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Clinical Effects of Periodontal-sequence Treatment on Severe Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis

Author: HuangWanYuan
Tutor: XuYan
School: Anhui Medical University,
Course: Stomatology
Keywords: Periodontitis Probing depth Bleeding on probing
CLC: R781.42
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Generalized aggressive periodontitis(GAgP) is a group occurred in young people,Lesions involving the majority of full-mouth teeth and the clinical and laboratory findings in patientswith chronic periodontitis were significantly different and relatively rare periodontitis.The disease is characterized by rapidly occurring in the short term and severeattachment loss and alveolar bone destruction.The main cause of microbial infection, genetic factors, environmental factors,but microbial infection has been recognized as one of the most important pathogenic factors lead to GAgP. Although the disease is rare,the domestic prevalence rate from0.12%to0.47%,But serious harm, early onset, rapid progression of periodontal destruction speed is3to4times compare to chronic periodontitis, attachment destruction of up to50%to70%in the next4to5years.GAgP has showed a majority of young teeth loose, shift or even fall off, it is significant impact on chewed and digested, appearance, psychological, and in social.The the success of GAgP treatment depends on the early diagnosis, early removal or inhibit infection of microorganisms, as well as creating long-term periodontal tissue healthy environment.The basic treatment is the most basic and effective treatment, but the performance and progress of each patient’s condition, periodontal treatment should be a clear targeted and a series of personalized treatment.caused by The deep pockets and alveolar bone resorption in aggressive periodontitis is very difficult to treatment, and basic treatment for complex root surface morphology completely remove the root surface plaque, tartar, diseased tissue has certain limitations and surgery under direct vision of periodontal tissue debridement, dressing the gums, dressing alveolar bone morphology, to control periodontal tissue infection, contribute to a more thorough removal or inhibition of pathogenic microorganisms, consolidation effect, to create long-term to maintain a the periodontal tissues healthy environment.Aggressive Periodontitis is a chronic process, such as the treatment is not complete or effective treatment without regular maintenance therapy quickly re-accumulation of plaque on the teeth, subgingival flora in the treatment of several weeks to several months back level, the disease will relapse or worsen, so the treatment of the maintenance period is essential to stabilize the efficacy is very important.By treatment of periodontal sequence of GAgP patients and longitudinal observation of12months, is designed to analyze the changes in clinical indicators and to evaluate its therapeutic effect.Objective To investigate the clinical results of periodontal-sequence treatment of generalized aggressive periodontitis in a Chinese population.Methods Fifteen patients aged (24.6±4.0) years with generalized aggressive periodontitis were included in this prospective study. All subjects received scaling and root planning, re-evaluation after four weeks, as the case for flap surgery or bone graft, clinically monitored every3months for12months.The clinical parameters, including probing depth(PD), bleeding on probing(BOP) and mobility, furcation involvement of molars were recorded at baseline,3,6,9and12months after treatment.Results At baseline, the mean PD of patients was (3.96±2.21) mm, the percentage of BOP positive sites was88.1%. At12months after surgery, the mean pocket depth reduction was1.6mm, the percentage of BOP positive sites reduced to8.7%. There was a statistically significant decrease of mild, moderate and severe sites the PD after treatment (P<0.05).Conclusions Periodontal-sequence treatment is effective for the generalized aggressive periodontitis and every3months SPT is necessary for maintenance.

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