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A Theoretical and Practical Study of Rural Grass-roots Mass Self-management After the Founding of the People’s Republic of China

Author: ZhangZuoPeng
Tutor: WuMinXian
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: CPC's history
Keywords: After the founding of the P.R.C Rural grass-roots mass self-management Theory and practice
CLC: D422.6
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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Developing democracy at the grassroots level is the groundwork for constructingsocialist democracy, which is the guideline and policy that the Communist Party of China hasformulated after reviewing our long historical experience on the basis of the actual conditionsin China. Developing democracy at the grassroots level to promote the construction ofsocialist democracy and realizing the empowerment of the people is the mission that historyand the era has bestowed on the Chinese Communists. In order to achieve the people’sdemocracy, the Communist Party of China led hundreds of millions of farmers to carry outunremitting explorations and pursuits. By various kinds of rural grass-roots massself-government practices in different periods of history did people become the true masters inthe most comprehensive sense. Especially since the1980s, self-governance among villagersas the democracy at the grassroots level system with Chinese characteristic has not only founda valid mode of governance but also channel a new path for rural political modernizationthrough establishment and perfection, which pushed the building of democratic politics at thegrass-roots level greatly. Against the background of speeding up the development of newsocialist countryside, to uphold and improve rural grass-roots mass self-management focusingon villagers’ autonomy is crucial for building a well-off society in an all-round way.The study objects of this dissertation are the theories and practices of rural grass-rootsmass self-management under the leadership the Communist Party of China. With the guidanceof research approaches of dialectical materialism and historical materialism, the researchmethods comprehensively in the disciplines of political science, history and sociology, thetheoretical source of rural grass-roots mass self-management is traced and sorted out. The rolethat rural grass-roots mass self-management has played in China’s present democratic politicsdevelopment and rural construction should be further specified conceptually. We shouldclosely integrate theoretic discussion and autonomy practice, summarize basic experience,sort out existing problems and seek solutions. This dissertation is analyzed and Demonstratedfrom five aspects, the summaries of the four chapters are as follows:Chapters1sorts out and summarize the theoretical principles and the inheritance andinnovation of the ideas of rural grass-roots mass self-management. Authors of Marxismclassics democratic self-government idea and Marxism mass viewpoint which have richcontents guide the Communist Party of China to develop political theories with Chinesecharacteristics and provide significant theoretical basis for CPC leading broad masses todevelop grass-roots mass self-management. The forming, development and deepening of theidea of rural grass-roots mass self-management, which now has formed scientific system, isan inheritance and innovation of Marxism. Entering the new century, the17th Congress ofCPC has included the grass-roots mass self-management in the political system with Chinesecharacteristics, marking the idea of grass-roots mass self-management has become a vital partof the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics.Chapter2makes a survey of the course of rural grass-roots mass self-management. Theresearch horizon is not restricted to the time which is after the founding of the People’sRepublic of China, but does some proper extension. This dissertation sorts out and reveals the historical development of rural grass-roots mass self-management systematically andcomprehensively from the following five development stage: the beginning period of thenew-democratic revolution, the beneficial explorations in the transition period of new China,the winding and deviation during the comprehensive construction socialist period, grassrootsdemocracy in rural areas after the reform and opening-up, rural grass-roots massself-management’s ascent to the national basic political system. As proved by practice, despiteall the setbacks and faults, with constant improvement in the system of rural grass-roots massself-management, grassroots democracy in rural areas would be better and better.Some relevant theoretical questions about rural grass-roots mass self-management havebeen analyzed and discussed in Chapter3and the necessity of rural grass-roots massself-management brings to rural areas’ political,economic and social development is alsoexpounded.Through the analysis of the rural grass-roots mass self-management, especiallythe relationship among the extensively practiced villagers’ autonomy and rural managementgoal, rural political modernization, building rural harmonious relationship, rural grass-rootsmass self-management system under the leadership of the CPC has been proved to be acrucial way to effective rural governance, political modernization in rural areas, theconstruction of a harmonious society in rural areas.Chapter4emphasizes the basic experience of rural grass-roots mass self-management,the practice effectiveness of current villagers’ autonomy and existing problems. The long-term exploration and practice of rural grass-roots mass self-management provides invaluableexperience for socialist democracy, especially the development of rural grass-roots democracy,displaying vital practical significance. There have been remarkable results in villagers’autonomy, the basic law construction and various democratic mechanism and the autonomyagents’ democratic attainments have improved a lot, all of which help advance thecomprehensive progress of rural society. Nevertheless, problems like unsmooth ruralgovernance system, insufficient supply system and inadequate driving force within still exist,which cumber the sound development of rural grass-roots mass self-management.Based on the villagers’ autonomy existing problems, directed strategies about upholdingand improving rural grass-roots mass self-management policies against the background ofbuilding a moderately prosperous society are put forward in Chapter5from six aspects:vigorously developing the rural economy to enhance the internal motivation of thedevelopment of the rural grass-roots democracy, developing rural culture and education topromote self-government abilities of the cadres and masses, extending the range of ruralgrass-roots mass self-management and widening the channel of farmers’ autonomy rights,reinforcing the institutional construction to complete the operating mechanism of ruralgrass-roots mass self-management, intensifying the legal system to ensure democratic rights,strengthening and improving the Party’s leadership and propelling the building of grass-rootsparty organizations.

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