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Design and Implementation of the Power Station Site Personnel Management System

Author: LiSongZuo
Tutor: SunYanFeng
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: Management System Power plant personnel Visual C ACCESS2003
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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With computer control, electronic information, and automatic control technology rapid development, especially computer technology widely used in various fields, and gradually to the intelligent direction, the inevitable product of the times the connection of computer technology and industrial control. Computer and process control connection on the computer to complete all monitoring, operation and assessment of the whole process. The system was developed from the actual work needs this software that is automatically generated by the software system of intelligent functions to complete the power plant work assignments, tasking, personal leave, working arrangements, staff performance statistics work. This paper is expand around the power plant site personnel Work Management System Design and Implementation of a background, including software, needs analysis, software design, software testing, software maintenance and so on. The first chapter. This chapter describes the significance of the introduction of the power station site teams work management system, software development platform, data management systems, databases invocation. Section II describes the software background, including technical background, the actual work of the power plant needs background. The method of use of the system, to achieve the purpose of the Profile function and software applications that can be achieved. Section III describes the overall structure of the thesis. Chapter II background. This chapter introduces the rest system of the plant staff. Section II of the principle of power plants, crew composition, the power plant was introduced by. Section III plant work area briefly. Section IV presents a software development platform and database management systems. Chapter 3 System Requirements. Section of this chapter subject preparation: feasibility analysis. Technical feasibility: including the software operating environment, development platform, database management systems and other technologies feasible. Economic feasibility: power plants can be used to configure the computer software development platform to be economically viable. Feasibility: the software interface, the actual operation meets the requirements. Section II power plant site personnel work management system overall goal. One is the allocation table generation software, combined with the fullness of power plant operation to shift the law, balanced distribution of the staff work areas and time periods, in order to achieve the requirements of production scheduling. Another work management system software to complete the main functions, including the tasks assigned personnel leave, working arrangements and other main functions. Section III system scope and requirements. The purview of the users of the system, users at all levels of the browser interface requirements. The fourth quarter is the overall function of the system. First, work assignments; staff division of responsibilities; staff leave; four human performance statistics. Section V is object-oriented control flow analysis. Structured analysis method to draw power plant site personnel work management system control flow graph (CFG). Including: main interface and a brief description of the control flow graph (CFG); allocation table generation software flow chart and a brief description; each database constitutes a war figure. Chapter overall system design. The first section describes the overall design philosophy of the software system. Section 2 overall system design goals. Section III system design principles: the principle of simplicity, the principle of consistency, practical principles, optimization principle, source code readability principle of high cohesion and low coupling principle, the principle of security. Section IV analysis required to complete the function of the system. Features include work assignments, personnel division of responsibilities, personnel leave, staff performance statistics. Chapter detailed system design. Intro developed by VC, Visual C program consists of the resource files, control, interface, class entities. The first resource document design. One is to beautify the interface files, pictures resource file. Section II describes the design of the control. Section III details the design of the interface. Including the main interface, the tasking interface and statistics interface. Section IV class instance design. Highlighted the importance of class in the program design. Intro 13 types of applications. Chapter Summary and Outlook debugging problems. The first section describes the three error: syntax error, the error on the system variables, the system control logic error in the programming process. And the causes are summarized and analyzed. Section II describes the software after harvest, and after the software maintenance and upgrade recommendations. This system is a working group from the management arrangements for the departure, the day-to-day operation of the regional division of work content, to achieve the balance of the workload group rotation. Program, taking into account the rotation of the running for a shift of time, made a distinction between work and rest, and the other requirements leave personnel in accordance with the relevant regulations were made. In the distribution of work, according to the personnel division of responsibilities, ordered by the authorized user to be done is a clear mandate to the people, greatly improving the efficiency and transparency of the work.

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