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The Polyoxometalates Containing Aliphatic Amine Ligands and N-containing Heterocyclic Ligands

Author: YangMeiLing
Tutor: SunYingHua
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Inorganic Chemistry
Keywords: Polyoxometalates Aliphatic Amine Containing Heterocyclic Ligand
CLC: O641.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Polyoxometalates (POMs) represent a fascinating class of inorganic chemistry with astructural variety and interesting properties, which are of use in fields as diverse as catalysis,sorption, molecular electronics, medicine, etc. Most of the polyoxometalates contains theorganic element, the polyoxometalates and the organic element exist the inter-synergy, theorganic element can not only provide the frame of flexibility or solid, but also balance thecharges of polyoxometalates anion. In some degree, the organic element can also control thegrowth of the polyoxometalates anion’s microstructure. It is clear that the organic aminecation plays an important role in compounding the crystal of the novel structure. Most of theorganuc amine is chain-like organic amine, that is aliphatic amine(1,2-ethylenediamine,1,6-diaminohexane,1,3-propanediamine) and various N-containing heterocyclic organicamine.(1,10-phenanthroline,2,2′-bipy,4,4′-bipy).On account of that, we use the flexible aliphatic amine ligands and solid N-containingheterocyclic organic amine ligands constructing seven novel polyoxometalates, they are:1.[PMo8V6O42][Co(2,2′-bipy)2]2[NH3(CH26NH3]·H3O·2H2O2.[PW12O40][NH3(CH)6NH2]3·4H2O3.[As8V14O42][NH3(CH26NH3]2·5H2O4.[As8V14O42(H2O)][Co(2,2′-bipy)2]2·2H2O5.[AsMo3Mo5V8O44][4,4′-H2bipy]4[4,4′-bipy]3·9H2O6.[PW12O40]Cu4[P2O8(2,2′-bipy)4]·H3O·H2O7.[PMo5Mo3V8O44][Ni(phen)2]4·3H2OOn the bases of X-ray structural analyses, some compounds have been characterized byIR, XPS, PXRD spectra. The thermal analyses and radiational properties of some compoundshave also been studied, which would take a role in the explorations of structures and functionsfor the compounds.

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