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Research on the Agro-ecosystem Structure-function-efficiency of Hunan Based on the Emergy Analysis

Author: LiSha
Tutor: ChenHong;ZhuYuLin
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Forestry Economics and Management
Keywords: Agro-ecosystems Emergy Analysis Structure Function Efficiency
CLC: F206;F224
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Agro-ecosystem is the most basic human survival systems. In various production activities sectors of human, agriculture is the most closely sector with natural resources and ecological environment. However, modern agriculture is the socialization agriculture which widely use modern science, production materials applied by modern industry and scientific management methods, compared to conventional agriculture. Biological engineering, materials science, atomic energy, lasers and remote sensing technology were included, the latest technology began to use in agricultural production from the applying of pesticides and fertilizers to the transgenic technology, which made a lot of changes take place in agricultural production and rural landscape even to household behavior, moreover, which increase the production and income of agriculture. However, it is still existed at the agricultural development stage that agricultural environment is deteriorating day by day, and that agriculture economy is inefficient, and that rural economy vitality is inadequate obviously. Therefore, it will help us to strengthen people’s protection awareness of agriculture resources and environment that re-examine and re-adjust the method and direction of agricultural development for the agro-ecosystem structure-function-efficiency analysis,which has the irreplaceable significance to agriculture sustainable development. As we know agro-ecosystem is a natural-economic-social ecosystem, but to our disappointed is that economic research and ecological research focus respectively on the value flow of money and energy flow analysis each with different defects and limitations in the quantitative research on agro-ecological system. However, emergy theroy created by Odum.H.T., American ecologist, at the late 80s in the 20th century has overcome the shortcomings and provide us a new idea. The application of energy, the new scientific concept and measurement standards, is in order to carry out quantitative research well by convertting energy flowed and matter storaged in different categories to solar emergy from ecological and economic system.In this paper, the author made an scientific evaluation on the input-output situation and the structure-function-efficiency situation of agro-ecosystem in the cities of Hunan Province and the whole Hunan Province by the Gray-Correlation-Evaluation method and emergy theory based on the existing research and a lot of reading on literature. The author try to reveal the composition of all the parts in the agro-ecosystem and try to get the dominance and stability condition of agro-ecosystem for the comparison among defferent regions. All about which is order to explore the cause of various differences and make corresponding agriculture control meatures so as to provide reference for decisions government. This paper was devided into seven parts as following:ⅠThe background and significance introduction of the topics discussed in the paper and current theories of emergy, emergy research trends and the summarization of emergy theory.ⅡThe specific introduction to research methods, research procedures, research contents, technical route about the Efficiency-Structure-Function Reserch of agricultural ecosystem in Hunan Province.ⅢIntroducing agro-ecosystems in Hunan Province based on the investigation, collection, measurement and calculations to it.ⅣStructure-Function-Efficiency Analysis on the input-output to Hunan agricultural ecosystem in this part: the author summarize the overall development situation of agro-ecosystems in Hunan Province by calculating the emergy input-output indicators and taking Structure-Function-Efficiency Analysis on this system based on the input-output date of Hunan agro-ecosystems in 2009.ⅤDiversity- Evaluation On Structure-Function- Efficiency in the cities of Hunan agro-ecosystems: the overall analysis on Structure-Function-Efficiency in Hunan agricultural ecosystem has been made in the fourth part of the comprehensive summary, but because of diversity deferences of regional agro-ecosystems development in Hunan Province, it is necessary to evaluate deeply on Structure-Function-Efficiency in agricultural ecosystems of vorious cities in Hunan Province.The author give us diversity evaluation by the Gray-Correlation-Evaluation method from the date of emergy calculated value, and we got different short-board factors in different regions from different scores and rants in different sectors in structure-function-efficiency. All of the conclusions we got is to get the different development focus and different development strategies in different regions.VI The development conclusions and countermeasures for Hunan agricultural ecosystems: this section summarizes three characteristics separately from the structure, function and efficiency of agro-ecosystems in the whole Hunan Province and every cities in Hunan Province. Moreover, the Structure-Function- Efficiency countermeasure of Hunan agro-ecosystems were proposed based on those characters.ⅦInnovations and limitations of this paper.

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