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Process Reform Study for New Product Developing&Introduction

Author: LiJianHua
Tutor: WangLiHua
School: Jilin University
Course: Industrial Engineering
Keywords: Process Reform of New Product Development Agile System Team CenterDesign Radar System
CLC: F273.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Process management of new product development has become one of the mostimportant ways to improve the competitiveness of brand enterprises andmanufacturing enterprises, especially in the consumer electronics industry wasparticularly prominent. At present, the development of consumer electronicstechnology change rapidly, make a spurt of progress and technological change, oftenby the short half will be relatively large technology update, which will driveconsumers to the new technology to experience, makes the development cycle ofproduct becomes more compact, the life cycle of products is also more and moreshort. Therefore, the vitality of a good and effective new product developmentprocess of an enterprise is very important. But most of the manufacturing businessprocess management product development ideas and tools can’t meet the actual need.But Fu company is consumer electronics design and manufacturing of largeenterprises, but also very badly in need of a good new product development processto make the enterprises to quickly launch the mainstream or new technology products,so that an invincible position in the development of enterprises. Take the Fuhuacompany new product development process and mass production into as the researchobject to be discussed in the following aspects.Chapter1: This topic Introduce the background, purpose and significance ofresearch. Because a good new product development process in the three aspects ofcost, time, quality, the most reasonable resources, quality and performance of the best,fastest speed to help enterprises to meet the market demand for the introduction and even lead the market of consumer products, and enhance the competitiveness ofenterprises. So, the new product development process plays a more and moreimportant role in consumer electronics enterprises; this paper do research on theFuhua company Shenzhen design center, R&D and production processes into tabletcomputer, and then create a new product design can be long-term sustainabledevelopment and effective production and import process, enhance the ability of newproduct development and brand and manufacturing enterprises.Chapter2. Introduce Fuhua Company initially and production of new productdevelopment operation of the basic situation, the status quo from the flow of newproduct development, new product development organization structure and newproduct introduction expounds three aspects of new product development and massproduction into the Fuhua Company.Fuhua Company initially to the new product development process is basicallyused methods of most enterprises set, from the earliest product plan, the product intothe final production, the following some tedious stages: concept development andsystem design detail design-stage testing-design improvement and verification. Itcan be said that this process seems very complete also very logical, sequential clear.But the technology has the more modular, technology integration more and higher,the development of new products has slowly in the subversion of the original designprocess. Modular, integrated result is in the concept of development at the same timein the system and the detail of the design has been carried out, they have no time andstage special line. In short, the new product development process has evolved into thefollowing several stages: Proto-EVT-DVT-PVT-Ramp; and these phase Proto isparticularly important, it is like battlefield debut, Proto is not ready, equivalent to thefirst lose the first battle, follow-up questions will have to, and the members of theteam are also jittery, the self-preservation. And the delays progress, as the aircraftcontinued to miss, development of new products are ultimately ended in failure. It also confirms the importance of a good design and development process for newproducts.In the development of new products, the company’s organizational structure: firstof all, start a new product requires the establishment of a project team to lead andpromote the development of new products. So a good organization and staff memberswill work to promote the smooth, get along well, avoid liability disputes. In thedevelopment of new products, there are three project managers. EPM (EngineeringProject Manager), TPM (Technical Project manager), OPM (Operation ProjectManager); three big project manager, EPM control, TPM is responsible for all newproduct development technology and test problems; OPM is the system configurationcontrol of new product testing to do control, including different module specificationcollocation, collocation of different manufacturers to material, that is mastered eachnew product validation phase of the Build Matrix and material readiness.EPM and TPM project manager contain the R&D Department of each functionunit, electronic design, software design, appearance design, structure design, systemarchitecture design, RF design, DQV design, heat transfer, EMC, component testengineering and engineering, OPM.While the OPM is combined with peripheral unit, including procurement,production, material control, production management, management, management,quality control, manufacturing, warehousing, customs, mechanical engineering,industrial engineering, IE. Each department is the mutual cooperation,interdependence. Any work unit negligence may lead to project delay. So the partbetween the organic coordination and process definition and effective operation isextremely important. But the information communication and research units and thesurrounding units development is to rely on the newly developed Agile system, TeamCenter, ATS and Radar system to implement. And the development of the new systemis the essence of the new product development process of transformation in. In the aspect of new product introduction, we follow the Fuhua Company R&D,many manufacturing strategy. But in a more R&D to many manufacturing process isoptimized. We use the standard sampling approach, began to build benchmarkingproduction line and operator in the DVT stage, slowly began to be familiar with theproduct design and operation practices from the new product test, thus to massproduction when they put them as a battlefield of the vanguard, pioneer to overcomemore production line, and then to the extent of seamless manufacturing.Chapter3. Introduce new product development and production process of Fucompany import operation condition, to find out the problems and difficulties to besolved from the actual implementation level new product development current andnew product introduction. First, after the new product design, functional design unitsof information communication research lack of system of pipeline of serious,information sharing and transfer of easy to miss. The second is in the productcollaborative design on the lack of an effective system to track the occurred problems,which have not been completed, the optimum solution is not completely implementmechanism. Once again is in collaboration with the surrounding manufacturingdivision lack of information pipeline to effective coordination work unit to carry outflexible. Finally in the production stage, the units of production and R&D units oftenhave a responsibility to disputes, because of production problems and push theresponsibility of each other, resulting in production is not smooth.Chapter4. About the problems in actual operation for new product developmentand production into the process in the Fuhua Company, we find the root cause thenapply for an antidote against the disease. For each design stage of new productdevelopment unit collaboration, developed Team Center system, synchronous design,any design units are available in the same design phase to the review, and when aproblem updating the design after the review is completed, the other team designmembers can see the updated time synchronization results, thus achieving a synchronous design information sharing, without the need for someone to beresponsible for collecting design changes, and then notify all relevant units to copewith the changes. In new product development problems arise during any design,supplier quality issues, testing procedures, manufacturing process issues areavailable through the Radar tracking system, the problem of the phenomenon, theanalysis process, the real reason, solution, complete the verification process thetrack record of this system, and the Radar system should be set for each questiondirectly responsible, indirectly responsible, and associated with EPM&TPM, EPMand TPM can put the problem are assigned to the first person directly responsible,when responsibility people need to do to complete his mission, he will be able to doany work to entry to Radar systems. Such EPM&TPM will see that the personsresponsible for implementation of the mandate, then you can put TPM to the nextsub-tasks that the person responsible. Way through Radar, EPM&TPM can haveefficient and strong execution pipeline and decomposition of the task assigned to theprogress of each team member, and team members can rely on Radar systems tounderstand their kind to be completed at each stage of the design and verificationtarget, so that the entire project to proceed on schedule. Introduction of massproduction stage, NPI R&D units and production units NPO Bridge, then developedthe Agile system. This system not only helps NPO NPI production team always knowto what extent research and development in the current resources to do what needs todesign verification, engineering verification, validation, etc. information materials.The most important thing is Agile system can be very good convergence NPI researchand development to produce a reliable transfer of NPO, NPO team to ensure asmooth, high-volume, high-quality output. And subsequent mass production of anyproblems arising in the course can also be feed back into the system through the AgileNPI researchers, enabling responsibility to the designers, and get a quick engineeringassistance. Chapter5. In view of the actual operating conditions after the Fuhua companyproduct development and introduction of new processes for the transformation of thetracking assessment, it is clear to see results, mainly from the schedule, cost reduction,quality improvement of optimization three aspects to explain.

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