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Mushroom soup Hot pot cooking process research on nutrition and safety

Author: ZuoJunYing
Tutor: ZhuYunLong
School: Yangzhou University
Course: Nutrition and Food Hygiene
Keywords: Mushroom hot pot soup decocted Boiled trophism security
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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In this thesis, we chose old hens, bobbin bones and four common mushrooms as the stewed raw materials of fungus mushroom hot pot soup, and select the most common Rinse chaffy dish raw materials:a kind of beef, lamb, fish ball respectively from the meat products. For vegetables, a kind of leafy vegetables, root vegetables, stem vegetables and cauliflower respectively. Frozen tofu and fans-the stable food as the experimental materials during the rinsed cooking link of the fungus mushroom hot pot. the content of nutrition and unsafe substances in different times when the materials were boiling out and rinsed cooking in the soup are monitored and researched, and the conclusions are as follows:1.During the decocting process of the mushroom hot pot soup, Content of total sugar, protein, crude fat, solids and ash content is on the rise in the whole. Total sugar content has comparatively large growth and increments in3-4h; Protein, solids has comparatively large growth and increments in2-4h; crude fat has comparatively large growth and increments in4-6hours; Ash content has comparatively large growth and increments in0-4h. In addition to the crude fat content, growth and increments of total sugar, protein, solids and ash content reach to the peak within4h. Sensory quality have the highest score in4-5h.In the process of mushroom hot pot soup decocted, the material content of nitrates overall upward trend, Mushroom hot pot soup is boiled for8h when the nitrate concentration is less than the nitrate content limit GB5349-2006"drinking water health standards" within the scope of the national standard security; purine content of the soup takes on upward trend, Content of Purine in mushroom hot pot soup boiled8h is33.1mg/100g, still is the low-purine food (<75mg/100g), and drinking normally is not hazardous to health.Content of heavy metal elements is observed to rise overall, According to joint Alimentarius Commission of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the WHO recommended in1993human can withstand lead intake, China’s adult lead intake of214ug/(day*person) can be calculated, The lead content is75ug/L after boiling for8h,so normal consumption lead of the mushroom hot potthe bottom soup will not do harm to human body. According to test intake of Dietary parameters chromium maximum limit of500ug/(person*day), When after boiling8h, the chromium content is213ug/L, so normal consumption of the mushroom hot pot soup will not cause chromium harm to human body, the WHO confirms70kg body cadmium maximum safe intake of70ug/d, Content of cadmium is69μg/L after the mushroom hot pot soup is boiled for5h, after that the growth speed and increment increased markably, risk enlarge.Considering cadmium accumulation, bottom soup brewed for no more than5h is recommendated.The mushroom hot pot soup brewed for8h nickel elements of the total0.0809mg/L,American Academy of Medical Sciences Food and Nutrition Board of the tolerable intake of the adult trace elements nickel ceiling to1.0mg/d, so drinking the mushroom hot pot soup normally will not cause harm nickel to normal human. Maximum limit of Dietary Reference Intakes for8mg/(person*day), after mushroom hot pot soup brewed for8h, total copper is0.442mg/L, so consumption of the mushroom hot pot soup will not cause harm to normal human.Considering nutrition,unsafe substances indicators and sensory evaluation comprehensively, it is recommended that the mushroom hot pot soup is brewed for4h.2. During the boiling process of mushroom hot pot soup, Nutrient content showed rising trend.Of them,total sugar, crude fat, solids, ash content all had the largest increase in0-120min; The crude protein improve faste st from0-80min; we could know that the changes of nutritional indexes content in soup boiling process tended to be stable after120min. Blank control group monitoring data showed soup without crude materials can make the total sugar, protein, fat, and solid content decrease.In the boiling process of mushroom hot pot soup, The contents of nitrate salts showed an increasing trend, The contents of nitrate salts is9.7675mg/L after the boiling for80minutes, which is close to the GB5349-2006"drinking water health standards",the content of nitrate in the limit of10mg/L Considering the risk to humans of nitrates that may arise, drinking the mushroom hot pot soup before80min is Suggestted.Gout nutrition intervention treatment is recommended for patients with low purine food (<75mg/100g), according to the monitoring data showed that purine concentration is73.65mg/100g in boiling to40min, which belongs to the low purine food, After that, monitoring data exceed the standard.belonging to the food of high purine content, not suitable for patients with gout drinking, gout patient drinking the soup in40min is suggested.NaCl concentration is2.379g/100g when mushroom hot pot soup boiling to320min, the Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that healthy adults salt (including salt of soy sauce and other foods) intake is6g/d, drinking a normal amount (less than2.51L) of the soup, salt of in which is in safe range.Content of heavy metal elements is observed upward overall. according to the tolerable intake of lead from adults form the human body joint commission Codex FAO and WHO, can know that adults can be tolerated lead intake of214ug/(day·people) in our country, Lead content in bottom soup boiling320min is105ug/L, drinking a normal amount (less than2.03L) of bottom soup, the intake of lead content is in safe range. Our population dietary reference intakes of chromium in maximum limit is500ug/person· day, chromium content in bottom soup boiling320min is246ug/L, shows that drinking a normal amount (less than2.03L) of bottom soup in the intake of total chromium is in the safe range. WHO determine the maximum safe intake of cadmium in a70kg to70ug/d, the bottom soup boiling In80minutes to72ug/L, after that, growth and increment of cadmium content rise rapidly, risk enlarges, considerng cadmium accumulation, drinking time not more than80min is suggested. American Academy of medical science, food and Nutrition Committee of adults, trace element nickel tolerable intake limit is determined as1.0mg/d, The soup boiling320min nickel for a total volume of0.162mg/L, the intake of nickel element contents while normal drinking is in the safe range. The copper content is0.979mg/L when the mushroom hot pot soup boiling to80min, close to GB5349-2006"drinking water health standards" copper content limit of1mg/L. Then the monitoring result exceeds the standard limit, drinking soup at the end of time control in80min is suggested.In conclusion, taking the main content changes into account, reducing boiling time without crude materials as soon as possible when boiling the mushroom hot pot soup is suggested; cosidering the risk to human health, the general population to control the drinking time of the mushroom hot pot soup in80min is suggested, drinking amount is controled in2.03L. the gout patients control the time of drinking the mushroom hot pot soup in40min is suggested.

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