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The Research of Finacial Support System in the Insepect of Central China of Regional Runal Ecnomical Developent

Author: GuoGang
Tutor: YueYiDing
School: Central South University
Course: Management Science and Engineering
Keywords: Rural finance Rural economical depression in middle part Rural finance restraint Financial system innovation Land propertyreformation
CLC: F127
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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Rural finance plays an important role in the rural economy as an important basis of regional economic’s development in the period of regional economic development and new rural construction,,. So it appears vital to research the relationship between rural economy and rural finance., It will involve the conditions and the corresponding dynamic mechanism of regional rural economic growthto researching the coordinated and balanced program of development of regional rural economy. Financial capital formation, configuration and output efficiency are. So it is of great theoretical and practical significance for searching financial countermeasure narrowing the regional rural gap,applying the theory of rural financial development to an in-depth and comprehensive research in terms of Chinese regional rural financial development analysing the financial capital formation model and the financial characteristics in the development of Chinese Regional Rural Economy, accurately grasp the basic facts of regional rural financial development, clarifying the thread between regional financial development and economic growth in the central rural.With the Strategic Positioning for the Rise of Central China put into practice, the central rural economic development has become an important component of the strategy. However, due to the phenomenon "economic collapse" and "financial weakened" in the central rural, it is more important and more realistically significant to theoretically and practically study the economic collapse in the central rural region supported by finance.This paper starts with financial support which promotes the central region of the rural economy on the basis of the previous rich theories such as regional economic growth theory, financial theory and rural finance theory and examines the situation, grasp the inner relationship of the central region rural economic and financial development by detailed data contrast and empirical measurement analysis in the central region. Then discusses the financial strategy of central area of rural economic development, the specific conclusions are as follows: (1) The analysis of financial and regional economic growth theory model and measure indexes of rural financial development was established and basically concluded:Financial development promotes regional economic development, modern regional economic development need the support of financial development from area and regional financial development is based on the regional economic development. This view can support rural economic development backed by rural finance for reference.(2) Through the analysis and comparison of rural economy and rural financial within six provinces in midland, this paper reveals that there is dilemma in the rural economy and rural financial system in midland:Because of low rural financial marketization, low degree of financial deepening and the shortage of capital supply and demand, rural economic development has been restrained by rural finance which results in the central rural economic collapse. This paper summarizes the international experiences of rural economic development backed by finance, and concludes the major financial factors influencing rural economic development in central region such as the need and supply of finance, financial innovation, financial services and financial system.(3) Mechanism which affected the economy development of rural finance in central areas has been abstracted. The rural financial system in central areas is lessening the problem of asymmetry when allocating resources in the countryside by information production, cutting down the costs of information in the rural financial market. Meanwhile the system is spreading around rural financial risks through venture management to create chances of hedging. By the means of mobilizating the farmers’ savings, the system could also collect a great number of spare capitals to do mass and professional investments and eventually to be resultant force to influence the economy development in the central rural areas.(4) The panel data model is utilized to analyze the support rates of rural finance in central areas to rural economy and fictitious variable interaction item is commentated to confirm the impacts of the variables in the development of rural finance in central areas to its factors. The above mentioned positive analysis demonstrates that in the short term, the scale and efficiency of rural finance in the central countryside could advance economy in these areas but financial structure does not have the same function; in the long term, both the scale the structure could not be economy-boosters but financial efficiency could support the economy development in central rural areas. Causes for these results might be owed to the serious weakening and suppressing phenomena of rural finance in central areas and this leads to inefficient investments in the countryside transformed from rural credit which restrained the supportive function of rural finance to its economy. The increase of farmers’incomes in the central areas is just the reason for the raise in the savings rate of this particular group, so the level of the rural finance in central areas is the abundant and unnecessary condition for the increase of farmers’ incomes in these areas. This indicates that after the economic transformation, the system and market of rural finance in the central areas stays at low efficiency and the leading function of financial market to regional resource allocation is not well performed. In the mean time, rural economic boost and gain of farmers’income still could not be indispensable intentions of the development of rural finance in central areas.(5) Within the institutional frame of the rural financial organizational system in central areas, the costs and expenses of financial exchange in these areas have exceeded their inflexions to acquit themselves low efficiently. So the rebuild of rural financial system based on the Strategic Positioning for the Rise of Central China will have to abandon the existed institutional arrangements:consummating the reform of property rights of field to make field current and transferential to offer valid bonded assets to the farmers in central areas; constructing policy banks in central areas, i.e. Central Agricultural Bank and some private banks aiming at central rural economic development; establishing regional financial funds management pattern and regular financial cooperating and coordinating system, constituting complete and high-efficient financial market and institution system to avoid and control rural financial risks effectively. Consequently the long-term mechanism that finance constantly supports the economic development of central rural areas is founded.

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