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Research of Integration of Urban and Rural Areas in the New Era

Author: ChenHuiRu
Tutor: TaoChuanPing
School: Qilu Industrial University
Course: Marxism in China
Keywords: relation of urban and rural area dual structure balance urban andrural development all-in-oneness of urban and rural area
CLC: F320
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The early days of the founding of New China, due to the special situation, givepriority to the development of heavy industry "development strategy, social attitudes,and many other reasons, our selection policy in favor of the city, the formation of atypical urban-rural dual economic structure and the rural-urban divide socialmanagement system, so we failed to establish a balanced growth and harmoniousdevelopment of the relationship between China’s urban and rural areas.The integration of urban and rural areas is the inexorable law of development ofthe social productive forces, the inevitable phenomenon of the historical development ofmankind. Break the urban-rural dual economic structure, narrowing the gap betweenurban and rural areas is an inevitable requirement for China’s social and economicdevelopment. Since the reform and opening up, with the development of the socialistmarket economy, China’s economic and social development made remarkableachievements, rural-urban linkages significantly enhanced,"three rural" issue to solve abig step for China’s modernization drive provides solid basis. However, the imbalanceof China’s urban and rural development gap between urban and rural areas in China istoo large, extensive mode of development in rural areas, the development of socialundertakings in rural areas lag, shortage of resources, a fragile ecological environmentand farmers’ income difficulties. Face new changes in the domestic and internationalsituation, China’s reform and development in China’s economic transition period,correctly handle good in the process of modernization of urban and rural development isimportant to the development. We should see the status quo of this stage the imbalancebetween urban and rural economic development: rural, long-term poverty and weaknesshas become a major obstacle to further development of the national economy, and inrural areas do not achieve well-off would be difficult to achieve the goal of building amoderately prosperous society. China must break through the dual structure of urbanand rural economic, urban and rural balance, coordinating urban and rural development,the integration of urban and rural areas. Major initiatives; promote the integration ofurban and rural areas, the coordinated development of urban and rural economy to solvethe urban-rural dual structure at this stage to change the mode of economic developmentof industry nurturing agriculture and cities support rural specific means; is an importantmanifestation of the implementation of the scientific concept of development, urgentrequirement of building a moderately prosperous society, is an important part ofbuilding a socialist harmonious society, but also an important prerequisite of building anew socialist countryside in China.The theoretical analysis of the connotation of urban-rural integration, domestic andinternational integration of urban and rural development theory and practice leadsfacing the integration of urban and rural construction in the new era, through the understanding and analysis of China’s urban-rural divide, and the Review of China’scurrent pattern of urban and rural construction, the ways to solve the problem andpreliminary research. Last through the case of Zhucheng provide an integration of urbanand rural development model for small cities.Chapter one is the introduction, containing background, the theoretical value of thestudy and practical significance, Research and research methods and innovations.The second chapter is the urban-rural integration of theoretical research. First,define the basic concept of the urban-rural integration, urbanization, and thenexpounded the basic theory and practice of domestic and foreign scholars and theCommunist Party of China on the integrated development of urban and rural areas.Desakota theory of Engels and the theory of "core-periphery" provide the theoreticalbasis for the integrated development of urban and rural areas. Provide a reference to theUnited States, Japan and other developed countries, urban and rural development modelto developing countries.The third chapter, explore the construction of China’s urban-rural integration. Firstof all, from the income of urban and rural residents, the Engel coefficient between thethree industrial structure ratio, the proportion of non-agricultural employment, medicalconditions, social security coverage, the Gini coefficient aspects of economic and socialdevelopment gap between China’s urban and rural areas and cause analysis focusedanalysis after the founding of the evolution of China’s urban-rural relations form;second focuses on the relationship between China’s urban and rural developmenttrajectory analysis of the historical evolution of China’s urban-rural relations, analysis ofthe causes of the history of China’s urban-rural dual structure; third, the analysis of thedevelopment of urban-rural relations in the new era China several classic mode, sum upthe integration of urban and rural construction practice. Finally, it is pointed out that theproblems encountered in the process of China’s urban-rural integration.The fourth chapter is the new era the integration of urban and rural developmentstrategies. The actual situation of China’s urban-rural integration, new rural construction,reform land expropriation and requisition system, establish and improve the urban andrural equalization system, the development of modern agriculture and accelerate thecounty development five standpoint of promoting the integration of urban and ruraldevelopment proposals.Chapter5is the Case of Zhucheng urban-rural integration. Empirical analysis ofthe status of the development of urban-rural integration in Zhucheng detailed analysisand research. Integration of Zhucheng urban and rural construction practice point outthe county to promote the integration of urban and rural significance.

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