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Research on the Benefiting-farmers Thoughts in Pre-qin and Han Dynasties

Author: HanJuan
Tutor: GuoJinNan
School: Shanxi University of Finance
Course: History of Economic Thought
Keywords: Pre-qin and Han dynasties Benefiting-farmers Thoughts Three RuralIssues
CLC: K22
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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Three Rural Issues are critical to agricultural development, farmers’ life and ruralstability.At the same time, Three Rural Issues decide the stability and prosperity of ourcountry. Since the1980s, Three Rural Issues have been focused but not been solvedwell.Because the development of agriculture and rural economic is slow in theeconomic and social development process of China. To solve the problem of ThreeRural Issues better, since2004to2014, the Central Committee has issued eleven filesconcerning Three Rural Issues. On the basis of these files, a series of powerfulbenefiting-farmers policies are being formulated and practiced to promote farmers’income, develop modern agriculture, deepen the rural reform and keep the Three RuralIssues work steadily. Currently, our country is in the special period of the transformationof economic and social development.At the same time, rural economic system reform ismeetting a bottleneck. The situation and challenges, which the rural reform anddevelopment is facing, are more and more complicated. To better solve the problem ofrural economic system reform, we need to do a lot of work in this field, especiallyeffective benefiting-farmers policies. Consequently I select benefiting-farmers as thethemeto makesomebold attempt in thisaspect.Benefiting-farmers Thoughts generated from the Pre-qin dynasties. Numerousthinkers paid close attention to the issue. Benefiting-farmers thoughts should not betreated only as a theoretical problem, but also a practice problem. I research and find thethoughts are still very fragmented, not system in Pre-qin and Han dynasties. But theykept the original features of Benefiting-farmers Thoughts in ancient times. Under thespecial social and historical circumstances at that time, facing the farmers beingoppressed, the thoughts are naturally on enriching people. In practice, the keys includeprejudicing against commerce, reforming the land policy, setting up agriculture officialmanagement of agriculture, poverty alleviation and disaster relief, irrigation and waterconservancy technology popularization and ecological protection measures. I candefinitely say that these ideas and policies for farmers have played a positive role inpromotingagriculture and rural development.Research on benefiting-farmers thoughts of the Pre-qin and Han dynasties, andcompare with the recent benefiting-farmers policies. I think the thought of the Pre-qin and Han dynasties are a bit simple. But there still are many glittering. I think there aresome works we can do to improve benefiting-farmers policies, learning from thisresearch. First, we should always adhere to people oriented first; Second, enrich thebenefiting-farmers means, broaden the channels of increasing farmers’ income. Three,pursue comprehensive and targeted works at the same time. Four, benefiting-farmerspolicies should be carried out through to the end. The end, we can encourage the wholesociety to participate inthis work.

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