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Investigation and Progeny Seedling Test of Plus-tree of Phoebe Bournei,Phoebe Zhennan and Phoebe Chekiangensis

Author: ZhouShengCai
Tutor: TongZaiKang
School: Zhejiang Forestry University
Course: Tree Genetics and Breeding
Keywords: Phoebe bournei Phoebe chekiangensis Phoebe zhennan investigation ofresource collection of plus-tree progeny test seed sowing
CLC: S792.24
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Phoebe bournei (Hemsl.) Yang, Phoebe chekiangensis C.B. Shang and Phoebe zhennan S.W. Leeet F.N. Wei characterized by widely distributed, highly economic values and being unique to China arethe genera of Phoebe Nee of Lauraceae, which protected as a vulnerable plant in China are mainlydistributed in mid-subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest. The Geographic distribution of Phoebebournei, Phoebe zhennan and Phoebe chekiangensis was found by investigating natural multi-locations.Seedling test was carried out with the seeds of plus tree from their whole distribution. The selectedfamilies were used for the research of molecule marker and breeding technology, which could beapplied to marker-assisted selection and generalizing superior strains. The main results as follows:1. The mainly distribution of Phoebe bournei, Phoebe chekiangensis and Phoebe zhennan werebetween106°~120.5°E,24°~30°N and116°~121°E,25.5°~30°N and102.5°~110.5°E,25.5°~32.5°N,respectively. The mean annual temperature, annual precipitation and sunshine fraction of Phoebechekiangensis were obviously greater than Phoebe zhennan, and the temperature factor of Phoebebournei were greater than Phoebe zhennan and Phoebe chekiangensis. The three spaces natural forestswere so scarce that present a spot or block distribution, which cause obvious habitat fragmentation.There were564,102and128of Phoebe bournei, Phoebe chekiangensis and Phoebe zhennan plus-treeto be investigated and collected seeds from213,53and103of plus-tree, respectively.2. Annual growth of24two-years-old Phoebe chekiangensis pedigree Seedlings from3provenances was studied. The variance analysis of different families showed that the differences inheight and height-diameter ratios and leaf length-width ratios were highly significant, but in grounddiameters were no significant. The coefficients of variation were14.41%and12.47%, respectively, thatthe variation of seedling height and ground diameter in family is big. The family heritability of height,diameter, height-diameter ratios and leaf length-width ratios were0.835,0.347,0.859and0.926,respectively. The preliminarily selected families were mainly from southern part of the Phoebechekiangensis distribution. The group1,2were the early selected family progeny, and group3becometo inspected progeny. Group4was knocked out. The results showed that the growth patterns of heightand ground diameter of different family groups were both significant and similar to ‘S’ curves. Thedifferences in the growth process of the seedling height and ground diameter were significant. Theleading cause of slow growth was that the growth was small in growth-peak period. The diapausesdisplaying in different period was the differences in the growth rhythm of ground diameter.3. Annual growth of84one-years-old Phoebe bournei pedigree Seedlings from3provenances wasstudied. The variance analysis of different families showed that the differences in height and diameterwere highly significant. The coefficients of variation of height and diameter were14.41%and12.47%,respectively. The family heritability of height and diameter were0.918and0.754, respectively. Thegeographic variations of diameter reachced extremely significant, but in height were no significant. Thevariance components of diamete r and height were77.04%and50.11%, respectively. The correlationbetween geography and diameter was greater than seedling height. Negative correlation exists among mean annual temperature in diameter. The family progeny of number4family origin locations is fit forthe testing ground, between which the variation is obvious. Group1,2,3,4prove to be early selectionsuperior family, and group5become inspected family progeny. Group4was knocked out.4. A series of sowing and seedling technique was summaried and innovated, which promoted thespeed of seedling growth obviously.

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