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Research on Post Cold War Relations between Vietnam and France(1991-2011)

Author: WuMingXiong(VO MINH HUNG)
Tutor: SunLiXiang
School: Central China Normal University
Course: History of international relations
Keywords: Post Cold War Vietnam and France Relationship Strategic Partner
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2014
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Vietnam and France have a long history of relations, and it’s a special relationship. In the mid-19th century, the French invaded Vietnam, Vietnam gradually become the colony of France. By1954, after the failure of Dien Bien Phu battle, French government was forced to sign the Geneva Accords on July20,1954, which is mainly recognized the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Vietnam. Although the wounds of war was not yet healed, France still chose to develop a friendship with Vietnam to keep the benefit in there, which makes the relationship between Vietnam and France advanced to a new stage.On April12,1973, the French Republic with the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (now The Socialist Republic of Vietnam) established formal diplomatic relations. In addition, France has also helped Vietnam to get rid of the embargo the United States and Europe in the financial, and support Vietnam to integrate into the international community. Especially after the end of the Cold War, the international situation has undergone significant changes, peace and development became to the two major themes of the era, which is the irresistible trend of the world. Therefore, the countries with different culture, types and institution need to cooperate and converge interests, become to a fate community of each having something of the others, Vietnam and French is no exception. Therefore, Vietnam and France follow the trend of the international development, change their foreign policy rapidly, and restore their diplomatic relations.In1986, in the "Sixth National Congress"of Vietnam Communist Party, they established a comprehensive reform path, proposed the foreign policy which is" wide friends, less enemies, all-round ". Especially the "equality and cooperation with Western European countries to expand mutual benefit", which is the mentioned the relationship with France. Meanwhile, France has also changed its foreign policy, proposed a " New Asian foreign policy." French happened to coincide with Vietnam on this point, looking for opportunities of cooperation constantly, expand common interests, promote development through cooperation. So Vietnam and France’s interests as help to each other. France treated Vietnam as a very important country in Asia, through the relationship with Vietnam, France will enter the Asian market easily. Meanwhile, France is a bridge between Vietnam and Europe, which will help Vietnam to progress in European market.On this times, the relations between of the both countries about the political, economic, cultural, and educational fields has made many excellent results ect... in2013celebrating the40th anniversary of this even and Vietnam and France have signed a joint statement on upgrading their relations to a strategic partnership, opening a new chapter in cooperative relations between the two countries. At that time they was wonder if it is true that the process of development of the relations of the two countries is like the image of a ship with its sail fully spreading as it is expressed in the Symbol of the capital Paris, showing that inspite of storms and waves and the very difficult times,"the ship could rock, but never sinks", we always believe that the ship will make a successful landfall. As well as, It can be affirmed that the Vietnam-France relations today have become the symbol of the courageous spirit of closing up the past and overcoming what we have termed as the "vicissitudes", the dismal pages of history of the past so as to build mutual trust-the strategic trust -with a view to aiming to reconciliation, peace, friendship and development. At the same time, this is also a model for the East-West cooperation, between France, a top European industrial country, and Vietnam, a dynamic developing country in Southeast Asia.The study of the relationship between Vietnam and France are an important task and urgent. This thesis aims at take an in-depth study at the strategic status of Vietnam and France Relationship at a perspective of International Strategy and the approach of geopolitics, with the circumstance of the dramatically change in international relations at the era of post Cold War. The evolutional process of Vietnam and France Relationship and the cooperative relationship at relevant realm has been systematically analyzed in this thesis. Furthermore, countermeasure for obstacles in Vietnam and France Relationship and predictions on the relationship were presented in this thesis as well. This thesis consists of three chapters:The first chapter,"Review the history of the relationship between the Vietnam and France"This chapter mainly introduces the method of the relationship between fronts to the end of the cold war the historical evolution process. Detailed introduction, the relationship between Vietnam and France was open by French missionaries, traders and the French invasion of Vietnam, the Vietnamese French under the colony.The second chapter "Vietnam and France relations after the Cold War"First of analyze about the influence of Vietnam and France relationship about the factors. Example of the international background, status area abuts the foreign policy of both countries. Secondly, through the elaboration and analysis of the relations between the two countries in various fields, for example, diplomatic, political, cultural and so on the actual situation and prospects of countries.Third chapter in the "post Cold War period and its overall evaluation’This chapter has mainly taken the relationship between Vietnam and France evaluation, problems, and provides the solution path, in order to promote the future development and strengthening.

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