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Research on Marx's Theory of Labor-capital Relations

Author: JiFang
Tutor: ShiYuDing
School: Tianjin University of Commerce
Course: The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords: Marx Labor-Capital Relations Contemporary Value
CLC: F091.91
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Marx’s Labor-Capital Relations theory is an important part of Marx’s PoliticalEconomics,it is the key to the Marx’s Political Economics. Marx absorbed the culturalachievements including the German classical philosophy, the United Kingdom as therepresentative of classical political economics and British and French utopian socialistdoctrine as the main outstanding. He explores the labor-management relations of thecapitalism with his unique perspective and the profound point of view, digs out theparticularity of capitalist production behind the equal exchange and the exploitation ofcapitalist labor relations, and found the secret of the capitalist surplus value, revealedthe essence of labor relations under the capitalism, pointed the source of the oppression ofthe proletariat, the nature of the struggle, the ultimate goal and the way to achieve, specifiedthe forward direction of the proletariat in the political struggle. And it is also meaningful forthe labor-capital relations of current socialist.Marx’s theory of labor relations is an evolving theoretical system, the publication ofthe first volume in "Das Kapital", marking the Marx’s theory of labor relations to be mature.Marx’s Alienated Labor Theory and Marx’s Labor Value Theory provide a basis for Marx’sLabor-Capital Relations theory, they are the theoretical premise to reveal the relations ofexploitation between workers and capitalists. Marx’s Labor-Capital Relations theorysafeguards the interests of the working class by standing in the interests of the workingclass,it is a scientific theory combine with class nature. The performance of labor relationsin the capitalist mode of production is the antagonistic relationship between the workingclass and the bourgeoisie,capital occupies labor, capital dominates labor,controls labor,the labor subordinates to the capital. The status of capital and labor equality in form butunequal actually. Capitalists are getting richer and richer since workers become poorer andpoorer. The root cause of labor conflict in the capitalist is the capitalist private ownershipsystem. The way to resolve labor conflicts is to overthrow the rule of the bourgeoisie,torepeal the capitalist private ownership system,to eliminate the exploitation. In the future weshould eliminate the alienation of labor, achieve human freedom and comprehensivedevelopment and rebuild individual Ownership.In the primary stage of socialism,we use public ownership as leading with variedeconomic ownerships. One hand,the primary stage of socialism can not go beyond thecapital, can not go beyond the the employment relationship,we use the capital to promoteeconomic development. On the other hand,the nature of capital is profit-driven,we shouldcontrol over the capital to promise the interests of workers are not compromised. China’s current labor relations are fundamentally different from the Marxist times of labor relations.To solve the current situation as strong capital weak labor,government should stand at thepoint of the workers formulating legislations according to the interests of overwhelmingmajority of the people. And uphold the dominant position of public ownership to preventprivatization.Marx’s theory of labor relations reveal the nature of labor relations in the capitalistsystem, it is an important theoretical study of the capitalist economy. With the continuousdevelopment of history, social productive would inevitably lead to changes in the capitalistlabor relations. In the China’s socialist market economy, employers and employees both asthe builders of the socialist cause, antagonistic relationship does not exist fundamentally.The government needs to departure from the overwhelming majority of the people’sinterests, to resolve labor conflicts legitimately, to look for the way of labor-managementcooperation actively, and to promote the harmonious development of labor relations.

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