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Research on Sustainable Development of Rural Finance in China

Author: XuDanDan
Tutor: SunShaoYan
School: Jilin University
Course: Finance
Keywords: rural finance rural economy financial system finance efficiency sustainabledevelopment
CLC: F832.7
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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The nature of urban-rural dualistic structure in China economic society is thedifference between the two productivity levels in two economic regions. Taking therural economic development as the national economic development strategy topromote the building of a new socialist countryside and taking the urban and ruralintegration mode of “industry promotes agriculture, city leads countryside’ as thebasic measure to introduce the advanced productivity to rural areas so as to realize thebalanced development of urban and rural productivity levels, are exterior dives toensure the rural economy sustainable development. Adjust agriculture production andinnovate agriculture operation model based on the national “ecological civilization”and “informatization” strategies; construct and open the rural market with Chinesecharacteristic by taking the agriculture industry development as the centre and therelevant industry development as the support according to the rural production andrequirements; establish and improve the rural market institution and mechanism,optimize resource allocation in rural market, all of which are the interior dives for therural economy sustainable development. Rural finance comes out of rural economyand the rural economy sustainable development, as the external condition, is thenational will and the national economic development strategy. Instead of a deep study,this dissertation will make a research on the rural finance sustainable developmentunder the rural economy sustainable development background, which includes ruralfinancial system and financial efficiency sustainable development.Considering the objective requirements of the market economic development,the financial industry has focused, for a long time, on industry, commerce and that sort of areas which are active in the market. Thus, the financial development in citiesis much better than that in rural areas. The uncertainty of agricultural productionwhich largely depends on the weather, the restrictions of agricultural markets, thehysteretic nature of the public resources in countries and the dispersity of ruralpopulation all lead to a agricultural policy finance in rural areas over a long period oftime. Besides, the economy in countries lacks of a construction of a sustainablefinancial system based on the market. These have a bad effect on the developmentand prosperity of rural economy. The foreign developed and developing countrieshave gained some useful experiences on the way of exploring and practicing the ruraleconomy. These experiences direct to the construction of rural financial systems, thatis, the condition of rural financial development guides the rural economicdevelopment directly to a certain extent. Thus, the rural development have changedfrom the original pattern depended solely on the constructions of infrastructures andagricultural production to a new reforming path supported by the finance. Obviously,until now China already has the basic conditions of the financial supports for ruraleconomy development in China. The growth of the social productivity and thenational economy established foundation for the rural financial development. Thereare many agricultural institutions covering the rural areas which provide conditionsfor the rural economic services. People living in the countryside have received goodeducation and have already become “knowledged farmers” who can use economicproducts. The modern agriculture and the urbanization all needed the financialsupports. The exist of the disparity between cities and countries and the pressure ofover population in cities all demanded financial industry to open a new rural market.In the process of implementing and exploring the rural road, the foreign developedcountries and the developing countries have accumulated certain desirableexperiences, which are aiming straight at the problem of rural financial systemconstruction. Under the certain conditions, the developmental statement of rural finance may even dominate the rural economy, which makes the original agriculturaldevelopment mode merely rely on rural infrastructure construction and agriculturalproduction shift, so that it forms a new type of reforming path that the rural financesupports rural economic development. Obviously, there are the basic conditions of thefinancial supports for rural development in China. In China agricultural financialinstitutions are sufficient, the original coverage of financial institutions in rural areasis higher, rural compulsory education promote rural residents to recognize andunderstand financial knowledge, etc. At the same time, the implementation of ruralfinancialization will have good prospect based on the present conditions. The studyon China’s rural market shows that rural financial contributes to alleviate andtransform the poverty of rural residents’, the finance could promote the rural marketto allocate resources and improve the productivity of related factors. Rural financehas a positive effect on the transformation on urban and rural "dual" economy,dealing with population flow, improving the rural economic structures. China’scurrent implementation of policies on the countryside and various financial servicesfor agriculture organization reflects the fact that China is increasingly developing thefinancial support for the road of rural development, changing and implementing thegrowth trend. So many scholars also give objective evaluations and experiencedconclutions: the reformation which has the right direction has a positive effect onsolving the problems of the rural market, but the current rural finance can only play ashort-term role, all the policies and institutional behaviors only play a part in theproblem of present rural markets, and ignore the long-term sustainable development.All in all, the current rural development is that rural financial system reform promotesand realizes the short-term development of the rural areas, but it doesn’t havelong-term development prospects. The deficiency of rural financial sustainabilitylimits the function on rural financial development supporting rural economic growth.Based on the analysis of China’s rural development and current situation, combined with the scholars’ summary aiming at the rural financial support for ruraldevelopment efficiency and the results in China in recent years. On the perspective ofsustainability, this paper investigates and examines the problems in the process ofChina’s rural financial development, uses the theoretical and empirical method toidentify China’s rural financial sustainable development path effectively in order toprovide necessary evidence and guidance for improving China’s rural financialsystem and guarantee rural financial support to increase the farmers’ income, ruraldevelopment and the sustainable agricultural growth. In the process of integration ofthe overall framework, this paper pays more attention to combining demonstrationwith theory effectively. On one hand, it has inherited the results of predecessors’research, makes dynamic measurement and identification about the current China’srural financial development on the economic development with new and completedata. And it identifies the function of the rural financial development to promote ruraleconomic development with more details. On the other hand, it is concluded the basicquestion on the road of the rural financial sustainable development including thesustainable development of the rural financial system, the sustainable development ofrural finance’s efficiency, and make an identification about the constraints on ruralfinancial development from the perspective of empirical analysis. Based on theprevious two aspects in this paper, it eventually forms the framework for thesustainable development of China’s rural financial advice, not only it has the foreigndeveloping experience which can give rural finance system on different levelsguiding opinions, but it also has the policies and recommendations for the sustainabledevelopment of rural finance. In this paper, the specific structure is as follows:Chapter1is the introduction, from the researching background and researchingsignificance of this paper, on the basis of straightening out the references on the ruraleconomic development and rural financial development, it leads to the basic ideas andmethods of this paper, and overviews its research framework. Chapter2is the research on China’s rural financial development impacting onrural economic development, on the basis of summarizing and integrating theprevious research on rural finance and rural economic development, applyingcomplete and new data and using the state space model, it reviewed and investigatedChina’s rural financial impact on rural economic growth path from the dynamicperspective. With the aid of the dynamic changes of state space in measuringpotential factors, this paper identifies and measures the rural financial impact on ruraleconomic growth under different stages after China’s reform and opening up, from themacroscopic rural economy growth to the concrete increase of farmers’ income, bothon the actual economic effects caused by the rural financial verification again, at thesame time, it examines the concrete trend in the process of the rural financialdevelopment, helps to identify and diagnose different development stages of China’srural finance efficiency and sustainable development of rural finance in China so thatit can help to put forward corresponding advice and guidance, settle empirical databasis for the following content.Chapter3studies the sustainable development of China’s rural financial system,including building the multi-level rural financial system research, choosing the pathof sustainable development of the new type of rural financial institutions, controllingthe new type of rural financial institutions risk, optimizing the financial supportpolicy, etc. It discusses China’s future on sustainable development of rural financeframework from a macro level.Chapter4is the analysis of the sustainable development of the rural financialefficiency. It analyzes the macro and micro financial efficiency in China’s ruraldevelopment path and the financial efficiency difference in different regions andexplores the system and incentive mechanism for maintaining the rural financialefficiency sustainable development.Chapter5carefully identifies the restricting factors on China’s rural finance sustainable development. In addition to the identification on the key factors of China’srural financial ecological environment by using DEMATEL,this part also studies therestraining factors of “financial support agriculture” by taking Gansu province as anexample and puts forward the development path to resolve the restrictingfactors——that is a measure of “financial service innovation stimulates Chineserural overall efficiency”.Chapter6mainly introduces the construction of the rural finance sustainabledevelopment in foreign developed and developing countries and find out theexperiences adapt to China rural finance development. Finally it gives the conclusionfrom the two aspects of “financial infrastructure” and “financial innovation andguarantee system” and puts forward the beneficial ideas to the sustainabledevelopment of Chinese rural finance reform.Chapter7summarizes the path problems for the sustainable development ofChina’s rural financial on the basis of concluding the whole text, summarizes andinduces some targeting policies and suggestions from three aspects——formalfinance, informal finance and financial services in hope of improving China’s ruralfinancial system and the mechanism, playing an important role in financial supportfor agriculture, promoting the sustainable development of China’s rural finance andboosting the sustainable development of China’s rural economy and nationaleconomy.

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