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Study on the Industrial Process and Nutrient Flavor Substances Analysis of Concentrated Bovine Bone Soup Bases

Author: ZhengZuo
Tutor: YuQunLi
School: Gansu Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
Keywords: bone soup boiling cooking concentration freeze-drying flavoranalyses
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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In this study, based on the raw material of bovine bone, the original bone soupwas obtained through optimizing the cooking process.The freeze-drying techniquewas processed for soup after the vacuum concentrating under reduced pressureprocess. In addition, the analysis about nutrition and flavor substances of thefreeze-dried bulla products are provided, which can offer the technological referencesfor cooking industrial concentrated bulalo soup. And the results of our study will beprovided as follow.1. Ensure the industrial cooking process. Screen the industrial parameters ofbone size, the rate of liquid and cooking time as single factor. Based on the responsesurface optimization, the optimum cooking method combination was that: the rate ofliquid3:20, bone size3cm, cooking time4h. The original bone soup cooked under thisprocess will be acceptable and not sticky. And its color and luster show milky white.The content of protein in soup was highly as5.16%. By the way, tempting aroma ofthe bulla soup made its special flavor.2. Ensure the industrial process of vacuum relief concentrating bone soup.Fellow-up tests have been applied after setting up the concentrating ratio1:6. Thecontent of protein in soup was relatively high to be11.6g/100g. The content of waterdecrease obviously to27.62g/100g. The content of the fat has reduced to1.1g/100gthat was less than original soup.3. Ensure the industrial process of freeze-drying technique. Screen the industrialparameters of freeze-drying time, pre-freezing temperature, subject thickness andvacuum degree as single factor. The optimized combination of freeze-dryingtechnique based on orthogonal optimization was that: thickness is3mm, vacuumdegree is30Pa, freeze-dry time8h, pre-freeze temperature-30℃, dried products ratiois12.96%. After reconstituting the soup, it shows opacified and less brown yellowluster. There is no difference when compared to the original soup because of its goodtaste and toothsome flavor.4. The nutrient substances analyses of the freeze-drying soup products. Thesoluble ash content is8.036g/100g. The content of hydroxyproline is2.07g/100g. Thecontent of protein is39.50g/100g. The total amino acids content is20.58mg/g. Theessential amino acids is8.78mg/g, which take the percentage42.66%of total aminoacids.5. The concentrated freeze-drying soup product shows a good solubility. The solution temperature ranges from65to85℃. The best quality appears whenapplying mixing proportion with1:30for one minute.6. Compare the change of flavor substance after process through the GC/MS test.The concentrated freeze-drying soup has more10evaporable substances than originalsoup. In original soup, there are more aldehydes than in processed soup but much lessof other compounds. The contents of benzothiazole and pyridine obviously increase inprocessed products. Besides the good flavor of original soup, there are also little butbalmy substances such as caryophyllene, β-half water celery,2,3-pentanedione,2,3-suberic ketone,2-nonanone,4-allyl benzene methyl ether.Above all, bulalo soup is the typical highly nutrient, lower heat, green andhealthy food because it has high content of protein, lower fat and remarkable contentof mineral substances. The fresh cattle bone was processed by modern technology inour study. Based on the soup cooking method, concentrated and freeze-dryingtechnique, together with the analyses of nutrimental substances, traditional Chineseproduction has been transformed to be more modern, nutrimental and standard. Theseries of concentrated bulalo soup bases products have been exploited in our study. Ithas the relatively additional values and a nice supermarket in the future.

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