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Spleen Phlegm Method of Regulate the Menstrual Function Treatment PCOS Hyperandrogenism Curative Effect Evaluation and Experimental Research

Author: DengZuo
Tutor: HeGuiXiang
School: Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese Gynecology
Keywords: PCOS Hyperandrogenism Phlegm dry wet Insulin resistance
CLC: R271.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Research purposesThis study sought to rigorous clinical observation and experimental researchthrough system research from two aspects the spleen phlegm treatment the curative effect of polycystic ovary syndrome in the high T regulate the menstrual func-tion method, and the practical value and advantages of this law, and through this stud-y to master the basic route and methods of clinical research.Methods1. The experiment part:DHEA build mode method is adopted to establish the PCOS high androgen hematic disease model in rats, rats model was established successfully, the rat irrigation serving He Guixiang professor experience side spleen phlegm soup of regulate the menstrual function, set up normal spironolactone group taie35group as the control group, each group rats were separately measured values of TFT serum LH, FSH, ovarian pathological changes were observed Part2. Clinical:choose30cases with criteria for the diagnosis of PCOS in TCM and the high androgen levels patients as the research object, taking the spleen phlegm regulate the menstrual function soup treatment, respectively, menstrual cycle3days prior to the treatment, patients with amenorrhea in withdrawal bleeding on the third day and menstrual cycle3days after treatment serum T, SHBG LH, FSH, E2, P, PRL fasting insulin (FINR) glucose (FPG) levels and period of observation before and after treatment in patients with hairy basal body temperature and other pregnancy acne treatment for3cycle, after3months after treatment the symptoms improvement; Conception needs to watch at the same time in patients with infertility.Uses the Ferriman Gallwey-rating score standards for the patient, hairy signs, using Rosenfeild grade standards for acne, measure and record the weight index, waist-to-hip ratio, calculated HOMA IR, explore phlegm dry wet method to improve the mechanism of polycystic ovary syndrome and high androgen hematic disease.Research results1.The experiment results(1) ovary weight weight:model group significantly heavier than normal weight group (P<0.051); Compared with model group, the rest of the weight of each drug group were reduced (P <0.05); Compared with normal group, model group rats ovary weight increases; Amount of large dose group compared with model group rats ovary weight significantly decrease (P<0.05)(2) in the rat ovarian morphological changes:normal group and ovarian tissue color ruddy, cell ovarian surface show pale state uniform distribution model group, the volu-me increases, and dilated cystic follicles(3) Serum levels of sex hormone:normal group compared with model group, model group rats serum TFT LH, FSH were significantly higher than the blank group (P<0.05) in the high-dose group dose group compared with model group, serum T decreased significantly (P<0.05; P<0.01), the rest of the treatment group compared with model group, serum T no difference between the content of FT in the serum of low-dose group content has a significant difference compared with model group (P<0.01), the rest of the treatment group compared with model group serum FT content has no obvious difference in small doses and taie35groups the content of serum LH compared with model group had obvious difference (P<0.05), the rest of the treatment group compared with model group serum LH content has no obvious difference.2. The research results the clinical efficacy of phlegm dry wet treatment of30cases of PCOS patients,4cases were cured,13cases were markedly effective, effective9cases,4had no effect, total effective rate86.7%;5patients with infertility,1case of pregnancy after treatment medication side effects incidence is16.7%; Blood T, SHBG obviously improved compared with before treatment, the blood T after treatment than before treatment with significant difference (P<0.01); Blood SHBG numerical rise has significant difference (P<0.01) in patients with blood LH, LH/FSH was decreased significantly, the has the extremely significant difference (P<0.01); Blood FSH and no obvious difference before treatment, no statistically significant after treatment serum FINS was decreased, the value have obvious differenceConclusionThrough study spleen phlegm dry wet patients with traditional Chinese medicine can reduce the content of serum T, inhibit the secretion of LH, can effectively promote ovarian oviposit, high T for PCOS disease has obvious treatment effect, can relieve insulin resistance in patients, can improve H-P-O shaft production of each link of the menses returned to normal.

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