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A comparative study of the speech act of Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman

Author: ZuoMei
Tutor: WuZuoHua
School: Beijing Foreign Studies University
Course: Russian Language and Literature
Keywords: Foreign Ministry spokesman Agency Context Verbal behavior Shi is a verb
CLC: H136
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The press conference is all kinds of social organizations and individuals to spread information media, a major source of information and mass media. An important window to press conference Ministry of foreign affairs as the international community to understand a country policy stance is off the main. Foreign Ministry spokesman by regularly held a press conference to convey their national positions and views on some problems to the international society, undertakes the important responsibility of safeguarding national interests, guide the international public opinion, shaping a good image of the country. Spokesman told reporters: a challenging aspect spokesman would make clear their stand on a problem, on the other hand, consider the expression way, to ensure that the answer moderation. At present our country scholars from the pragmatic perspective on our Foreign Ministry press conference discourse more concentrated in the spokesman for a specific speech act or a pragmatic strategy, the lack of systematic study on the mechanism of context, institutional factors and how to control the speech acts. At the same time, although the pragmatic strategies of Chinese scholars on the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman has conducted the contrast research, but the comparative study of Sino Russian Foreign Ministry press conference discourse temporarily or blank. In view of the research situations above, this paper choose the Russian Foreign Ministry press conference discourse as the object, conducts the contrast research with pragmatic analysis method to the spokesman of the speech act. In this paper, the mechanism of context and speech act theory, restriction and the influence of context on speech acts mechanism of Sino Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, analysis and common Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman implementation of the speech act type difference. This paper has certain innovation significance. Firstly, this thesis summarizes the press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs agency context of speech act, which deepen the institutional context theory. Secondly, this paper reveals the identity, role and act mechanism of words language body. Third, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman of the typical structure and types of speech acts. Fourth, the speech act of Sino Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman are compared and analyzed, to fill the gaps in the comparative study of the speech act of Russian diplomacy. Has a certain theoretical value and practical significance of this thesis. In this paper, the method and mechanism of pragmatic analysis of discourse theory, the statistical and comparative analysis on nearly five years of Sino Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman speech acts, proved that the institutionalization of the speech act is far stronger than language character and speech personality. This conclusion to a certain extent, deepen the institutional discourse theory. At the same time, in China's central and local government departments at all levels are in the building, improve the press spokesman system conditions, the conclusions of this paper can provide reference of linguistics and pragmatics. The research method of this dissertation is describing, pragmatic analysis method, qualitative and quantitative analysis. The thesis consists of an introduction, three chapters, conclusion and reference. The introduction points out the paper selected topic basis, significance, theoretical value, practical value, research methods, the data sources described. The first chapter of the theoretical basis of this thesis -- Research on the history of the theory of speech acts and institutional discourse is briefly reviewed. The second chapter analyzes the press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs agency context, puts forward its restrictions on the five aspects of the speech act of. The third chapter speech act for nearly three years China, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman made statistics, quantitative analysis, analysis of the type of speech act, pragmatic strategy. The spokesman of the Ministry of foreign affairs speech acts were studied. The conclusion part summarizes the research results of this paper. The research results of this thesis are: one, the Foreign Ministry press conference is an institutional context, which is composed of a series of restrictive conditions. This paper puts forward five conditions, including: identity, discourse role of the main speech restrictions; occasions; provisions discourse procedure; subject content restrictions and regulations organization of speech. Two, the foreign ministry spokesman Major implementation of direct speech acts, and Diplomatic Discourse including news conference the Ministry of foreign affairs, the communicative purpose -- expression is directly related to national standpoint, viewpoint to clear, accurate, clear, reflects the speech acts of communicative intention to clear. Three, some types of speech act on behalf of the usage and mechanism of the discourse power is directly related to. Appeal, ideas, suggestions and by mental verb as the predicate of a series of statements used in speech act, China and Russia news spokesman discourse can be said, calling, ideas, suggestions and comments are sovereign states have the right of discourse. Study four, indirect speech act, pragmatic strategy represents not only is out of session (general principles of cooperative principle, politeness principle) to consider, also have agency rules into account. Five, China and Russia's foreign press spokesman for the application of quantitative character, the discourse features, pragmatic strategies showed similarities than differences, which further proves the diplomatic system of speech acts constraint is far stronger than language character and speech personality.

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