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Design Consciousness and Ability to Coordinate Research Training in Junior Middle School Design Module

Author: SunNing
Tutor: WangGang
School: Lu Tung University
Course: Subject Teaching
Keywords: Design consciousness Manipulative ability Coordinate training Junior middle school stage
CLC: G633.955
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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Junior high school of fine arts design, applied learning areas is a new standard of newlearning, he broke the traditional fine arts teaching with "painting","appreciation" as thedominant mode of course, to cultivate the students’ design awareness and improve students’practical ability, for the purpose of to improve the students’ observation, discover, imagination,innovation ability and the team cooperation consciousness, etc all have importantsignificance.But after investigation we found that most of the school to junior high schoolstage design, application value is still in the field of learning in the written material, and thereare many problems in practice teaching, such as: art teachers lack of professional knowledge,the design can not correctly exert the value of the course, will design into a painting class orconstruction;Involved in the course of teaching tools, sites equipped with imperfect affectscurriculum implementation;The current art teaching material update slow, obsolete teachingmaterial resources in the unrepresentative reduce the students’ interest in learning;Teacherstoo much rely on multimedia teaching in the teaching, hinders the development of students’manipulative ability of exploring ability, etc.The appearance of these problems, the design,application study in the field of teaching effect is not ideal, and in the modern teaching, manyteachers still pure emphasis on curriculum knowledge, give priority to with perfusionknowledge to students, while ignoring the real need of the students and the specific conditionsof the course in the teaching process requirements.Such teaching model is not suitable fordesign, application of learning areas.In the field of design, application of learning in theteaching process, teachers should combine the concrete course content introduction tocomposition, graphically creative design such as the interpretation of the basic knowledge,combined with the specific work for the students to explain in detail design principle.As theancients cloud "to teach fishing is better than to fish", by teaching students methods tocultivate students’ consciousness of flexible design.Design, application study in the field ofcurriculum knowledge should be constantly updated and closely related to student life,teaching process should be able to promote students to actively explore, independent thinking,let the students themselves to participate in the experience.So in this paper, guided by the new standard is put forward "in the field of design,application of learning how to coordinate design consciousness and cultivate the students’ ability", the purpose is to hope that through study, make teachers can truly value in thepractice teaching process design in the field of applied learning courses, master the correctmethod of teaching, cultivate students a reasonable method of study, play to courses intraining students’ independent thinking, the value of a brave practice and so on;Make teachersin teaching to raise the level of course of theoretical knowledge, and by using differentteaching resources organization students to design ideas and hands-on activities, makestudents form the preliminary design consciousness, improve the ability to analyze and solveproblems, they consciously grasp scientific knowledge, learn how to learn.Paper through the study found that the problem, ask questions, and solve problems, toinvestigate, inductive and deductive, the methods of theory analysis, first of all,"developingstudents’ consciousness of design" and "raise the student beginning ability" two kinds ofteaching methods is analyzed, and combined with the needs of social progress and the actualsituation of education development to coordinate develop students’ manipulative ability ofdesign consciousness and value, and in view of the design, the study in the field of concretecourse on how to coordinate to cultivate the students’ design awareness and enhance students’practical ability to put forward the corresponding strategies and Suggestions.The purpose is tomake secondary design module can play better value, make the design truly manifests take thestudent as the main body in classroom teachers as the leading mode of curriculum, make thedesign of middle school curriculum becomes rich and colorful elastic, thus to lay a solidfoundation for the comprehensive development for students.

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