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Research on the Developing Path of China’s Public TV under the Background of Cultural System Reform

Author: DuanHan
Tutor: HuangYingXin
School: Central South University for Nationalities
Course: Communication
Keywords: Cultural System Reform TV System Reform Public CulturalServices Public TV Developing Path
CLC: G229.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Cultural system reform is the Chinese characteristic socialism cultureconstruction overall strategic move, TV system reform is an important part ofcultural system reform. Cultural system reform for TV system reform provides amore detailed reference system, basic idea and framework of TV system of ourcountry is a cultural system reform basic ideas and framework in the field oftelevision embodiment, guiding ideology, principles for the reform of culturalsystem, target tasks, for TV system reform, the function to guide and standardize, inother words, the TV system reform must be carried out within the framework ofcultural system reform and can’t break this big background, act, also, TV systemreform its own special features and creativity, will also affect greatly on the wholeprocess of reform of cultural system. From this sense, the reform of cultural systemand reform of TV system influence each other, promote each other.Since2003, newspaper publishing, film, the current politics class in areas suchas organizational reform gradually thorough, but it is slow system reform in the fieldof television, as a "fortress" of cultural system reform is the most difficult to conquer.TV media system reform is struggling, in general is a conflicts intertwined interests,such as the public interests and commercial interests, social benefits and economicbenefits and ideology and industrial properties, and so on, the type that the currentour country unique "unary, binary system works" hybrid TV system, the system ofTV media management office within the territory, politics and, as of property right,management inefficiency, business interests,"above" the public interest, televisionbusiness and industry to maintain, political interests, commercial interests and publicinterests of the three parties in the problems such as imbalance in the televisionsystem, has seriously restricted the us television industry’s healthy development.Investigate its fundamental, we still have no breakthrough in the systematicobstacles of the TV business and industry. Therefore, how to clarify the relationship between the career and TV industry, how to coordinate political interests,commercial interests and public interests that the tripartite proportion in the structureof television, has become a current our country TV system reform of practicaldifficulties to be solved.Public television, also called Public Service Broadcasting (Public ServiceBroadcasting had, PSB), or called "Public-Service"(PBS). In the west, especiallyin the United States and Britain, it through decades of development, many countrieshas been widely accepted and used today. In recent years, public television in theprocess of development of all countries, although suffered marketization andgovernment pressure over a long period of time, but the survival of public televisiondid not stagger, services is still considered the banner of media public interest theideal embodiment of social responsibility, public television’s intrinsic value is stillbrought to the attention of the government and the support, a lot of TV media alsocarries the original ideal on the road of exploring public television live diligentlyexplore.Public TV as a foreign systems mature TV over the years, and to satisfy thepublic’s public interests as the basic demands, it can from the system and mechanismcan effectively prevent themselves from being hurt by the power and the market,effectively balance the political interests, commercial interests and public interests,at the same time, also for stripping the public welfare undertakings andprofit-making industries provide a way out, highlight and develop the function ofTV media in all aspects. In this sense, the public is undoubtedly effective carrier ofthe new system construction of television media, should be a breakthrough for thedevelopment of TV system reform in our country and the commanding heights.Current TV system reform in China is not an independent, the reform of theindividual, but in the cultural system reform more under the background of reform.Stage goals and tasks of the reform of cultural system specific to the TV systemreform, and to provide public culture service as the basic demands of the public television is undoubtedly the ideal vehicle for the implementation "of public culturalservices" and the second choice, set up public television will no doubt become oneof the clear direction of TV system reform.This article is around the proposition of setting up a public television in China,based on the background of cultural system reform in our country, based on thecurrent TV system in China, explore the formation and development process, revealsits shortcomings and potential crisis, in order to in our public television brought bythe lack of status and concerns. At the same time, the absorption of film, press,newspapers and other media sector reform experience and lesson, to all over theworld are related public television media practices guide, further discusses thenecessity and feasibility of public television building in our country. Later, inChongqing satellite TV version, for example, emphatically on public television inthe early period of the development path in our country to explore do an overallanalysis, which summed up the preliminary exploration of the significance and theexisting problems and limitations, so as to avoid repeating them. Final goals anddirection of cultural system reform at present stage in our country, attempting topublic television in the localization of survival and development to provide afeasible path.Through the above a series of analysis, the author draw the followingconclusions: the present stage in our country should be based on the background ofcultural system reform, starting from the function and operation mode of TVtransmission, we will deepen reform of the TV system and accelerate theestablishment of public television stations, breakthroughs in the reform of thecommanding heights, construct the Chinese television development pattern of"Three Ternary", namely the Chinese TV institutions designated as a nationaltelevision station, commercial TV stations and public television three categories,classification management, according to the harmonious coexistence. Theestablishment of this pattern, can treat the root cause and real estate industry separating them, solve the television industry in our country at present stage "dualrole" business enterprise of the contradictions and confusion, to ensure that thetelevision make full use of its functions of political advertising, business, especiallythe public service function, accelerate the reform of cultural system of task andfacilitate the public cultural service system construction, for the harmonious societybuilding, and contributions to the Chinese dream can be realized at an early time.

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