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The Clinical Characteristic and TCM Syndrome Type Analysis of200Patients with Ovarian Cancer

Author: ZhanYiPing
Tutor: YeLiHong
School: Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese medical science
Keywords: ovarian cancer clinical characteristics CA125 pathological type and stage TCMsyndrome type
CLC: R737.31
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Objective:To investigate the clinical characteristics and TCM syndrome types characteristics of hospitalized patients with ovarian cancer in Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Jiangsu Provincial Cancer Hospital.Methods:By Collecting inpatients of ovarian cancer met the inclusion criteria medical records on January1,2011to December30,2012at the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chi-nese Medicine and Jiangsu Provincial Cancer Hospital. To find the basic characteristics of ova-rian cancer patients (including age, occupation, geographical characteristics), the characteristics of clinical symptoms, CA125, pathological, recurrence and metastasis time, the characteristics of TCM syndrome type. By statistical analysis, to find the relationship between the characteristics of the disease and TCM Syndrome types of ovarian cancer, and provide guidance of Chinese medicine treatment for ovarian cancer. The main survey content include name, age, occupation, genetic history, clinical symptoms, CA125, Pathological type and stage, recurrence and metasta-sis of time, TCM syndrome type distribution. According to the "tumor TCM clinics Guide (Tra-ditional Chinese Medicine Press,2008)", TCM syndrome types of ovarian cancer is divided into qi stagnation and blood stasis; cold coagulation and blood stasis; phlegm and dampness cohesion; dampness heat and toxin retention; qi and blood deficiency; qi and Yin deficiency; Yang defi-ciency and water stop seven types to analyze. To compare the clinical characteristics and TCM syndrome types of ovarian cancer whether there was significant by statistical analysis.Conclusions and Significance:In this study, by the epidemiological investigation of200cases of ovarian cancer in Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Jiangsu Provincial Cancer Hospital in January1,2011to December30,2012. Statistics showed that the incidence of200cases of ovarian cancer before the age of40was less and relatively low. After the age of40, the incidence increased drastically, the incidence peak between the ages of41-50, after the age of50, the incidence rate decreased gradually. As for number of ovarian cancer in various occupations, worker was the most, farmer ranked second, the official ranked third. For family history, we found that10%of patients with a family history of cancer. Ovarian cancer associated with breast cancer or family history of breast cancer patients was up to6%.For clinical symptoms of ovarian cancer, incidence rate of abdominal distension was72%. For biochemical test, ovarian cancer-specific marker CA125, Positive rate was up to75%. In the positive value, the minimum value was39.42IU/L, maximum was2766IU/L. For type and stage of pathology in200patients with ovarian cancer, epithelial ovarian cancer accounted for94.5%, sex cord-stromal cancer accounted for4%, germ cell tumors accounted for1.5%.106cases of serous adenocarcinoma,25cases of mucinous cystadenocarcinoma,38of cases endometrial car- cinoma,18cases of clear cell carcinoma,2cases of transitional cell carcinoma,8cases of gra-nulosa cell cancer,2cases of endodermal sinus cancer,1case of teratoma. Stage I patients had eight people (accounted for4%of the total survey); stage II patients had40people (20%of the total survey) Phase; stage III patients had95people (47.5%of the total survey); stage Ⅳ patients had47people (23.5%of the total survey). Generally speaking, the pathological staging of ova-rian cancer patients was more concentrated in the stage III. the number of stage III patients> stage IV> stage II> stage I. In addition, the metastasis and recurrence rate of ovarian cancer patients was up to85%, the average time of metastasis and recurrence was22.97months, The median time was18.46months.According to research results, TCM syndrome distribution had the statistical significant in pathological stage of ovarian cancer patients. The number of stage Ⅲ/Ⅳ patients with qi and blood deficiency syndrome showed obvious incidence peak.

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