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Chinese Publishing Going Global from the Global Perspective: the Construct of Discourse Power and Communication Power

Author: ZhangHong
Tutor: WuYouFu
School: Shanghai International Studies University
Course: International relations
Keywords: Globalization Soft power Cross-culture communication Chinese publishing goingglobal Discourse power Communication power
CLC: D820
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2014
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The international relations in the course of globalization is embodied in both theeconomic exchanges as the hard power of nations and the cultural exchanges as thesoft power of nations. Worldwide interactions between nations have become a gamebetween their hard power and soft power. In this economic and cultural globalizationprocess, publishing, as a cultural industry with the dual characteristics of botheconomic or commercial features and cultural features, has become one of thesignificant components of global economic activities and cultural communication.The dissemination of publishing has therefore reflected the interactive functions of anation’s publishing hard power and soft power as well as their communication. Thepublishing hard power of a nation is the integrated capacity of the nation’s publishingindustry and the support of the publishing soft power of the nation and theprecondition of the cross-cultural communication function carried by publishing,while the publishing soft power of a nation is the reflection of the nation’s power ofdiscourse in the area of international publishing as well as the impact and effect ofcommunication of the nation’s publishing industry.Ever since China’s implementation of reform and opening up to the outsideworld in the eightieth in the last century and especially after China’s joining WTO,China has been accelerating her pace of globalization while at the same timeglobalization has been exerting more and more impact on China. The Chinesegovernment has thus initiated the going-global strategies and in particular the Chineseculture going global strategy. As an essential part of the strategy, Chinese publishinggoing global has then shouldered the important mission of spreading Chinese cultureto the other parts of the world.Adopting the theory-practice framework and the research methods of literature reading, interdisciplinary research and statistics analysis and case study, this paperexplores Chinese publishing going global in the perspective of globalization. Byanalyzing the status quo of international publishing and its communication patterns aswell as the status quo of China’s publishing industry, the paper tries to explore theinternational status of Chinese publishing and its status quo of going global as well asto find out the problems in this respect in the aim of providing practicable solutions tothese problems from the two dimensions of the construction of the discourse powerand communicative effect of Chinese publishing going global.The paper finds out through comparative analysis that in terms of its economiccapacity as well as its international dissemination effect, Chinese publishing goingglobal has made great achievement so far. China has established its status as aninternational publishing giant and its publishing industry has been playing a positiverole in the cross-culture communication of Chinese culture. However, statistics showthat China is yet to be a world publishing power from the point of view of itspublishing hard power and soft power. Presently, Chinese publishing going global hasemployed three main routes, respectively international trade of publications, copyright trade (including international co-publishing) and overseas FDI of Chinese capitalin the publishing business, while there exist the problems in the course of Chinesepublishing going global in regard to its small-scale publication export, copyright tradedeficit and weak overseas FDI management, which all result in Chinese publishing’slow international competitive capacity and weak communicative effect.Aiming at the realization of Chinese publishing truly going global and achievingits proper economic and cultural impact so as to enhance the active and effectivedissemination of Chinese culture to the other parts of the world, strengthening theconstruction of international discourse power and communication power is aneffective measure in dealing with the problems in Chinese publishing going global.The construction of Chinese publishing’s international discourse power aims at establishing the international status and resources of Chinese publishing going global,while that of Chinese publishing’s international communication power is to enhancethe international competitive capacity and communicative effect of Chinesepublishing going global. With the development of China’s national hard power andsoft power, the construction of discourse power and communication power of Chinesepublishing going global will no doubt effectively enhance the overseascommunication of Chinese culture and further improve the economic and culturalstatus of China in the course of globalization so that China will make her duecontribution to the peaceful development of the world and progress of humancivilization.

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