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Study and Clinical Application in the Literature of Ascending up Spleen-qi and Yang Method

Author: FengWei
Tutor: ZhouJiChun
School: Hebei Medical University
Course: Of Chinese Medicine
Keywords: Ascending up spleen-Qi and Yang method Ascending qiagent wind-expelling drugs Compatibility law Clinical application
CLC: R242
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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The ascending,descending,exiting and entering are the basic forms of Qiin the human body,and the movement of the qi is not normal, qi deficiency andqi stagnation,reverse qi, and qi collapse can occur etc pathologicalmanifestations. And qi stagnation, those of reversing qi´╝îrepair of qi deficiency,qi collapse. Ascending qi agent is applied widely in clinic, practical andeffective, but had no ZhuanJie formula is introduced, and mixed in the airagent, reason should be and to the discussion of the research are discussed. Wewith Li Dongyuan, Yu Chang, Zhang Xi chun as the main line, the mainresearch from the following aspects:1. The ascending,descending,exiting and entering are the basic forms ofthe qiThis part mainly discusses the physiology and pathology of the qi.2. The syndrome of the qi sinking literature originThis part mainly gas from the atmosphere subsidence, qi subsidence,subsidence to qi sinking certificate of origin to literature, which all originatedfrom NeiJing, to the Jin by Hebei famous doctor Li Dongyuan on gas and gaslift YangJu contribution outstanding, not only clarified the etiology, treatment,clinical symptoms and treatment prescription, development form a completeand mature system of theory and practice; YuChang determines the meaningsand roles of the atmosphere in the qing dynasty, although did not create a newprescription, but he through this cold drink method to treat atmosphericsubsidence, to the qing dynasty, famous doctor Zhang Xichun salt mountaincounty in hebei province in the atmosphere for justification of subsidence,perfect the established treatment, prescriptions of atmospheric rise YangJutheory establishment made outstanding contributions, opens a new way for thediagnosis and treatment of lung disease. 3. The clinical manifestations of the syndrome of qi sinkingThis part mainly discusses the subsidence of the clinical manifestations,which can be ascended up spleen-qi and Yang, which is mainly composed ofspleen and stomach symptoms according to its area is divided into gassubsidence syndrome, lung symptoms of atmospheric subsidence and is givenpriority to with the head and obsessed with the officer symptoms of qideficiency on the card, insufficient qi subsidence and medullary sea on thedifference between and atmospheric subsidence and qi subsidence in theidentification of the point.4. Research the compatibility law of ascending qi agentThis part mainly introduces the representative prescription of ascendingup spleen-qi and Yang method. To rise for the treatment of atmosphericsubsidence certificate in soup, soup of amuse oneself rises in prescription, tofill in yiqi decoction for the treatment of gas subsidence, tonifying spleen andstomach xie Yin fire sun Microsystems decoction prescription, treatment ofgas subsidence and clever soup for yiqi flavored blood tonic prescriptions suchas zhibai soup.5. Ascending qi agent. The compatibility of the lawQi has obvious of removing medicine the compatibility of the law andmedicine share the characteristics of the wind, and based on the play, on thebasis of syndrome differentiation of clinical widely used with other Chinesemedicine compatibility.6.The clinical application of Ascending up spleen-qi and Yang methodThis part mainly introduce the ancient physicians and mentor to ascendup spleen-qi and Yang method and clinical application.7. ConclusionBy Ascending up spleen-Qi and Yang method and clinical applicationresearch of literature, deems the prescriptions in litres of qi agent chapter inthe book, and the vision of the future.

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