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Dong Hongyou's children's literature creation on the natural theme development

Author: GaoLiNa
Tutor: MaLi
School: Shenyang Normal
Course: Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords: Dong Hongyou Children’s Literature Natural Motif explore
CLC: I207.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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The writing of the natural Dong Hongyou is different from other children’s literaturewriter. The creation of other writers, or the nature as a foil character or environment topromote the development of the plot to describe, or simply preach the importance ofecological environment problems and make the content of boring the lack of literariness. Hiswritings on natural motif writing is a pioneering. Which reflected in his first from variousaspects, multi-angle and multi-level to cut into the complete natural motif of development, notonly have to inherit the Angle of the chu culture heritage, as well as biological science fromthe perspective of ecological ethics, also contains the connotation of the profoundphilosophical speculations. Involved in wide areas, including content, is inaccessible by otherchildren’s literature writer.From the perspective of natural ecology and ethics throughout the, he has a pursuit ofmodern natural science knowledge and consciousness of ecological consciousness. And toachieve mastery through a comprehensive study on the knowledge creation, he usedpolyphonic structure way to show people’s life and independent of human system outside theforest in the world. In science, humanities and ecological trio way, show the new relationshipbetween human and nature. Is different from other descriptive essays more scientific, hisliterature writing style to describe arcane scientific knowledge, at the same time with the aidof each plot ingeniously put these knowledge derivation, make scientific content alsobecomes vivid image, has the remarkable literary value, let us easily grasp the knowledge inmusic reading, reading has become a pleasure.Since the birth of human, human and nature begins to interdependent and interrelated,mutual penetration, what into what kind of relationship between human and nature relationalso again and again to become a human need to solve the problem."People not things spiritis long, the natural", such as cultural orientation in Dong Hongyou works everywhere. At thesame time, his works contain rich philosophical, he always does things with vivid stories toexplain life philosophy, the desire for communication with the readers mind, implement theidentification on the value judgment. This not only makes his works rose to the height ofphilosophy, but also let the reader in philosophical speculations connect people, nature-therelationship of life. Dong Hongyou grew up under the influence of chu culture, zhuang zi’sphilosophy of "nature and humanity" thinking into the bone marrow, in addition to his natural essence of children and children’s relationship with nature,"nature and humanity" ideologybecame the aesthetic pursuit of his creation, and in his art world, people and natural harmony,isomorphism, I to you, you is my. A man’s life to fit the height of nature, to achieve a naturalresonance with the.Investigate its motif to nature of reason, we can find that traditional chu culture edify tohim is for him to explore the direct reason of natural motif. Animation of ages and the newdestroy not only the culture of chu chu disappear, but has become a culture paradigm, it likethe jianghan plain hinterland of the Yangtze river flows, nourish the generation aftergeneration of chu later generations, the spirit of chu culture flowed in people’s blood, endless.Born Dong Hongyou consciously raised involuntary infiltrates the edification of chu culture,from the body and mind to the literary creation are under the influence of chu culture. Inperspective of body and mind, Dong Hongyou forthright, battle righteousness, like the greatriver, the mountain of wild things, such as in line with the people worship the fire work is dayof blazing emotion, rollerblading individuality; In creation point of view, chu culture of thehuman and the nature of the same views contributed to his worship of nature, and ghostculture and wharf culture escapes to him, make him the text of the mysterious romantic breathis full of chu and battle righteousness generous demeanor. Above all this, directly promotedthe Dong Hongyou motif to nature.Dong Hongyou to "nature" of this motif to develop proactive, since the second half ofthe20th century, rapid development, ecological idea of ecology has become fashionable.Britain and the United States the middle of the20th century saw the rise of the "ecologicalcriticism". Home also in1994launched the "ecological criticism" before and after the bigdiscussion. And Dong Hongyou in1992alone into the primeval forest, in1994completed aforest epic-"fourteen forest".He puts the protagonist or harsh or tender nature, asking them inthe raising of nature teaching under a glory. His works contains a lot of ecological and socialethics, completely agree with the words of "ecological criticism" environment at that time.This in the time dimension, is extremely innovative.

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