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History of the Russian Eurasianist Preliminary

Author: XiaoJinBo
Tutor: SuFengLin
School: Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Social Sciences
Course: World History
Keywords: Russia Eurasianist Revival
CLC: K512.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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The Eurasianist is one of three social thought Atlanticism and Slavism saying the impact of the development of Russian society. Russia is China's biggest neighbor, Russia's development will certainly have a significant impact on China. Understanding of this important political trend of the country, interpretation of Russian history, forecast Russia's future trend is undoubtedly crucial, with a strong theoretical and practical significance. Collect a large number of domestic and international data on the Russian Eurasianist based on the history of the development of the Eurasian doctrine combing. Text by the Chinese summary, foreign language content summary preface, text, comments, references six parts. Which the body is divided into five parts: the first part, as the entering point to the debate about the attributes of Russian civilization, leads Eurasianist basic view of this problem, Eurasianist Atlanticist and Slavism for comparison, a brief introduction The Eurasianist and the historical context of development. The second to the fourth part of a systematic exposition of the history of the emergence and development of the Eurasian doctrine. Time as the main line, the ups and downs in various historical periods and ideological changes according to the Eurasian doctrine will be divided into three stages: the \Review of the main representatives of the various stages of the Eurasian doctrine their views and combined with Russia's geographical, historical and cultural and ethnic particularity come Eurasianist generated reasonableness and necessity of the existence and development. \The character is Benny Sergey Trudeau do Cike Yi and He · Benny Javier Nowitzki et al. From their respective areas of research and Eurasianist distinctive expression. \\The Eurasianist but the the Eurasian ideology of fire did not extinguish, the role of the stage play past and who is listed of ancient meters Korolev, the continuation and development of the Eurasian doctrine in Russia, laid the foundation for future revival . Therefore, the paper said the stage for the the ancient meters Liao Fu Ouya doctrine \Eurasian doctrine since the early 1990s, is the article refers to the third stage - the new Eurasian doctrine, it is accompanied by the collapse of the Soviet Union and Russia sudden drastic changes in international political and economic revival, the paper Eurasian revival of the reasons for the in-depth discussion. The new Eurasian advocates sub-du gold root Ann Zyuganov. Asia Dorking leadership political organizations to expand the breadth and depth of the Eurasian doctrine spread in the Russian society, especially the creation of the International Eurasian Movement \The fifth part, under the guidance of the Marxist view of history from a critical analysis of the history of capitalist development in Russia, Europe and Asia in general. Analyzed the Eurasian doctrine on the Russian domestic social and Central Asian countries in the CIS, obtained a history of the development of the Eurasian doctrine, and future trends in Russia to make a forward-looking Eurasianist forecast.

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