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Study on Influencing Factors of Guangxi to Undertake Industrial Transfer

Author: ZhouGe
Tutor: ChangWenJuan
School: Central South University for Nationalities
Course: Chinese minority economic
Keywords: Industrial transfer Factors Stepwise regression Policy choice Theintegration of urban and rural areas
CLC: F127
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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After the middle of the eighteenth Century, the industry is constantly accompaniedby productivity transfer and transfer, industrial transfer not only led thegreat-leap-forward development of regional economy and the continuous progress of theindustry, but also promote the developed economies of upgrading and continuousoptimization and adjustment. At present, the economic globalization and regionalintegration in the pace of further speeding up, which brought new opportunities for thedevelopment of the global economy. At present, Guangxi is one of the industry toundertake the transfer of the critical period. Guangxi how to use own superiority,reasonable and effective to undertake the transfer of industries to further promote thegreat-leap-forward development of industry and industry, will be a major problem inGuangxi. Through analyzing the influence of industry transfer in Guangxi, let Guangxiis fully aware that the objective existence of favorable factors and unfavorable factors,and then continue to improve, to create greater industry attractiveness.In this paper, the first of Guangxi to undertake various factors affect the status andindustrial transfer of industry transfer, and then an empirical analysis of the factors thatcan be quantified, the relevant conclusions and policy recommendations according tothe conclusions. The main contents of this dissertation are:Analysis of the current situation of industrial transfer undertake, Guangxi1、The first description of the international and domestic transfer of industry status,and then analyzes the Guangxi industrial structure size and transfer type and locationselection, finally summarizes the existing problems in the industrial transfer.2、The impact of Guangxi undertake industrial transfer factor analysis. The factorsaffecting the transfer of industry is divided into three parts: the economic factors,institutional and policy factors and other factors. Then according to the actual situationof Guangxi and the analysis and the influence factors of industry transfer mainlyembodied various aspects influence, finally summarizes the Guangxi in the industry toundertake the transfer of the favorable and unfavorable factors.An empirical analysis ofthe factors affecting.3、Guangxi to undertake industrial transfer. First select the factors can be quantified and the selection of the corresponding explanation index to the establishment ofregression analysis model, and combined with the actual situation in Guangxi, bystepwise regression, then through the comparison of domestic and international industrytransfer of factors affecting preference, draws the conclusion and forecast.4、Guangxi undertake industrial transfer policy recommendations.The main conclusions of this paper are:1、The manufacturing industry and the real estate industry is Guangxi to undertakeindustrial transfer mainly point, much less the proportion of the first industry transfer;developed economic circle as the focus of regional metastasis, wings distribution isrelatively small; the source of funds, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Guangdong andeastern developed areas as the main source of funds secondly, Hong Kong and Macaoregions, is a main source of the rest of Asia and North America for foreign investment.2、The impact factors of Guangxi industrial transfer is mainly divided into threecategories: economic factors, institutional and policy factors and other factors. Supplyand demand factors and cost factors and economic factors include the development leveland potential, economic endowment and element of production factors, market liquidity;system and policy factors including government policy factors, market economic system,laws and regulations and cultural factors; other factors include environmental factorsand regional factors.3、From the empirical analysis of influence factors of importance that, economicfactors are still main factors affect Guangxi undertake industrial transfer. Analysis of thefactors affecting the transfer and utilization of foreign capital and domestic usepreference for Guangxi industrial undertaking, the conclusion is: in the economicfactors, to attract domestic and international industry transfer common factor ofGuangxi labor price level is low, and the market factors, the international market usuallyhave foreign occupation, the domestic field usually have domestic occupation, strategicthinking this change also with our country by export line; in the institutional and policyfactors and other factors, one of the most important aspects of Guangxi to attract foreignfunds from the fund supporting ability, second is the location factors for domestic traffic,modern transport system developed by the amount of preference is greater than theutilization of foreign capital the amount of preference. In addition, cultural factors ofvirtual variables are introduced by the undertaking of the industrial transfer of Guangxi also has the obvious effect.4、From the angle of measures, for the industry to undertake the transfer ofGuangxi advantages and disadvantages, and puts forward the corresponding policyrecommendations. According to the analysis of the logic above, firstly, to create a goodenvironment to undertake industrial transfer of hard and soft environment. Secondly, putforward to strengthen the construction of open coastal areas, efforts to improve the levelof opening to the outside world. Then further requirements of reasonable and effectiveto undertake industrial transfer. Finally, further puts forward some improvementsuggestions of, namely the garden into a major platform and the carrier to undertakeindustrial transfer, actively cultivating industrial cluster.

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