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"Mencius" nominal predicate sentence study

Author: MaFangYing
Tutor: YuGuangYuan
School: Yangzhou University
Course: Chinese Philology
Keywords: the mencius the nominal predicate sentence three-stratum grammaticaltheory construction grammar
CLC: H141
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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"Mencius" is reliable in ancient.It retains oral distinctively, and can reflect the characteristics of ancient languages. According to the punctuation and translation in mengziyizhu written by yangbojun, we make the end of analysis and research for the nominal predicate sentences in the "Mencius". And analyze the sentences from Three-stratum Grammatical Theory and other theories.Except the introduction and conclusion, text is divided into five chapters:The first chapter of the paper for the syntax analyses of nominal predicate sentences in the "Mencius".This part is divided into three. The first section is the construction of the subject:noun, verb, adjective and composition of subject. The second section is the construction of the predicate:a single noun, pronoun, numeral and noun phrases. The third section is the induction of the common seven syntactic patterns of Nominal Predicate Sentences in "Mencius". When analyzed the composition of the subject and predicate, we have our own point from the perspective of whether the word "zhe " have a real meaning,The second chapter of the paper is the semantic research into the nominal predicate sentence of "Mencius". This part is divided into three:the first section is the subject semantics of the nominal predicate sentence in "Mencius ", it used to refer to people, objects and to indicate an action or event. The second section is the semantics of the predicate. The paper enumerates seven kinds of semantic types appear in "Mencius" exhaustively. The third section is the function types:the judge sentences, declarative sentence and descriptive sentence. In the statistics we found that the nominal predicate sentences in the "Mencius",the description on the people or things is very rare, most are used on the quantity.The third chapter of the paper is the pragmatic analysis of the nominal predicate sentence of "Mencius". This part is divided into three:the first section is about the theme in pragmatics. We also talked about the relationship of subject and topic, we think they are analyzed respectively on sentence structure from the point of view about the syntactic and pragmatic,the two are uniform in most cases, but there are also when not in uniform, this paper lists them appeared in different conditions.The second section is the focus and emphasis, we think, the nominal predicate sentence is mainly through the specific words, sentences and parallel structures to achieve the purpose of emphasis. The third section is the tone types, declarative sentence, interrogative and exclamatory sentence.We found that he statistics is not represented in the nominal predicate sentence imperative; in this paper we analyze the reason of this phenomenon.The fourth chapter is the change of Chinese nominal predicate. This chapter is divided into three sections:the first section is about the inheritance and unity of the nominal predicate sentence, we think, its unity is mainly manifested in the widely exist in colloquial style, maintains the language features and less make nouns as predicate. The second is the statement of the change and development of statement of the nominal predicate sentence. We think the changes are mainly manifested in grammatical patterns, semantic expression and specific changes in other aspects. The third section is the analysis of causes that make the changes from the syntactic pattern and determine the word " shi " the application.The fifth chapter is the explanation of the nominal predicate sentence.This chapter is divided into two sections:the first section on the statement and reference, analysis, from the syntactic level, collocation and meaning itself respectively, and in the second we make a research into this type of sentences from the view of construction grammar. We think, the reason that this kind of sentence is stable since ancient times still now lies in its use of extensive and it has obtained a syntactical construction meaning, namely, in addition to the content of the sentence, the stability of the meaning of a sentence form itself in the long-term use, become a part of understanding the meaning of the sentence. While from another point of view, the long-term use of the constructional meaning consolidates its stability status.

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