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On the Spirit of Mencius’s Independent Personality Y

Author: HeAnFeng
Tutor: WuQuanLan
School: Guangxi Normal University
Course: Ethics
Keywords: Mencius Independent personality Goodness of Human Nature A real man Contemporary Value
CLC: B222.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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The independent personality refers to individuals in all social relations and their own experience, the courage to contempt of external authority, self-expression, and contempt for fame, status, money, and suffering in life beyond death, Shouyao poor reached personality. However, for a long time, the Chinese traditional culture has always been the so-called lack of an independent personality has been criticized. However, I think this view is biased. Mencius in the Warring States Period, the extraordinary experience travel around the world, demonstrating a strong and prominent independence spirit. In the face of the supremacy of the king, he dared to the arrogance of the king upright with respect to the bearing of an indomitable, resolute defender of human independence and human dignity. Mencius independence spirit is built on the foundation of goodness'. He believes that the nature and personality of each person is equal and independent, will never be the slightest difference exists because the political status, economic wealth, living area and external factors, thus not only everyone can have an independent personality and that anyone can devote themselves to cultivation reached the lofty realm of the sages Yao and Shun. This idea Mencius disdain for the rulers in the process of travel around the world, do not fear to power, to maintain the independence and dignity of their own personality laid a theoretical foundation. Despite Mencius advocates of Manifest Destiny that human destiny from God given, but he also affirmed the people's initiative, advocates play people the power to overcome the constraints of the objective conditions, he traveled the process used their ingenuity to overcome all kinds of difficulties and setbacks, the completion of the mission of the Confucians create the conditions. Mencius independent personality spirit of specific performance: before kings, highlight the arrogance of the King, Inspector harsh wind hair's personality style; in the face of pressure from outside, to keep Devotion, the human independent personality and freedom of the will of Hisashi's personality quality; life on the road, pursue \independence and dignity. This independence spirit he remained independent and complete personal inner world, so that no external force can not shake his independent spirit kingdom. Both the oppression of the environment, the troubled world of rugged, the fate of the Do Incorrect or fame and fortune to lure, not degenerate shift easy. Mencius practice this noble spirit of the independent personality, it is always to win the respect of the people. However, the formation of the independent personality of the spirit is not a short span of time, the need for long-term land and worked tirelessly to achieve moral cultivation practice. Mencius, the formation of the independent personality of the spirit is that Slim. By raising heart desires, cultivation of goodness \positive pursuit of life, develop personal independence Thatta noble character, to achieve the lofty spiritual realm of wealth can not be prostitution, greed cheap can not be moved, force can bend \test kind of life experience, whether in good times or in adversity can respond freely to adhere to their own moral integrity, and not contrary to the principles of their own personality. Determined Lian Chi, can people have an independent moral will, do not fear the powerful, do not give way, do not cater to not fawn attached bigwigs. Mencius's theory about the independent personality training excellence, a positive and profound impact on shaping the national psychology of the Chinese nation unyielding character, cultivate the noble spirit of the Chinese nation, the formation of the pursuit of noble character and well-ethnic culture mentality. Mencius's independence spirit as the essence of the ideology and culture in China, not only for the development of future generations had a profound and lasting impact, still plays an important role in the development of modern society. Modern society due to various negative factors, so that the spirit of the modern world, independent personality, entrepreneurial spirit by unprecedented corrosion and destruction, seriously affecting the quality of life of modern people. Mencius' the independence spirit for the reconstruction of the modern spiritual home, nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of the modern positive, enhance the quality of the modern personality, and promote the healthy, harmonious life of the modern has an extremely important significance.

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