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Evaluation of comprehensive intervention on the physical constitution and health outcomes

Author: ZuoJie
Tutor: ZhuYanBo
School: Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Social Medicine and Health Management
Keywords: intervention of TCM constitution Constitution in Chinese Medicine Questionnaire (CCMQ) Health Related Quality of Life evaluation of therapeutic efficiency
CLC: R229
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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Objective:Preventive treatment of disease is a special service of Traditional Chinese medicine and widely carried out in our country. It based on the intervention of TCM constitution of lifestyle behavior. Now, there is no research evaluated the effect of TCM constitution intervention. This research evaluate the score of Constitution in Chinese Medicine Questionnaire(CCMQ), MOS SF-36and clinically indicators to analyze the intervention effect; obtain the evidence of intervention of TCM constitution can improve physical health, quality of life and the clinical indicators, provide basis for health promotion based on "constitution related to disease"; and explore the development pattern of TCM constitution, to further deepen the understanding of the theory of "constitution is adjustable".Methods:The research design is no controlled clinical research of intervention.275cases are collected from Zhuhai hospital of Guangdong province Chinese Medicine Hospital. By the guidance of "TCM intervention method", the cases are under the intervention of emotion, eating habits, living, sports and meridian invocation in five aspects. Investigate their constitution, health related quality of life and laboratory indexes of baseline, intervention of3months and intervention of6months.Results:1. compared3months intervention with baseline, gentleness type score significantly gets higher(59.93±15.11VS.62.70±13.83, P=0.000), Qi-deficiency type(33.82±16.05VS.31.07±15.03,P=0.000), Yang-deficiency type(33.48±21.95VS.30.52±20.81, P=0.000), Wetness-heat type(28.34±18.17VS.25.89±17.03,P=0.000), Blood stasis tpye(33.25±14.29VS.30.69±13.99, P=0.000),Qi-depression type(27.42±17.00VS.24.43±14.50, P=0.000)score significantly reduced (P<0.05), ES and SRM show that the effect of intervention is low. Intervention after6months, gentleness type score significantly increased(59.93±15.11VS.64.23±13.01, P=0.000), the8kinds of biased constitution scores were significantly lower (P<0.05). Qi-deficiency type(33.82±16.05VS.28.48±13.14, P=0.000), Yang-deficiency type(33.48±21.95VS.29.00±18.22, P=0.000). Yin-deficiency type(27.04±15.70VS.24.81±13.64, P=0.001)、Phlegm-wetness type(28.98±16.59VS.25.73±14.66, P=0.000). Wetness-heat type (28.34±18.17VS.23.41±15.64, P=0.000)、Blood stasis tpye(33.25±14.29VS.28.01±12.21, P=0.000)、Qi-depression type(27.42±17.00VS.23.27±13.83, P=0.000)、special diathesis tpye(20.08±15.40VS.17.32±13.16, P=0.000), ES and SRM show that most of the effect of intervention is low.2. Intervention after3months, MOS SF-36points in the field of PCS(72.52±16.69VS.75.04±15.11,P=0.002) and BP(69.29±20.12VS.72.41±18.92,P=0.008), GH(54.91±20.85VS.58.45±19.95,P=0.001) dimension, MCS field(74.12±19.54VS.77.40±15.70, P=0.001) and VT(66.96±19.92VS.70.07±15.94, P=0.002), S F(82.32±19.53VS.86.32±16.22, P=0.000), RE dimension(72.00±38.47VS.76.85±35.25, P=0.015)was significantly higher than the baseline(P<0.05);6months after intervention, MOS SF-36points in the field of PCS(72.52±16.69VS.75.54±16.07, P=0.000) and BP(69.29±20.12VS.72.96±19.97, P=0.002), GH dimensions(54.91±20.85VS.60.81±20.23, P=0.000), field of MCS(74.12±19.54VS.76.74±17.40, P=0.028) and VT(66.96±19.92VS.70.33±16.79, P=0.003), SF dimension(82.32±19.53VS.85.36±17.20, P=0.011) was significantly higher than the baseline (P<0.05).3. after3months of intervention, systolic pressure(153.27±13.80VS.140.92±15.02, P=0.000), diastolic pressure(88.42±10.90VS.79.29±12.89, P=0.000), cholesterol(5.87±0.52VS.5.65±0.97, P=0.003), triglycerodes(2.63±1.28VS.2.28±1.06, P=0.031), fasting plasma glucose(7.50±2.12VS.7.17±2.45, P=0.038),2-hour postprandial blood glucose(11.27±4.15VS.9.94±4.57, P=0.001) significantly decreased, high-density lipoprotein(0.95±0.10VS.1.20±0.16, P=0.005) significantly increased. Compare6months intervention and baseline, systolic pressure(153.27±13.80VS.142.13±16.66, P=0.000), diastolic pressure(88.42±10.90VS.80.42±11.69, P=0.000),2-hour postprandial blood glucose(11.27±4.15VS.10.08±4.69, P=0.003) significantly decreased, high-density lipoprotein(0.95±0.10VS.1.18±0.13, P=0.000), fasting plasma glucose(7.50±2.12VS.8.11±2.97, P=0.021) significantly increased.Conclusion:Lifestyle and behavior intervention of TCM consititution can improve the biased constitution, promote gentleness constitution, and improve the quality of life and clinical examination indexes. This research proves the theory of "constitution is adjustable".

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