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The Countryside Junior Middle School Teachers' Current Merit Pay Implementation Study

Author: ZhangLi
Tutor: JinDongHai
School: Northwest Normal University
Course: Educational Economy and Management
Keywords: Rural areas Teacher merit pay Perforrmance mangement
CLC: G635.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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In one hundred, education text; Education, the teacher for this. A good teacher tohave good education. Always attaches great importance to the education in ourcountry, in order to attract more talented people engaged in education career, at thesame time motivate front-line teachers work hard and long-term teaching and attractgood teachers to the countryside flow, promote the balanced education, perfect theteachers team construction,the state council examined and approved "theimplementing performance salary guidance about compulsory education schools ",since January1,2009to performance-related pay system."About compulsory education schools implementing performance salaryguidance", issued by the provincial, city and county to take active measures,according to the state council and the ministry of education to give guidance to makethe performance appraisal system in conformity with the local, in2009started onteachers’ performance salary allocation.H county, gansu province, a state-level counties mainly rainfed agriculture, orthe name of a famous for education of northwest education county, poor naturalconditions, weak economic foundation. Based on H county, gansu provinceperformance-based pay implementation of the investigation of the status quo of thecountryside junior middle school teachers, found in performance-related pay a seriesof problems in the process of policy implementation, and to form a penetratinganalysis of the cause of the problem, the purpose is in view of the problem putforward constructive Suggestions, so as to make the H county merit pay reallyexpected incentive guiding role into full play.Full-text is divided into five parts:The first part of introduction, mainly elaborated the paper research background,research purpose and significance, research ideas and content, literature review,research methods.The second part is our country compulsory education school performance wagepolicies, first of all carding performance wage system of our country compulsoryeducation school; Secondly elaborated on China’s compulsory education merit paywhat are the main policy; Again for implementation of the compulsory education stage in our country the basic theory of performance wage policy and the necessity ofimplementing performance salary policy compulsory education stage in our countryare expounded.In the third section H county in gansu province is case analysis on theimplementation of compulsory education teacher performance pay. H countyeducation in gansu province is a overall situation;2it is H county teachers basicinformation questionnaire is introduced;3H county is introduced aboutperformance-related pay related policies and documents; Four samples of H countyjunior high school teachers basic information; Five is H county junior high schoolteachers present situation analysis on the implementation of performance-based pay.The fourth part is the performance of H county primary school in gansu provincewage policy implementation of the problems and reasons analysis. At six problemshave: the lack of the understanding of performance pay policy, especially thegrassroots teachers understand thoroughly; H county, set of performance measures forits implementation was not practical, such as unreasonable do not agree with theimplementation of primary school; H county, part of teachers for the implementationof performance-based pay a passive, wait-and-see attitude; H county schoolperformance appraisal lack of democracy at the grass-roots level, teachers’participation is low; School performance assessment and accounting transparency ispoor, teacher satisfaction is low; Total capital source is unreasonable, the performance,the less incentive effect is not obvious; The main reason for the problems are: Hcounty education administrative department policy propaganda does not reach thedesignated position, is not in detail; H county merit pay policy is still in groping andcommissioning phases; Grassroots teachers thin, policy consciousness, lack ofawareness; Habitual LanQuan primary school leaders and the special features of theperformance-related pay; The complexity of the evaluation process, performanceappraisal system is imperfect; At the county level financial shortage, performance ofthe policy is not sound, etc.The fifth part is the performance of H county primary school in gansu provincewage policy suggestion. There are six, Suggestions thorough publicity andinterpretation, popularization and implementation; Performance specifications content, strengthening supervision and examination and approval; Grassroots teachers shouldimprove policy attention, strengthen the consciousness of ownership, activelyparticipate in the performance-based pay implementation; H county schools to fullycarry forward democracy at the grass-roots level, to enhance teachers’ participation,promote teacher participation; School attaches great importance to the monthlyevaluation, formulate scientific and reasonable performance appraisal system; Clearsources of merit pay, reasonable allocation proportion, determine the performanceguarantee awarding merit pay in place;

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