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The Research of the Rural Anti-Poverty in Huanren Autonomous Country

Author: ZhengMengShi
Tutor: WuPing
School: Liaoning University
Course: Social Security
Keywords: Poverty Anti-poverty Constraints Financial investment
CLC: F323.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Liaoning Province,as an important province in northeast China,although there isnot the focus of poverty-stricken counties in the country, but the problem of povertystill can not be ignored.Accordance with the Statistics Bureau of Liaoning Provinceby the end of2010the per capita net income of¥2,200criteria, Liaoning Province’srural poor population of128million.To perform according to the latest3200yuan tothe poverty standard, Liaoning Province, will produce314million poor people, whichthe majority of the poor populations distribute in the fifteen poverty-strickencounties.Therefore concerned and research about the problem of rural poverty issignificant,not only conducive to the promotion of people in various regions acrossthe province to enjoy the fruitful results of economic development, but also formaintaining social stability and promoting harmonious society.Huanren Manchu Autonomous County, Benxi City is located in the easternmountain area of Liaoning Province, and long-term geographical remote andinaccessible, information-poor, weak commodity consciousness many factors andinfluence, weak economic foundation, county, in1987the provincial government todetermineAsian poor counties.1994,according to’’Four into seven "standardformulated by the state,Huanren Manchu Autonomous County was approved forinclusion in the"County eight seven Anti-Poverty Program"focused on supporting thepoor counties.In recent years, through the efforts of countries and a higher level ofgovernment support as well as the county government, the poverty of HuanrenCounty have been greatly improved, but the problem of poverty still can not beignored.Currently,Huanren the county a total of35poor villages, these35poor ruralareas are mostly far away from the county mountains and high mountains and steep,less arable land, serious soil erosion, transport facilities, villagers ideologicalclosure.It is rare in the poverty-stricken counties of regional ethnic AutonomousCounty, Liaoning Province15, and is a typical mountain poverty-strickencounties.This article aims to introduced by the conditions of the poor Huanren County,summarized the root cause of their poverty, and its anti-poverty work inpresentsituation to be elaborated, summed up the problems in its anti-poverty projects, to find the impact of anti-poverty work the biggest factor, combined with domestic andinternational anti-poverty measures, corresponding to specific policyrecommendations for its problems.In addition to the introduction,the paper is divided into five various parts, asfollows:Chapter one:Related to the definition and basic theory.This part focuses ondefined the concepts of the poverty line and poverty standard, anti-poverty, whichwill be used in the following section,equity theory of survival of the vicious cycle ofpoverty theory, growth pole theory, the underlying theory of discourse.Chapter two:Huanren Manchu Autonomous County Anti-Poverty Status andproblems.Highlights the status and characteristics, and analyze the root causes of theirpoverty, and work the problems for anti-poverty status of work.Chapter three:Anti-poverty constraints Empirical Analysis of Huanren ManchuAutonomous County.Described the anti-poverty constraints, and the establishment ofthe constraints of the index system, and regression analysis of the constraints, obtainthe regression model.Chapter four: Domestic and international anti-poverty experience andenlightenment.Through the introduction the specific anti-povehrty measures of theUnited States, Britain as the representatives of te developed countries, India, Brazil, asthe representatives of the developing countries and China’s Sichuan and ShandongProvince, sum up the experience of Liaoning Province, learn from anti-poverty.Chapter five: Conclusions and policy recommendations.According to theestimates in the third chapter, to draw that the financial investment has the greatestimpact on poverty alleviation.Make specific policy recommendations on anti-povertyworking of Liaoning Province.Proposed the development of the regional economy toimprove aid levels,Expand anti-poverty fund-raising channels and otherrecommendations.

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