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Study on the U.S. Middle East Policy after9/11

Author: DuMuPeng
Tutor: LiuXueLian
School: Jilin University
Course: International political
Keywords: 9/11 the U.S. Middle East policy terrorism democratization
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Middle East has an extraordinary significance to the U.S. global strategy, theUnited States has been keeping and strengthening its dominance over this regionsince the end of the Cold War. The outbreak of9/11is the turning point of the U.S.Post-Cold War Middle East policy, the United States continued to build the MiddleEast order which dominated by itself, at the same time, the U.S. Middle East policychanged dramatically compared with both the Bush and Clinton Government. Thisarticle starts its analysis from the aspect of the drive and incentive of Policyformulation, and argues that the enormous geo-political interest of Middle East, theexceptionalism in the U.S. diplomatic tradition and the set of influences cause by the9/11are the main three incentives of the U.S. Post-9/11Middle East policy. Then wecontinue the article with the introduction of the specific content of both the BushAdministration’s and the Obama administration’s Middle East policy, and have ananalysis of the main characteristic of the U.S. Post-9/11Middle East policy.Although there are a lot of differences between Bush and Obama Administration’sMiddle East policy, the United States did not abandon its strategic goal ofstrengthening the U.S. dominance over this region, moreover both the two presidentsput enormous strategic investment into the issue of anti-terrorism and thedemocratization of Middle East. The U.S. Post-9/11Middle East policy did achieveda lot of fruit, the United States struck heavy blows at both the Ai-Qaeda and theTaliban in the battle against terrorism, a lot of countries in Middle East started theirway of democratization under the U.S. direct or indirect influence, what’s more theUnited States also played a positive role in the solve of humanitarian crisis and the social and economic transformation of the Middle East. However, when judging theU.S. Post-9/11Middle East policy, we should put more attention to the dilemmas theUnited States faces in the Middle East. The United States tends to rely too much onthe way of military in the battle of anti-terrorism, there are also contradictionsbetween the process of Middle East democratization and the U.S. national interest inthis region, and also Iran’s influence in Middle East is also increasing etc. How tohandle these dilemmas correctly is a question the United States has to face in thefuture.Finally, we try to answer the question towards which direction the U.S.Middle East policy will go, and we argue that the United States will search toconstrain its investment toward Middle East which means retreat in order to advance.Besides, concerning the constrictive Middle-East policy of the US, prime attentionshould be given to the following four aspects: the settlement of Conflicts betweenPakistan and Israel, the international cooperation on the anti-terrorism efforts,promotion of democratization of Middle-East based on self-determination and returnto the policy of balance of diplomacy.

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