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A Comparative Study of Athletes’ Track Curve Gliding Skills of Asian Speed Roller Skating Championships

Author: YangGuang
Tutor: WangEr
School: Shenyang Institute of Physical
Course: Physical Education and Training
Keywords: Speed Roller Skating Track Curve Stomping Skills Center of Gravity Hip Joint Knee Joint
CLC: G862.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Speed roller skating is a kind of racing sports. With its development in recent years, speedroller skating has been transformed from social sport to competitive sport. As far as itsdevelopment situation is concerned, the study of athletes’ technology of speed roller skating arestill at the exploratory stage.The author chose elite athletes’ curve stomping skills in the15th Asian Speed SkatingChampionship as the contents of study through analysis and comparison. The thesis conductedresearches on the changes of gravity center height, gravity center speed, the changes ofstomping angle and stomping angle speed.In the process of the study, the author consulted domestic and foreign literature related tospeed roller skating and speed skating to understand the present research status at home andabroad. All these literatures are the theoretical basis and reference materials for the research.The author interviewed athletes, coaches, and referees to understand the features of speed rollerskating skills as well as the relevant factors about the application of skills. Also, the authorlistened to the comments and suggestions about the research design given by some experts.Through the3D DLT video analytical method, the author prepared two video cameras. One is inthe field, just opposite to the track curve arc for side shootings. The other is on the track curvefor front shootings. After collecting the reliable information for the study, the author analyzethe data by software such as SPSS17.0and Excel. The appliance of mathematical statisticsprovides basis for the theoretical analysis.The author got relevant conclusions and recommendations basing on the above researchmethods. After comparative analysis of the elite athletes’ curve stomping skills in the race, thefollowing conclusions are reached.First is the speed variation law of body center of gravity movement when athletes are onthe track curves. The speed variation of gravity center is a small to big process from beginningof stomping to the end of it.Second is the height variation law of body gravity center when the athletes are on the trackcurves. By comparing the movements of some excellent athletes, the author found excellentathletes’ body gravity center changes smoothly. That is why their stomping frequency changesquickly, and they skate faster than the ordinary athletes. Third is the stomping angle variation law when the athletes are on the track curves. Bycomparing the movements of some athletes, the author found that excellent athletes’ stompingangle have to be changed slightly, the stomping stretches should be effective, cadence must befast, and as a result, the sliding speed on the track curve can be fast enough.Basing on the above study, the author of the thesis gives recommendations that speedskating athletes have to keep the center of gravity low, keep their balance to ensure theincreasing sliding speed on track curves. The author also recommended the land imitationtraining and In-situ resistance stretching to enhance the stomping speed. Besides, the athletesshould accelerate their speed frequency, stomp and stretch actively so that they can cut downthe time of their legs supporting slide, and in this way, the speed skating athletes can improvetheir sliding speed

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