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  1. Studies on the Conformation in Extracellular Domain of Human RANKL by Cystine's Oxidation,ZhangQin/Hubei Normal University,,0/3
  2. Bioactivy of Huanglian&its Active Ingredients Berberin,LiXiaoLing/Hubei Normal University,,0/20
  3. Synthesis, Functionalization and Application of Mesoporous Silica Materials,XuShaoHua/Hubei Normal University,,0/26
  4. Study on Extraction and Functional Characteristics of Flavonoids from Hibiscus Mutabilis,ShiHui/Hubei Normal University,,0/10
  5. Research on the Catalyst Performance of Multi-wall Carbon Nanotube and Supported Molybdophosphoric Acid,FengLiMiao/Hubei Normal University,,0/14
  6. Solid Phase Extraction Coupled with Atomic Adsorption/Optical Emission Spectrometry for Determination of Elements and Their Specieses in Environmental Samples,WeiZuoShu/Hubei Normal University,,0/10
  7. Research on the Method of Analytical Platinum and Palladium in the Intermediate Materials of Copper Smelting,HanLiJuan/Hubei Normal University,,0/13
  8. The Application of Octa-carboxylic Pthalocyanine Aluminum in Fluorescence Analysis,LiuFeng/Hubei Normal University,,0/28
  9. Study on the Silver Content of Silver Separating Residue by Automotive Potentiometric Titration,MaZuo/Hubei Normal University,,0/15
  10. The Preparation of Polyoxometalates-Anocomposite Modified Electrodes and Heir Electrocatalytic Properties,ZhanYan/Hubei Normal University,,0/10
  11. Study on the Novel Nano-modified Electrode Based Electrochemical Biosensors,TanXiangEn/Hubei Normal University,,0/80
  12. Research on the Synthesis and Catalytic Properties of Silica-supported H4SiW6Mo6O40,YuLi/Hubei Normal University,,0/35
  13. Syntheses and Properties on Copper,Nickle or Cobalt Complexes Containing Azo Pyridinyl Imidazole Ligands,ZhangZhe/Hubei Normal University,,0/12
  14. Syntheses, Structures and Properity on a Series of Complexes Based on Imidazole Ligands,WangTao/Hubei Normal University,,0/55
  15. Studies on the Design and Synthesis of New Fluorescent Probes Based on2,5-diphenylfuran and Their Recognizing and Sensing Properties for Metal Ions,XuCaiHua/Hubei Normal University,,0/13
  16. Studies on the Design and Synthesis of New Fluorescent Probes Based on Pyrazoline and Their Recognizing and Sensing Properties for Metal Ions,ZhangZuoZuo/Hubei Normal University,,0/13
  17. A Class of Reliable Weighted Exponential Distribution,LiuDaFei/Hubei Normal University,,0/7
  18. Quasi-maximum Likelihood Estimation and its Application in Generalized Linear Models with FCA Errors,SongLei/Hubei Normal University,,0/7
  19. Research of Collating Method of Finding Errors in Ancient Books,ChengDi/Hubei Normal University,,0/33
  20. Formal Analysis Methods of Security Protocols Based on Strand Space Model and its Application,JieYanMing/Hubei Normal University,,0/22
  21. Research on the Roaming Authentication Protocol of the Mobile Network in the Formalization Way,WengYanQin/Hubei Normal University,,0/25
  22. Research of Spectrum Allocation Algorithm in Cognitive Radio Network,DongTongLi/Hubei Normal University,,0/48
  23. Research on Multi-objective QoS Routing Technology for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks,LiZhi/Hubei Normal University,,0/64
  24. The Aesthetic Characteristics and Cultural Research of the Unearthed Artifacts of Dayang District in Xingan County,ZhaoYin/Hubei Normal University,,0/82
  25. Modern Chinese Literati Painting Competition and Related Theoretical Research,ZhangDi/Hubei Normal University,,0/37
  26. The Ontological Study and Error Analysis on Zaishuo("再说"),ZhongLing/Hubei Normal University,,0/29
  27. Study on Definitions of Measure Words in Foreign-Oriented Chinese Dictionaries,XiaYu/Hubei Normal University,,0/98
  28. Research on the Means of Transportation in Ancient Time on the Study of Shuowenjiezi,YeLei/Hubei Normal University,,0/109
  29. Research on the Kinship Terms of Shuowen,HeQiuJu/Hubei Normal University,,0/197
  30. Research on the "Contradictory Expression of A and Non-A",SongYanQiu/Hubei Normal University,,0/31
  31. Study on Exegetical Value of Variations In "Records of the Historian" and "History of Han Dynasty",DanXiaoQing/Hubei Normal University,,0/39
  32. Research on Parole Characteristics and Parole Specifications of the Contemporary Contract,CaoZhiFang/Hubei Normal University,,0/71
  33. Comment and Review on the Study of Textual Rhetoric,LiangLongFei/Hubei Normal University,,0/69
  34. Comparative Study on Cohesion Devices of Chinese and English Context,HuJinXiao/Hubei Normal University,,0/88
  35. Research on the Style of "Hongduanzi" in the Emerging Media,ZhangLiLi/Hubei Normal University,,1/67
  36. A Contrastive Study on Thematic Progression Patterns of Chinese and English News Reports,XuWenJing/Hubei Normal University,,0/97
  37. A Contrastive Study of Chinese and English Body Metaphors,ShiLiSha/Hubei Normal University,,0/128
  38. Research on Touching China Presentation Speech Language Style,YuFang/Hubei Normal University,,0/202
  39. The Research on "Nayang" in Modern Chinese and the Representations of Grammaticalization,YeLing/Hubei Normal University,,0/28
  40. The Syntax of the Paratactic Sentence in I Love My Family,LiuHongYan/Hubei Normal University,,0/42
  41. A Comparative Study on "Cheng Ran(诚然)" and "Zong Ran (纵然)",ChenJunTong/Hubei Normal University,,0/17
  42. Research on the Separable Word in Perspective of ZI Basic Unit,FengYun/Hubei Normal University,,0/36
  43. Discourse Grammar Studies of Explanatory Sentence Group in Modern Chinese,FanZhengYu/Hubei Normal University,,0/52
  44. Research on the Comment-complement Construction of the Extraordinary Collocation,LvXiaoHua/Hubei Normal University,,0/72
  45. A Contrastive Study of Chinese and English N+N Compound Nouns,XiePin/Hubei Normal University,,0/99
  46. Comparative Study on the Four-word Proverbs and Idioms of the Contemporary Chinese Dictionary Edition78and05,DuZuo/Hubei Normal University,,0/26
  47. Contrastive Analysis on Chinese-English Parallel Structure Idioms,GuanXiaoNa/Hubei Normal University,,0/65
  48. The Comparison and Acquisition of Chinese-English Address Form under Its Semantic Transfer,ChenDanLing/Hubei Normal University,,0/125
  49. Research in Words Containing "Sheep" Morpheme,LiuJuan/Hubei Normal University,,0/93
  50. Study on the Semantic Development of Gongfu,ZhangXueLi/Hubei Normal University,,0/112

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