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Analysis of Rat Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis Protein Expression by Proteomics Technology

Author: SuiJianFu
Tutor: LeiDeLin
School: Fourth Military Medical University
Course: Clinical Stomatology
Keywords: distraction osteogenesis proteomics iTRAQ protein expression
CLC: R782.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Distraction osteogenesis (Distraction Osteogenesis, DO), the formation of new bone inbone segment has been cut open from time to time at the suture through the placement ofdistraction device, applied traction retractor bone fragments in the resulting bone gaporganizations, in order to achieve the purpose of bone lengthening and bone widened. Now,with the distraction of bone maturity and perfection of the technology, this technology hasbeen a growing number of applications, especially in the correct treatment of ma xillofacialdeformities and repair of bone defects has been widely recognized. Way more and morein-depth with the experimental research and development, to promote new bone formation ofbone distraction, but there are a lot of questions on the mechanism o f formation of new bonedistraction osteogenesis, the view that there are some differences. Post-genomic era,functional genomics research has been gradually replaced reveal genetic information hasbecome the focus of the study. Protein is the biological functions of most of the mainmanifestation of its own has a unique activity patterns, for example, changes in proteinstructure, forwarding, positioning, modification processing, the interaction of proteins andother biological macromolecules, at the gene level is obtained. For this reason, from the overall level of cells and body protein composition and activity patterns discussed the urgentdesire of the people. The proteome is the entire concept of change dynamically with thechange of time and space. Only carry out proteomics research, that is, the sum of all proteins,in order to better reveal the nature of the activities of life and found that the law of lifeactivities, in order to better grasp the phenomenon of life and nature. The main objective ofthis study is the rat mandibular distraction osteogenesis in animal models of its neworganization in the stretch area to total protein extraction, protein quantification usingiTRAQ technology for proteomics analysis, analysis of rat mandibular bone distraction ofthe new organization in the process of bone protein expression changes, explore new boneprotein from the overall level of change, and to provide a theoretical basis to clarify to revealthe mechanism of mandibular distraction osteogenesis. The paper is divided into2parts:1Rat mandibular distraction bone ne w bone protein quantitative experimental studyObjective: To establish the rat mandibular distraction osteogenesis model, stretch area neworganization the total protein extraction and protein quantification. Methods: six male SDrats as experimental animals, unilateral mandibular distraction osteogenesis, were randomlydivided into2groups (n=3), respectively, fixed period,1d (A group) and14days (group B)drawn, its stretch regional total protein extraction and protein assays, application SPSS12.0package paired t-test. Results: extract the rat mandibular distraction osteogenesis area ofnew tissue specimens measured A group of three protein samples with group B, the proteinconcentration of the protein samples (R=0.984), the measurement results using SPSS12.0software pairing t-test, P <0.01. Conclusion: The rat mandible distraction osteogenesis theregional term new organization first1d, total protein expression was significant ly higherthan the fixed period14d, laid the foundation for the next stage of proteomics analysis.2Rat mandibular distraction into bone ne w bone tissue proteomics analysisObjective: To analyze new tissue protein changes at different periods of rat ma ndibulardistraction osteogenesis by proteomics the iTRAQ technology. Methods: After specimensprotein extraction, protein concentration was determined. Find protein expression differences by proteomics the iTRAQ technology. Results: Successful application iTRAQ new bonetissue of rat mandibular distraction osteoporosis proteomics analysis of567kinds confidencelevel of95%the proteins identified by mass spectrometry. Two hundred and sevendifferentially expressed proteins were indentified, which raised more than1.5times isforty-seven and down0.8times is fifty-eight. Conclusion: Screened with distractionosteogenesis new bone formation associated differentially expressed proteins and laid thefoundation for further validation and new bone formation associated protein.

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