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The Research of Social Psychological Foundations of Local Gods Cultural Inheritance in Wase of Dali

Author: YangLiHong
Tutor: BaDengNiMa
School: Southwestern University
Course: Principles of Education
Keywords: Local Gods worship culture transfer social-psychological foundation education
CLC: K892.3
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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Local Gods are the gods to bless the Bai nationality’s villages. Local Gods worship is a particular worship form of Bai nationality. The culture of Local Gods reflected intensively the collectivism consciousness, national psychology, life style, and its core is the worship of Local Gods. It is the historical epitome and practical guide of Bai nationality’s social life experience. Wase, the case of this research, is a typical residence of Bai nationality, where Local Gods worship is the main belief form.With the modern vicissitude of external society, the minority culture is encountered with conflicts between the traditional and the modern ideas and practices, many minority cultures are in the crisis of fading away. But Local Gods culture in Dali Wase is fully passed down and well protected. Meanwhile, the community in this area keeps steady and harmonious. Then what is the relationship between a good inheritance situation and the community harmony? What is the role of the Local Gods culture? What is the social psychological foundation of Local Gods culture inheritance? It triggers the writer’s desire and motivation to investigate the Local Gods cultural.First of all, what is the social psychological foundation of Local Gods cultural inheritance in Wase? It is the main objective of the research. This research, with the pointcut of social behavior of the Bai nationality’s social life in Wase, analyzes the surface structure and deep structure of Local Gods cultural inheritance, and answered the question of the influence of social psychological foundation of Local Gods cultural inheritance on the education and the essence of the inheritance of ethnic national culture.The research was carried out based on detailed first-hand data collected in fieldwork, by means of questionnaires, participatory observation, in-depth interview and literature method in Wase.Firstly, we explored the social-psychological connotation of Local Gods worship. Human beings, individual or group, social cultural environment and the processes and results of interaction among cultures make the foundation and basic condition for the heritage of the culture. Therefore, in the process of passing down the culture, people’s consciousness, feelings, community social life, social adaptability and the values as well as the pursuit of the true, the kind and the beautiful are developed under the culture, and they all make the base for the heritage of the worship.Secondly, we explored and analyzed the present situation of Local Gods worship. We believe that the worship tradition is closely related with the Bai people’s daily life and their means of living after we observed the natural and humane cultures there. An investigation on136Bai people indicated that local people had a full and positive understanding of Local Gods culture, positive feelings and attitudes towards the Local Gods. Local Gods worship has become a critical part of their life and Local Gods memorial activities are tunnels through which their talk with their Local Gods. The results also indicate that elder residents are more loyal to Local Gods worship than teenager, youth and middle-aged groups. Male residents show higher adaptability than female ones to Local Gods culture.Thirdly, the research aims to show the features of being lively and being profound in passing down the culture, meanwhile to reveal the unique feature of social-psychological surface level structure. To pass down a nationality’s culture, members need observe common practices and taboos, to offer sacrifices to the same antecedents, to learn about the same historical traditions, to speak the same language, to share similar ways of social life, same moral codes and values, similar ways of behaviors, etc. The inheriting fields of ethnic culture serve to realize the uniqueness of ethnic culture and the role of passing down the culture. The carrier of the culture can collectively show the constituents of surface structure of social-psychological transference of culture. The constituents include the social awareness, social feelings, social adaptability and social community in Local Gods culture. We found in the research that the social awareness lasts for the whole lifetime for local Bai residents. The wedding ceremonies reflected the positive feelings of Bai people toward Local Gods. Lotus-pond Society is another carrier of the culture, where the elder women in a village hold ceremonies and share their life there. The Lotus-pond society organizes activities for wishing for good future and charity spirits. Local Gods worship fused into Bai people’s lifetime.Fourthly, this research explored the deep structure of social-psychological foundation in digging into the tales of Local Gods collected in this area and found it consists of the features such as the values of being gratitude for other people’s help and pursuing harmony, the pursuit of the true, the good and, the beautiful, the trust and belief of this nationality among nationality in Wase. All of these is the concentrated expression of Bai culture theme, the national cohesion and collective consciousness of national members cultivated through national culture education needs in the ecosystem of the national culture.Fifthly, the research analyzed the educating reault of wase local gods culture. It is generally agreed that bai nationality Local Gods culture holds strong force in integrating cultures, which makes it possible to be passed down and makes bai community melt with other cultures and fuse with them.In fact, the successful passing down of local gods culture has a close link with the cultures social psychological foundation.The elements of social-psychological foundation of Local Gods cultural inheritance in Wase such as the values of being gratitude for other people’s help and pursuing harmony, the pursuit of the true, the good and the beautiful, the trust and belief of this nationality are in accordance with the values of all human beings, the pursuit of the true, the good and the beautiful in the modern civilization represented mainly by local school education. So it builds up the common psychological platform to receive the modern civilization successfully, what makes the area possible to not only accept the mainstream culture, but also maintain the Local Gods culture. Based on the social psychological foundation of Local Gods cultural inheritance, the multi-cultural fusion and sharing brings about this area’s community harmony, stability and development.Finally, based on the above research, the study made some thinking on the construction of harmonious relationships between the heritage of minority cultural and education:Minority cultures are unique national culture, the soul of survival and continuity of the people of all ethnic, should be deserved protection and heritage, which is the premise of construction of harmonious relations between the heritage of minority cultural and education.The essence of inheritance of national culture is the inheritance of the deep structure of social-psychological foundation such as the values, belief of community members. Therefore, the research of inheritance of national culture should focus on the research of the social-psychological foundation of inheritance of national culture, which is the starting point of construction of harmonious relations between the heritage of minority cultural and education.Real education should pay close attention to the life form of people and it should cater to the need of group members rather than any culture of any single person. Such education exists in schools, families and the society. Real education is one which is based on the social-psychology of people who are educated. In ethnic areas it is necessary to develop an education which melts with ethnic national culture.This research has been doing further exploration of the elements and the structures of the social-psychological foundation of inheritance of national culture. It makes the foundation for the further in-depth study. This research takes Wase of Dali as the research object in studying the Local Gods cultural inheritance, a case typical among the inheritance of religious culture in China, so the findings of the research may throw certain light on other researches on the inheritance of the national culture.

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