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Effects of Shenzhu Xinkang Decoction on Myocardial Fibrosis of Rats with Chronic Heart Failure

Author: CaoZuoGang
Tutor: YuZhengKe
School: Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese medical science
Keywords: chronic heart failure myocardial fibrosis NT-proBNP TGF-β MMPs TIMPs Hyp Shenzhu Xinkang decoction
CLC: R285.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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Objective:To observe the Intervention effects that the SD rats with chr-onic heart failure and secondary myocardial fibrosis treated by Shenzhu Xinkang decoction and to compared with captopril.Discuss the influence of shen zhu xin kang decoctoin to myocardial fibrosis in chronic heart failure and related mechanism.Besides,to evaluate the curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine for chronic heart failure and research provi-des an objective basis.And establish the theoretical basis for studying it in depth and marketing.Methods:From the70SD rats were randomly taken14for the sham operation group and the others for the operation group. The operation group rats took coarctation of the abdominal aorta to replicate the rat mo-del with chronic heart failure,while the sham operation group only under-went surgery as required rather than narrowed the abdominal aorta.Four weeks of surgery late r,observation control and surgical group rats general life state.Selecting randomly6of the rats both in control group and surge-ry group, and detecting N terminal brain natriuretic peptide to prove that the rat model with chronic heart failure copied success.Then the operation rats were randomly divided by random permutation table method into model group,captopril group,and Shenzhu Xinkang decoction with small group,and shen zhu xin kang decoction with middle group,and Shenzhu Xinkang decoction with high group, respectively marked as group B, C, D, E and F,as well as the sham operation group rats were marked as group A.The A,B group all given distilled water,the C group given the captopril,and the D,E,F groups respectively given Shenzhu Xinkang dec-oction12.5g/Kg,25g/Kg,50g/Kg.lavage once a day,According to the req-uirements of the corresponding concentration dispensing drugs in order to make sure the rats by gastric volume of2ml/per time.After intervention with drug four weeks,with masson staining method to observe the change of myocardial collagen and calculate CVF, with ELISA method to detect NT-proBNP of blood and myocardial TGF-β1,MMP-9,Hyp and TIMP-1.Results:Compared with B group, the Shenzhu Xinkang decoction gro-ups’s general living conditions improved,the NT-proBNP of blood and myocardial TGF-β1,MMP-9,Hyp level and CVF declined obviously and TIMP-1rose,the difference is statistically significant (P<0.01),and in certain dose range,with the increase of dose, TGF-β1,MMP-9,Hyp,NT-p-roBNP level and CVF gradually decline and TIMP-1rise. Conclusion:Shenzhu Xinkang decoction has the effect of improve card-iac function and anti myocardial fibrosis in CHF,and in a certain dose range its ability to positively related to the dose,and its mechanism may be related to in hibition of expressing TGF-β1,MMP-9and promote expression of TIMP-1.

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