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Reach on the Practice of Popularization of Maxism-Focus on Yan'an Period

Author: SaiBei
Tutor: ZhangJing
School: Nankai University
Course: Marxism in China
Keywords: the popularization of Marxism practice Yan’an period Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region function
CLC: D231
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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The Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China made animportant decision, which to impuse the popularization of Marxism in contemporary.The popularization of Marxism’s proposition formally submitted to the deepening ofthe research, publicity and popularization of the theory popular. Yan’an period is theimportant stage of the popularization of Marxism’s practice,the Communist Party ofChina to explore ways and means of the popularization of Marxism, the innovationin Marxism’s Popularization of the path, sow a critical period of the Marxistideological fire, and the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region as a party to carryout propaganda and theory of Marxist theory the main positions in education, tostrengthen the theory of popularization’s results and experiences to create a theory ofpopular new realm, as an irreplaceable historical status in china. In the present studyon the basis of the paper, we try the following innovation: First, strive to thepopularization of Marxism of Yan’an period as a basis of existing research results forthe dynamic inspection, taken from the perspective of communication to the generallaw of the theory of propagation, respectively,spread of the main body, from theory totheory to accept the main theoretical platform for the dissemination of three toanalyze, and summarize the intrinsic link between the three. Second, try to study thepopularization of Marxism’s function of the Yan’an period, and that the so-calledMarxism popular function is the objective existence between the various elementswithin the Popularization of Marxism, natural, stable performance, by Marxist theoryitself and the external environment behavioral interaction, in order to achieve acertain purpose, to produce a certain effect, that its main function is both general andspecial, the former contains the methodology of functional and political ideology; thelatter contains the value of lead, to maintain political stability and the promotion ofpolitical development, service society and the integration of popular culture. Third,Summing up historical experiences, we think that promoting the contemporaryChinese Marxism, we should strengthen the construction of the party’s ability; we shold focus on livelihood issues; we shold t learning in the party and society as awhole; we shold play Marxism popularization of integration of the dominant functionof the mass culture to create asupporting the business essence; we shold construct ahigh-quality theoretical personnel.Chapter1describes the historical background, the theoretical and practicalfoundation of the popularity of Marxism in Yan’an period. The practice of popularityof Marxism during Yan’an period is inseparable from two important historicalbackgrounds, the first is the formation of the anti-Japanese national united front, thesecond is to study movement within the party and the Yan’an Rectification Movement.The former provides a relatively stable and favorable environment for the prosperityof the border region culture and our Party engaged in theoretical research. The latterprovides a good foundation for the formation of the Chinese Marxist theory and theeducation of the popularity of Marxism carried out. The early exploration of thepopularization of Marxism, the theory and the literary workers on the popularizationof Marxism’s contribution in nineteen thirties, Mao Zedong’s popularization ofliterature and art thought formation,these consist of the popularization of Marxism ofYan’an period’s basic course.Chapter2chooses Shanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region as a model, theinnovative subjects and the accept groups of the theory of popularity of Marxismduring the Yan’an period were introduced. Here the innovative subjects are discussedfrom the perspective of Communication Studies in Organizational Communication.First of all, the Chinese Communist Party is the central subject of the popularizationof the theory of Marxism spread and theoretical innovation, this mode of transmissionis a form of party politics, the theory of dissemination to the public, mainly from themacro level to promote the popularization of Marxism. The mode of transmission isnot only committed to promoting Marxism in China and popularity, but also to formatthe border region’s unique political, economic and cultural construction of theory andexperience, which was popularized in practice of the broad masses of the people.Secondly, the theory research groups and anti-Japanese cultural groups are also one ofthe main subjects for the transmission of the theory, mainly from the micro level topromote the popularity of the Marxism. Overall, the popularity of the social theory, science, art and culture give impetus to the formation of the prosperity in each field,which finally enrich and improve the meaning of Marxism popular throughmulti-angle and multi-channel.Chapter3describes the theoretical platform for the dissemination of Marxismpopular in the Yan’an period, and summarizes the relationship between the innovativesubjects, the accept groups and the theoretical platform for the dissemination. Yan’anperiod, in Shanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region, the popular platform for thedissemination of popularity Marxism contained a "trinity" system of journalism andcommunication, which played an important role in uniting the party and the wholenational people consistent anti-Japanese combat, exposing the enemy, implementingthe party’s policies, reflecting the life of the masses, promoting the popularization ofthe party’s theoretical, and narrowing the distance between the theory and the masses.In addition, through dance, drama, painting and film images of the party’s theoreticaland policy image reproduction, not only enhanced the spread of the theory, andinspire the public’s political consciousness, but also to achieve the purpose of thetheory of universal masses, enriching Marxism popular propagation path. Therelationship between the innovative subjects, the accept groups and the theoreticalplatform for the dissemination are as follow: the innovative subjects is the coreelements, the accept groups are the purpose and ultimate destination, while thetheoretical platform is the key link of the dissemination. The pushing forward path ofMarxism popular in the Yan’an period reflects the scientific, guide, and publicelements, that is, Marxism as a guide, Chinese Marxism and the popularity ofMarxism achieved two-way interaction; education as a pilot, the popularization ofMarxism was promoted in the party, cadres, and military; people-oriented, Marxismwas effective docked with people.Chapter4is the innovative part of the article.The article mainly as the startingpoint in a dynamic study to analyze the function of the popularization of Marxism inYan’an period, they have both theory and practice significance, the former describesthe research paradigm point of view to demonstrate its theoretical significance,highlighting the common to the general architectural significance, attempt toextracted from the function of the popularization of Marxism in Yan’an period. The latter meaning is that,with continuing to accumulate the popularization of Marxismwill explore a variety of external and internal conditions to perfect and relativelymature Marxism practical significance will gradually emerge, showing a theory toguide practice with powerful offensive, and those significant value will be "screenedout" of the masses, to be tested and confirmed in the practice of the masses, indicatingthat the theory has a certain "utility",it can get recognition and trust of the masses. Inaddition, the article through the analysis of function words, summed up the popularconnotation of Marxism, the function have both general and special, the former havetwo functions, that is, the methodology and the ideology; the latter have threefunctions, that is,maintain political stability, the promotion of political development,social services and integration with leading the popular culture.Chapter5is the summary and sublimation’s part. Summarizes the basicexperience of the popularization of Marxism in Yan’an period: The party’s leadershipis to promote the fundamental premise of Marxism popular; Adhere to the inner-partylearning is an important guarantee to promote the popularity of Marxism; Insist on theexchange of ideas with the people, enhancing the emotional identification of themasses will create the popularization atmosphere of Marxism, will promote thepopularization of Marxism; To deep power to adhere to foster and promote the spiritof the times will promote the popularization of Marxism. Summary of the historicalexperience of the popularization of Marxism in Yan’an period, to popularize thetheoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, promoting contemporaryChinese Marxism, will have the important practical revelation: The party’s governingcapability will advance the driving force behind the popularization of Marxism;Revelation2. solve the people’s livelihood problems is the basis demand of carryingout the popularization of Marxism; Only the learning of political parties and thelearning Society can continue to enhance the attractiveness and appeal of Marxism;Integration of popular culture, give full play to the Marxism’s dominant function;Proficient in business and high-quality, these talent will grow a strong guarantee inpromoting the Popularization of Marxism’s industry.

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