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Northwest Yunnan ethnic food research of non - material cultural heritage research and protection mechanism in Lijiang as a case, Shangri-La

Author: DingWenJie
Tutor: YuGanQian;LiHeLiu
School: Yunnan University of Finance
Course: Public Management
Keywords: Ethnic group in North-West-Yunnan the intangible cultural heritageof cuisine research and study
CLC: TS971
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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China, with5000-year history, its cultural heritages, both tangible and intangible ones,are featured with richness and uniqueness. With the rapid social and economicdevelopment, cultural heritage is becoming a key tourism resource for tourismoriented cities. Protecting the cultural heritage resources well could have a positiveimpact in promoting the progress of local society and economy. However, since theglobalization of the economy and the development of science and technology, thecultural heritage in many cities was greatly affected by other cultures, especially thoseintangible cultural heritage with fragility and non-repeatability. Particularly, under thecircumstances of lacking optimized systems and measures for intangible culturalheritages, the protection and study of intangible cultural heritage appears muchweaker than the tangible ones.The North-West-Yunnan is a mountainous area, whose unique natural resources andethnic cultures contributed to its splendid intangible cultural heritages. Among these,the cuisine culture, influenced by geography, climate, customs, religion, ext, isdistinct from any other places around the world. Along the tourism development, thecuisine in North-West-Yunnan has not only became a remarkable tourist product, butalso welcomed by other provinces, even went international. So under the process ofurbanization and market economy, how to preserve the cuisine culture innorth-west-Yunnan so as to inherit and develop it integrally and trustworthily?With these questions and under the guidance of teacher, I chose diet of Naxiand Tibetan of Lijiang and Shangri-la as cases and conducted intangible cultureheritage investigation and research on minority ethnic diet in northwest ofYunnan, through extensive research and case analysis, the writer keptconducting research on protective practice of intangible culture heritage ofminority ethnic diet so as to probe successful experience and common mode ofintangible culture heritage of minority ethnic diet. This research analyzes basicsituation, existing problems and suggestion of optimization of intangible culture heritage of minority ethnic diet in northwest of Yunnan and at the same timelays foundation for data base construction, protection and utilization ofintangible culture heritage of Yunnan minority ethnic diet and world intangibleculture heritage declaration of Chinese diet.The intention of choosing Lijiang and Shangri-La as cases:1. The locations ofthese cases gather many minority ethnic groups like Han, Naxi, Tibetan and Baiand have formed unique and integrated multiculture which make these locationspossess typicalness of sense of identity on aspects of intangible cultureheritage;2. The locations of these cases belong to mountain area, their nature ofculture contains rich characteristics of plateau culture and its regional culturepossesses typicalness;3. Being the only world culture heritage site of Yunnan,unique value of culture makes it possess representativeness whether in cultureprotection or utilization and development, especially on the aspect of the bestprotection practice, to some degree it is an exemplification;4. As the demand ofstrengthening tourism development of our province, for the area with relativelybackward economy like Lijiang and Shangri-La the protection of outstandinguniversal value of their intangible heritages is very urgent, especially with theintervention of background of the tourism, conducting protection on intangibleheritage has more practical meaning.In the research, the writer started with analysis of outside environmentalelements of intangible culture heritage of Lijiang and Shangri-La like nature,history, geography and climate then probed the formation, protection anddevelopment of intangible culture heritage of diet and focused the study andresearch on the preserved and typical cooking skills and food folk in this area.According to the result, details of twenty-six intangible cultural heritage of cuisinesand six best practical programmes are sorted out for reference and also provide basicdata for data base construction of Yunnan minority ethnic diet of intangible cultureheritage.This thesis is approached through the process of investigation, discovery, analyzing,reflection, and recommendation. This thesis analyzed the formation and present conservation of the cuisine culture of the cases, raised existed problems, and madesuggestions and strategies in terms of “the design of legal system”,“the design ofmanagement institution”,“the design of the stakeholders participation mechanism”,“the incentive policy instrument”,“the controllable policy instrument”,“policymechanism”, and so on in the field of public administration. These not only made thestudy more scientific and targeted, but also provided some references for theconservation and management. The study also included the relative international rulesof world cultural heritage conservation, applied the principle of “integrity” and“trustworthiness”, and provided a standard reference for the conservation and study ofheritage.

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