive attitude, speech act must make each other that their cooperation qualification and sincerity; 7 contact Speech Act (kappa, alpha kappa, in society from state in society. P), this kind of speech acts of liaison and communication functions, such as sight when the face preliminaries, between the discourse to undertake etc.. The third section analyzes the pragmatic principles in business communication must follow: cooperative principle and politeness principle based on these principles, pragmatic strategy. The conclusion summarizes the characteristics of oral language, Russian business communication context, types of speech act and pragmatic principles and strategies.

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