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The Analysis of Current Survival and Development Situation of the Disabled in Monitoring Community of Zhoukou City

Author: ChengLin
Tutor: LiuZhongLiang
School: Jilin University
Course: Public Health
Keywords: Disabled Survival and development Situation analysis
CLC: D669.69
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Objective: In the past few years, the party and the country take great efforts topromote the situation of the disabled people. Thus, disabled people’s living standardhas also been greatly improved. Because of the weak condition of disabled people,there is a great distance of the disabled distance between the goal of "buildcomparatively well-off society in the round". How to solve the problems that disabledpeople meet in conventional life, is an important issue to all levels of governmentsand the Federation of the disabled. In this study, we take understood and analysis ofliving condition of disabled people in monitoring district of Zhoukou city, in order toprovide the references for related policies and promote the rapid development of thecondition of disabled people.Method: This study noted the research about investigation in basic condition ofChinese disabled people development and based on "a new round of the nationaldisabled status monitoring scheme in2011", and took surveys and questionnaires in6monitoring area of3towns in Zhoukou city which met the requirement of the secondtime of national disabled people survey. The questionnaires used "2012annualChinese disabled status survey"(18years old or older than18years old), researchcontent involved the basic situation of the disabled, type of disability, familyeconomic status, education, employment, social security, rehabilitation serviceconditions. A database was established by Excel software, SPSS13.0software wasused for statistic analysis.Results:1. Monitoring150chinese disabled people in131disabled families inagricultural area. More women than men. Disabled people aged60or aboveaccounting for66.00%. Marriage rate in monitoring disabled people is62.66%, multiple disabilities accounted for13.33%. A single physical disabilities account forthe largest proportion, and the lowest proportion is disable people with speechdisability.2, The average family income is¥5970.28, and health care costs accountsfor29.56%of total consumption; Transportation and communication costs accountedfor3.24%of total consumption. Major electric facilities were fixed telephone(account for10.00%), mobile or PHS (account for38.00%), colour television (accountfor43.33%), computer (account for2.00%), refrigerator (account for10.00%),washing machine (account for24.67%). Telephone (with fixed telephone and mobileor PHS), color TV, computer, refrigerator, washing machine per hundred familieswere67.18,51.91,1.19,11.45,28.24. Annual power consumption per person was105.6degrees.3. People without educational background in disabled peopleaccounted for65.34%; People with primary school education account for20.00%;People with junior middle school education account for9.33%; The highest educationbackground is record of high school, accounting for5.33%. The main reason to stopfurther education is "cannot afford the tuition fees", accounting for52.66%, and otherreasons account for34.66%; The rerason that "Limitation school physical conditionnot bound" account for9.34%; People that no willing to continue their study accountfor3.34%.4.82.00%of the disabled people can manage himself;18.67%of thedisabled people had been employed. People ages18to59, which accordance withemployed ages, in employment account for23.53%; There’re three reasons for peopleaged60who have no job, which were "lose labor ability"(41.54%),"housekeeping"(29.23%), the "other"(26.15%).18to59, monitoring the "other" is the cause ofdisabled persons without work (46.67%),"to lose labor ability"(20.00%),"housekeeping"(26.67%). Source of77.89%of the disabled life without work mainlyby "family support".5. Receive the monitoring of persons with disabilities have a25.16%minimum living allowance, the average minimum living allowance of71.15yuan/person/month. Social relief demand accounted for87.09%. Main relief (63.87%), for the life and medical treatment (41.29%). All new farmers.90.00%of16years ofage or older and monitoring of persons with disabilities to participate in the new ruralendowment insurance, including over60all disabled people to participate in the rateof100.00%. The second generation of disability holding rate of only24.52%.6.Monitoring the disabled rehabilitation services of nearly one year coverage rate of44.00%. Among them, the spirit of the disabled (90.00%), persons with multipledisabilities (85.00%), physical disabilities (51.28%), mental retardation (28.57%),eyesight disabilities (23.53%), hearing disabilities (50.00%), speech disability(50.00%).Conclusion:1. Monitoring disabled population distribution in Zhoukou has the followingcharacteristics: all for agricultural census register; All are chinese nationality. Morewomen than men, age structure aging, in proportion is lower than the national average.A single with physical disabilities, the largest proportion of the lowest proportion ofspeech disability.2. Existence condition below the national average rural disabled persons, familyeconomic income is low, electrified water, backward information level, high healthcare costs, poor quality of life.3. The low level of development. Small low coverage, low standard, force tomaintain basic life. New farmers and new farming maintain warranty rate is high, butthe corresponding low standard and subsidies, reimbursement ratio is not very goodalleviate the pressure of the medical expense and the life; Cultural level is generallylow, low employment rate, coverage rate of rehabilitation services. The rights andinterests of the disabled people can not get effective guarantee.

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