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Study on the Cultivation of Contemporary College Students' Cultural Consciousness

Author: PengZhen
Tutor: XuWen
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Ideological and Political Education
Keywords: cultural consciousness College students National culture Colleges and universities The ideological and political education
CLC: G641
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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The origin of the concept of cultural consciousness, early out of concern for the survivaland development of the national culture, and gradually extended to other countries and concernsabout national culture conditions, including various ethnic and cultural exchanges in the process,resulting in a series of new situations and new problems of criticism and reflection. Comparedwith the cultural systems worldwide and any other ethnic groups, the presence of Chinesecivilization is by far the longest system of civilization, heritage and not accumulated a numberof generations up and down five thousand years of history the essence of thinking to do, so thatfuture generations pride, world wonder. These are made sons and daughters worldwide feel veryglory. The leading role of ancient culture and history of celebrity elite played on our nationalideology, behavior standards and values had a fundamental impact that these can be seen as thesoul of the national culture of the Chinese nation, the spirit of blood roots. These outstandingtraditional culture has been deeply branded into the soul of every Chinese people, even today, isstill on the light emitted shine with incomparable and unsurpassed position and role, whichtogether constitute the sons and daughters unite as one, forge ahead in the spirit of thefoundation, but also makes the nation in a changing external environment continues to maintainthe historical process of innovation and vitality, became the world’s descendants can not let goof the spiritual bond. Currently, with the rapid development of communications and electronicsfield, the world of cooperation and competition intensified in various fields, in which thecultural, economic and political background of a new era of mutual exchanges, expand thebreadth and depth of globalization will further develop. Countries in the world as well asdifferent values and cultural ideas into our nation also will be on China’s existing value systemsand social impact caused by the dominant culture, to a certain extent, so that the pace ofconstruction of socialist spiritual civilization has been hampered. In this situation,how toconsolidate and protect the nation’s spiritual home is good, how to give China ’s advancedculture in a new era of vitality, how to treat the outstanding culture of different countries andpeoples of the world and how to properly handle the relationship between national culture andforeign culture, it is one of the issues to be solved today. The concept of cultural consciousnessproposed to solve these problems indicate the direction and path, which both conform to the trend of world development, but also the meaning of the proper construction of socialist culturepower.In this paper, literature research, combining theory and practice as well as the unity ofanalysis and synthesis of research methods to the world as a multicultural context of interactingwith each other, to our student population for the study, described the contemporary collegestudents face the current ideological diversity, when the values of diverse social status,performance and problems that arise, and the attitude and the position to be taken, and discussesthe contemporary college students to help absorb discarded and positive innovation of thenational cultural importance and significance, concludes culture college Students Severalmeasures consciously, the text is divided into four parts.The first part describes the cultural consciousness raised time and content, and pointed outthat in this context of globalization sweeping the world, the significance of the concept ofcultural consciousness raised, that is conducive to promoting the understanding anddissemination of national culture of other countries and peoples dialectical thought and culture totake a rational, objective manner, absorbing its excellent aspect, discarding the dross anddecadent aspects. Further development of the society from the individual and national survivalperspective, analysis of its theoretical basis, and the cultural consciousness of college studentsmade an overview of the meaning and characteristics.The second part introduces college students from the attitude of the start of the traditionalculture, indicating that the contemporary culture of the student population should produce acultural consciousness of national culture on the basis of understanding and learning oftraditional culture, this tradition of Chinese culture and development of what is important, at thesame time, on the national and cultural identity and learning also helps to increase the intrinsicquality of college students, to promote and advance university ’s personal qualities, and thushelp students be able to act in accordance with ethical standards recognized by society, theirsocial behavior guidelines practice in the construction of socialist modernization process ofpower to make its own contribution to the realization of their life values.The third part introduces the cultural consciousness of the contemporary university studentperformance, the main phenomenon of cultural consciousness into practice the positive andnegative performance of contemporary college students differs from its predecessors because the upbringing and living environment, creating their independent-minded, independent and openassertive personality behavioral characteristics, the way so that they participate in social affairsand express their emotions and channel are different from their parents and grandparents, butthey love life, helpfulness and courage dedication is not changed. Under this thinkingincreasingly open, tolerant society gradually expanding background, college students withaccess to a wide variety of ideas and values, and the student population is still in the growthstage, its view of the world, life and values are still not fully mature improve their behaviorinevitably affected by these trends. The article also analyzes the reasons for the lack of culturalself-consciousness, laid the foundation for the next part of the measures proposed.The fourth part for the weak college cultural consciousness,and proposed several measures,mainly in the social, ideological and political education of college and as the focal point. Tocreate a good atmosphere for the community to respect traditional culture, traditional knowledgeformation, improves classic social practice. Personnel training colleges as the main frontshoulder shaping the college has responsibility for the nation ’s cultural consciousness, shouldhelp the classroom, the second classroom activities, students and community organizations asthe carrier, give full play to perform together college education means of cultural consciousness.Content-rich and lively form of traditional culture for college students indoctrination, and finally,as a powerful tool for our party propaganda, ideological and political education, should give fullplay to its inherent cultural functions, absorbing the essence of some of the traditional nationalculture, combined with improved education and social development practical methods aim tocultivate better cultural consciousness of college students.

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